Multi-purpose furniture in a minimalist design from the

Multi-purpose furniture in the interior of a small apartment

Built-in multipurpose furniture is the ideal solution for studio apartments

Multipurpose furniture, together with a carefully planned, thoughtful interior design will make the space of the studio or other small dwelling work for you and bring the maximum benefit.

In the case of the tiny Sydney apartment, which our article tells us, the designers were able to solve most of the problems associated with the deficit of square meters, by constructing a functional partition. You will say that this is a cabinet, and you too will be right, but is there only a cabinet in front of us? Let's try to understand.

Interior of a small apartment in light colors Bedroom in a small apartment Bedroom behind the partition

Specialists of the design bureau Catseye Bay had the opportunity to design the interior of the studio area of ​​36 m2. Before them was the task of separating the dining room and the living room from the kitchen and bedroom. To fulfill it, the director of the company Sarah Jamieson created a multi-functional furnishing item, which is a partition, wardrobe, shelving and bed frame simultaneously.

In the same style, a kitchen unit is made, similar to a compact island with a dining area and built-in shelves. Both are made of birch plywood.

Multi-purpose furniture in the apartment Spacious wardrobe Closet

In order to turn the sleeping area into a secluded (and at the same time effective) space, Jamieson constructed a complex structure about two meters high. One part of it contains the bed frame and, and the other part - a three-compartment wardrobe with shelves.

The block is located diagonally with respect to the wall adjacent to its end, which along with the original rounding of the opposite end creates a cozy corner in which the tenants can feel comfortable and relaxed.

The kitchen unit supports the same concept, being a L-shaped rack with a table top forming a dining area. The rounded outlines, characterizing both structures, can be considered as a curtsey towards the Art Deco style, in which the facade of the house is designed. We suggest you make a virtual walk with us on this bright apartment.

Small cozy kitchen Kitchen interior in white color Corridor in white color Interior of a small bathroom Green accents in a black and white bathroom

What did you like most? What decision of designers did not seem to you very successful? Share your thoughts about this project with our readers.