Bedroom in gray colors +60 photo ideas

The combination of white and gray in a modern apartment

Gray color in the interior is ambiguously accepted by adherents of bright color prints and ornaments in design. He is often associated with something gloomy, boring, monotonous. However, this is not the case. Much depends on how well you use the combination of shades and objects in the room. Sometimes the gray color in the interior of the bedroom competes with other, brighter shades and looks much more profitable than blue, red, black decor, and if "make friends" with them, their relationship will be fruitful.

Shades allow you to concentrate on the performance of certain tasks, but do not unnecessarily strain attention and imagination, for this reason, color is often used in office and industrial premises to improve work efficiency. Gray makes the bedroom cozy and soft, where attention is not distracted by unnecessary. In such a room you can sleep, rest, and, if necessary, work.

To ensure that the interior does not have feelings of understatement, gray is better to use as an additional in an abundance of bright colors. Or take it as a basis, a background for creative diversity, and then create on it a complete picture.

Decor of the gray bedroom

Gray can be different, depending on the style and materials in which it is used:

  • steel;
  • ashen;
  • clouded;
  • velvety;
  • grainy;
  • etc.

In each hypostasis he manifests himself in a new way, revealing himself in its entirety. In a word, the color is quite simple, but too mysterious.

Unusual Bedroom Furniture  Large windows in the room  Bedroom interior in gray tones  Wooden furniture  Working area in the bedroom

What to consider when arranging a bedroom

If you are convinced that the best option is a bedroom in gray tones, then the design should be appropriate, no matter how many square meters. m occupies the room. As a basis, choose a wallpaper of light gray color, monotonous or with an unobtrusive, repetitive pattern. On the floor, lay a wool carpet with a Greek pattern, which does not get out of the picture. As for style, gray is ideally combined with both classic and the most modern trends, only materials differ.

Scandinavian style in the interior Simple furniture in a modern bedroom  Designer pillows for the bedroom  Classic Bedroom Interior  Black and gray furniture for the room  Bright lighting for the bedroom

For example, the classical style likes wallpaper, carpets, wooden furniture, whereas in high-tech steel, metal elements in combination with glass prevail. Do not forget about accessories. On the dark cupboards, original vases of a quaint shape look original. They do not look too pretentious, but they create an atmosphere of mystery, especially when combined with beautiful flowers inside.

Professionals advise the use of several shades in the interior, so gray must be supplemented with other colors - more saturated and bright, and also dilute it with their own shades of tone lighter or darker.

Red wall and gray bedding

Creating coziness in gray monochrome

When designers propose to decorate the interior in gray shades, stereotypes work, and many refuse this offer without even listening to its essence. And only after viewing the design samples, photos of the finished interiors, they agree to experiment with their bedroom and trust the professionals. For most people, the decisive moment in creating a home interior is cosiness, a sense of security, peace. But if the gray color actually creates a favorable atmosphere for the psycho-emotional state of a person, then to create a cosiness and aesthetic pleasure additional shades, beautiful accessories are required.

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Beautiful design of the walls in the bedroom

Women know a lot about various trinkets, their imagination tells you where and how to arrange these or other accessories, handicrafts, memorable photos in an elegant framework. All these details directly affect the overall atmosphere of the room, create a unique mood, a sense of comfort and security. Use for a variety of wooden elements of dark colors, natural ingredients, parquet. Wallpaper choose monophonic, but with an emphasis on one of the walls - make it contrast, in more intense tones. Particularly noteworthy pillows, blankets, curtains, lamps - as soon as you fill them with a room, the bedroom will significantly change.

Muted shades in the interior

Which style is better to combine

Often gray is associated with a cold high-tech, where steel and glass predominate. Of course, gray looks in such style organically. But today, when more and more people are attracted to archaic and more "soulful" design with a man-made interior, there is a place for many flowers, including the gray ones. Therefore, it is difficult to choose a particular style, gray is more universal than unique. As already mentioned above, much depends on the combination with other colors.

Например, помещения в классическом стиле можно оформить фиолетовыми обоями и серыми шторами, а для интерьера в стиле минимализма или скандинавского направления больше подойдут холодные сочетания с синим, серо-голубым. With red чаще всего используют в лофте, конструктивизме, минимализме, хай-теке. При этом серый следует выбирать темных оттенков — мокрый асфальт, антрацит, железо etc., уравновешивая его яркими лиловыми, сливовыми цветами.

Minimalism in the interior of the bedroom Black bedspread for double bed  A wide bed with a high headboard  Beautiful decor of the walls in the room  Loft style in the bedroom  Pictures above the bed in the bedroom

How and what furniture to choose

The main piece of furniture in the bedroom is a bed. Regardless of the size, the bed should contrast with the walls. For example, if you decide to paste a dark gray wallpaper, a bed or sofa set to white. If the shades of furniture and walls still are close to each other, play with the color scheme of bed linen. Buy bright pillows with a stylish print, decorate textile items in any other way. If the walls are painted in a light gray color, choose a furniture of darker and more vivid colors.

Light gray color is often used when choosing upholstery furniture, it favorably emphasizes the shapes of armchairs, sofas, beds, while not looking boring. In that case, take care of other color accents. Put bright pillows, decorate walls with pictures, wallpapers. Do not forget about such an important subject as the door, which should match the color and shape of the bedroom interior. Regardless of your personal tastes and preferences, it is recommended to follow the basic rule of selecting bedroom furniture.

Gray walls and turquoise furniture

Since gray refers to cool colors, do not be afraid to choose luxurious, stylish, large furniture of any color, different from gray - harmony in such a bedroom will be provided, even if you have not yet acquired additional accessories and other elements of the interior.

Of course, do not overload the bedroom with extra items, it is important to leave enough room for proper lighting. As for the shape of the furniture, it must be strictly geometric. The bedside tables are square, a squat rectangular bed of dark brown color, a massive chest of drawers. In combination with gray walls, such furniture looks very organic.

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Modern furniture in the bedroom


Gray sometimes causes a feeling of sadness, anguish. To prevent this effect, and the room does not turn into a dark box, think about harmonious lighting that will fill the room with real coziness and warmth, soften the gloomy hues. It is advisable to place lighting fixtures not in one particular place, but along the entire perimeter of the room, highlighting certain details, focusing on individual objects and areas. However, if you are an adherent of the classics or a fan of oriental style, the central source of lighting in the bedroom will be a chandelier, chosen according to the general interior.

On the bedside tables, original lamps with shades in the tone of the carpet or accessories are installed, floor lamps are used on high legs. Do not be afraid to experiment. With lighting, you can play as with colors, adding or removing certain shades. Regardless of the established rules, you create an atmosphere for yourself, and then the lighting, in which you will feel most comfortable, and will be optimal.

Bright lighting in the bedroom

With what colors it is better to combine

Gray has a unique ability to combine with other colors, it looks practical with all the existing shades. From the color with which to use it, the overall perception of the interior depends. Gray fills the room with light or gives intimacy, depth, emphasizes bright details, is designed to "play along" other shades.

With black

The gray-black duo does not suit every style. Most often used in the Art Nouveau style, high-tech. The combination of gray and black turns the bedroom into a luxurious and strict room. It is recommended to dilute this tandem with white color to refresh the interior. Black can be furniture, elements of lamps, details of bedding textiles. Everything depends on the imagination of the designer and the personal tastes of the hosts.

Bedroom gray with black  Black-gray bedroom in classic style  Dark furniture in a room with gray walls  The combination of black and gray in the bedroom  Black curtains in the gray bedroom

With white

Gray and white look much lighter. In combination with expressive details and bright, stylish accessories, the interior looks excellent. As for accessories, in such a room they can accommodate a sufficient number, but it is worthwhile to confine yourself to furniture - it should not be too distracting. It is enough to put a bed and a chest of drawers, a pair of bedside tables with bright lamps, and the interior of the bedroom will look harmonious and complete.

White-gray bedroom  The combination of white and gray in a modern apartment  Modern bedroom in gray shades  High white bed in a gray room  Gray walls and white furniture

With pink

Серо-розовая спальня смотрится по-особенному нежно и гармонично. Важно не переусердствовать с избытком ярко-розового, лучше использовать его в виде отдельных вкраплений на обоях. Розовые подушки в сочетании с серым одеялом выглядят стильно и ненавязчиво. В вазы можно поставить нежно-розовые цветы — пионы или розы, на стенах разместить картины с яркими элементами, постеры с контрастным принтом etc.

Pink color in the interior of the bedroom  Gray Pink Room Decor  Pink bedding and knitted plaid  Gray walls and pink textiles in the bedroom  Bedspread pink in the gray bedroom

With purple

The muted violet color is more democratic and noble than the bright pink. Can be used in bed sets, in rare cases when sewing curtains. Most often purple is used as a contrasting color for the combined painting of the walls of the gray bedroom. Violet is most suitable for interior decoration in a classic style. Not too conducive to relaxation, often creates a tense atmosphere, so it is not always suitable and not for everyone. If you like this color, it is recommended to use it in other rooms, for example, in the living room, or office.

Violet curtains in the bedroom

With green

Green since ancient times was considered the color of spiritual harmony, a natural, natural shade, helping to have a good rest. Green and gray are perfectly combined and can be used in unlimited quantities. It is recommended to vary various shades - from bright green to gently salad, add shades of beige and brown. In such a bedroom it is very comfortable to be at any time of the day.

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Green-gray bedroom with wall decoration  Green texture on the walls in the bedroom  Green carpet in a gray bedroom  Children's bedroom in green and gray colors  Olive Walls and Gray Furniture

With shades of blue

According to the color scheme, gray is very close to blue and all its shades. Harmoniously combined with blue inserts, turquoise color finishing, accessories. Nice looks in combination with gray walls, blue furniture, curtains. And, on the contrary, gray furniture harmoniously looks on the background of wallpaper with a blue pattern.

Blue linens and gray walls in the bedroom

With brown

The combination of gray and brown always looks stylish and noble. For this reason, a large number of natural wood products, wooden furniture, accessories of different shades of brown are often used in the gray interior. A large distribution in the interior design of gray shades found the use of large wooden tubs with greens, but it is more appropriate in the living room. In the gray bedroom look beautiful brown bed sets, lampshades on the bedside tables, wenge curtains against the gray walls.

Gray walls and brown furniture in the interior

With red

Gray with red is combined perfectly, however, it is important to properly observe the proportions. If red prevails, the bedroom will acquire an obsession, even a vulgar shade, so gray should dominate, and red only emphasize it in the form of separate accents. For example, furniture select gray, and lamps, curtains, accessories, let it be bright red. Gray is better to use in several shades - light, medium and dark. Gray "islets" will have a calming effect against the background of contrasting red.

Red bed linen in the bedroom  Gray-red bedroom  Red carpet in the room  The combination of gray and red in the bedroom  Red and gray wallpaper

With yellow

Yellow color refers to bright, but in combination with gray it is muffled and looks less flashy. Choosing gray furniture in the bedroom, choose stylish yellow accessories - lampshade, lamps, vases, which will serve as accents indoors. A bedroom in gray shades with yellow is an excellent choice if you refer yourself to optimists, since yellow refers to warm colors, from which it breathes joy and cheerfulness. By combining the color of the walls, we get an amazing effect - like a dull gray room, the bright summer sun suddenly lit up the warm rays. Festive mood is guaranteed for the whole day!

Gray with yellow in the bedroom

What should be textile

As for curtains, pillows and other textile accessories, it all depends on the rest of the design, lighting, other factors. Pillows can be both bright and quiet colors, with a print and monophonic. Curtains, curtains, curtains serve as a kind of a boundary between the atmosphere of the bedroom and the space outside the window. To prevent this facet from becoming an "iron curtain", cutting the bedroom from the surrounding world, it is recommended not to focus too much attention on curtains, but to choose a plain and light material for their sewing, especially if the windows in the bedroom are large or there is a loggia.

Strict textiles for bedrooms


Do not be afraid to drown in "gray". Professional designers know a lot about their work and are able to competently emphasize all the advantages of this amazing color. In the gray bedroom you will feel quite comfortable, comfortable and will never be bogged down in depression if you adhere to the above recommendations and advice of experts in the field of interior design.

Gray color has unlimited possibilities for creativity, for which designers love it. With its shades you can play indefinitely, combining them with the rest of the palette. This amazing color will easily hide the shortcomings of architecture after repair, make your own adjustments and turn your favorite room into the place where you want to come back again and again.