Curtains in the hall - 160 photos of novelties

Undoubtedly, the main room of any house is the hall. There we rest, we spend time with our family and invite guests. That's why it should be especially cozy. This atmosphere gives small details, among which an important role is played by curtains.


A lot depends on them, and sometimes it is very difficult to choose: a huge number of options, different design and color palette. How can you find what you are looking for?

Table of contents of the article:

  • Styles of curtains: which one do you prefer?
  • Curtains for the hall - modern style
  • Modern: geometry and dynamics
  • HiTek Style
  • Practical Provence
  • Curtains in the style of minimalism
  • What curtains for the hall of 2017 will be popular?
  • We select curtains with regard to the layout
  • Functional types of curtains
  • Photo of the novelty of curtains for the hall of 2017

Styles of curtains: which one do you prefer?

There are basic rules by which to choose a style will be much easier:

  • Dear, heavy fabrics will get accustomed only in a classical drawing room. They can be supplemented with a light tulle.
  • The color should match several elements of the room design, to create a composition.
  • The most practical solution will be a set of night and day curtains.


Curtains for the hall - modern style

For ten years, designers are actively experimenting, but this style combines negligence and notes of creativity.


Also, complex colors are not used. The beauty of modern style in minimalism and bright accents. A highlight is unusual patterns and contrasting color combinations.

K + S 001

As for functionality, style prefers sliding, straight or lifting options.


Classical style involves direct curtains with light waves, which can be fixed with ribbons and bows. Of course, they must have one color solution. Lambrequins will also be desirable and appropriate.


Designers choose expensive, exquisite fabrics, and organza and tulle complement the image.


Photo curtains in the classical style resemble baroque, rococo and other European variations. Spreading rate for 1m² - consumption rate with photo examples and calculations

Fathah 08

Modern: geometry and dynamics

This is a flight of fantasy - geometric figures, unusual images of animals and plants. The main thing - no curtains curtains and bright colors.


Fabrics should be light, and the coloring muted, often light.


Accuracy, drape, curved lines and creases are encouraged.


HiTek Style

Heytek - style, inspired by industrial premises. Despite this fact, it remains cozy and at the same time practical.


It is quite difficult to create such an atmosphere, the room should correspond to: functionality, minimalism and ergonomics.


In curtains there should not be unnecessary ornaments and patterns. Only strictness, symmetry and one color.


Of course, this is the territory of blinds, rolls and straight dense and dark fabrics.


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Practical Provence

Style may seem too strict. At the moment it is rather the most popular curtain design for the hall.


Simple and rude elements, simplicity and functionality simultaneously convey the atmosphere of rural life and aristocracy.


This image is achieved due to the availability of ecological and natural materials: silk, linen, cotton curtains in stripes, a flower.


This allows you to provide enough light and air in the room.


Curtains in the style of minimalism

In order to visually increase the room and give it lightness, use the minimalist style.


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Curtains in this case can be both natural and synthetic fabrics. The main thing is black-and-white or approximate colors.


Such curtains are fastened comfortably - with the help of springs, hooks and magnets. OSB stove: characteristics, dimensions, pros and cons, photo examples


What curtains for the hall of 2017 will be popular?

The choice entirely depends on the style of the living room, but the choice of bright colors and light colors is the most fashionable option.

pretty-buffalo-check-curtains-in-living-room-contemporary-with-curtain-panels-next-to-living-room-setting-alongside-extra-long-drapery-rods-and black-sofa

Minimalism also remains popular due to its white and milky color.


As a color scheme, choose purple and violet. Modern and high-tech can be diversified with metallic gray, pearl.

1441192709_blinds-in-the interior1-231226

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What patterns to consider? Different bands will look great, and their variety even surprises: colored, transparent, from a metallized thread.


We select curtains with regard to the layout

In addition to the design of the hall, you should take into account the layout and features of the room. Windows are not always standard sizes, the presence of a balcony can complicate the task, but if there are several windows?


There are a few simple tips:

Balcony in the room - curtains in this case should be practical, they will have to open more often. Lightweight fabrics, blinds and single-layer format are the best option.


A small room - you should avoid dark colors and shades. Roller blinds and light colors are perfect.


Two windows - the presence of two windows is found both in houses and in apartments. The design of curtains should coincide and have one color scale.


Functional types of curtains

If you have already decided on the style, then certainly it is worth choosing a sufficiently functional curtains for the hall. New or old classic? It is necessary to understand what the designers are offering.


Lambrequins are an ornament on the top of the curtains, which has no special functions. It is attached to the first layer and creates a romantic atmosphere.


Short curtains. An excellent option for lovers of modern style. Decorate with patterns, patterns, do not collect excess dust. Monochrome short curtains add a working and serious mood. Calculating the number of boards in one cube: calculation formulas, tables, description and tips


Rings - eyelets - special fixings for curtains, which are in the holes of the fabric itself. Conveniently removed from the curtains.

curtains-for-hall-and-bay window-050

The article presents samples, among which you can choose your own curtains for the hall (photo). Design depends not only on the interior of the room itself, but also on the nature of the owner. Choose what you like, despite the fashion trends. Pay attention to the functionality and mood that new curtains will present to you and the whole family.


Photo of the novelty of curtains for the hall of 2017








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