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The most common style in apartments is minimalism, where everything is multifunctional, and is located in its place. In the bedroom in the style of minimalism everything is strictly and without excesses, bright accents are not appropriate, only neutral shades are used.


The main feature of this style solution is only the necessary furniture and accessories. A great influence of the Japanese style with its simplicity and comfort. Basic ideas of minimalism were taken from the East.

The interior of the bedroom in the style of minimalism is in perfect harmony with other styles: classic, loft, and also high-tech.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Bedroom design minimalism
  • Selection of lighting and mirrors
  • Decorative elements
  • Bedroom colors
  • Choosing furniture
  • Minimalism with small dimensions
  • Photo of the bedroom minimalism design

Bedroom design minimalism

The main condition in the color solution of minimalism is neutral tones. There are many options for finishing. Suitable wallpaper, plaster or paint, but a single color. We need discreet colors with minimal decor (paintings, figurines).


The most suitable variant for a floor - a parquet or a laminate of a monophonic color without drawings that was combined with severity of the general direction. Carpets and small rugs are not allowed, the open space of the floor should create space to visually expand the room.


Economy-option is a monophonic carpet on the floor of a light tone.


Ceiling to decorate without embellishments (stucco and curbs), dot illumination with a clear geometry is possible. Color of the ceiling to choose white or pastel colors (milky, beige, etc.). Suitable water-based paint or a modern stretch ceiling (matt or glossy).


Use textiles only in bedding, without colorful pillows or draperies. We also buy a plain blanket without finishing.


Curtains replace blinds or roller blinds, the coloring should be well combined with the overall design. Fabrics to choose transparent: organza or tulle.


Selection of lighting and mirrors

In the bedroom, minimalism is necessarily good lighting: a large central chandelier does not fit this style. It is better to choose small spotlights on the ceiling or in the closet. Near the bed, you can hang a wall (floor lamps), place night lights on the bedside tables.


Decorations in chandeliers made of crystal or glass, colored plastic, rococo or modern lanterns, etc. are eliminated. Plafonds of regular geometric shapes and muted shades are needed. The designers recommend lampshades and simple lamps.


Preferably the window is large. According to the rules, there must be a strict mirror without a frame. It can be in a convenient place. The closet is more convenient with a mirror inside or outside.


Decorative elements

In the interior of the bedroom minimalism can not be oversaturated with details, but it is necessary to avoid rigidity and cold in the design. Better to leave the bedroom walls almost open, add only 1-2 items, for example, a wall clock, a picture or a picture.


At the bed on the curbstone are small lamps and several fresh flowers.

A 192-toned muffler

Bedroom colors

It is allowed to use 3 light shades. The main colors are neutral only: necessarily white, milky, light brown, and also beige (cream). The third shade, as an accent, you can use a contrasting color on a small area.


Classics are considered when white color is combined with cream and dark brown tones. Harmoniously look any kind of wood, as well as brick or stone. The original solution will be a white-gray palette with accents of black elements, or a contrast of black with white. Unusual monochrome gamma, where the tone only one color. Do not forget that furniture should also look organic with the general direction.

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Choosing furniture

Bed - the main element of the bedroom, more often use a Japanese bed-tatami, it is without a headboard and legs. Suitable and bed-platform with tables on the sides, on them to put fixtures. You can build a convenient podium, where there will be a berth.


All furniture is without frills, the ideal option is a closet in the bedroom, better with mirrors.

Design of a bedroom in the style of minimalism

There should be room in the bedroom, harmony and order. Household items should be hidden in cabinets.

Modern bedroom in minimalist style

For the minimalism, shelves placed on the walls do not fit.


According to the general style, color is chosen for furniture. Japanese style requires natural colors and materials, and for hi-tech - steel or gray colors with plastic and / or metal are needed.

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Minimalism with small dimensions

For small bedrooms, minimalism is ideal, so that the room does not look cramped, and was refined. Help in this sliding door with frosted glass, wardrobes with mirrors. Comfortable bed with hidden drawer for bed linen, etc.


Choose light warm shades to enhance the ceiling and create a sense of lightness and spaciousness.


Given the advice of professionals, you tastefully decorate the bedroom, even small sizes, correctly placing accents, picking up pastel colors for comfortable rest and sleep.


Photo of the bedroom minimalism design

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