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The style of exquisite royal luxury - rococo came from France in the XVIII century. After the fashionable baroque direction, it was even more elegant than it was accepted - the Rococo, which quickly became fashionable outside the country. The abundance of intricate curls, delicate shades, smooth lines fascinated everyone who saw this beauty.


Golden frames of paintings and fairy-tale mirrors, the splendor of stucco molding, statues of ancient gods filled the chambers of wealthy nobles of the French nobility and Europe.

For the design of the rococo bedroom and other rooms, great skill was required.


The standard of beauty and style was the Palace of Versailles, which tried to copy all countries. Rococo gives the room not only exquisite luxury, but also coquetry, children's playfulness and ease.


Table of contents of the article:

  • The main features of rococo
  • Bedroom decoration
  • Elegant Rococo furniture
  • Decor rococo
  • The main rules of rococo
  • Photo of a bedroom in the style of rococo

The main features of rococo

For rococo little to love the beautiful, you need high ceilings and huge areas. In small apartments, this style is difficult to implement, and for country houses and cottages is ideal, where the area allows.


First you need to put arched windows of large size for access to sunlight, you can break into sections, as was customary in past centuries.


You need a large central chandelier with horns, where the pendants are made of crystal, colored glass and porcelain. On the walls are usually placed beautiful sconces in the form of shells or candlesticks. Decorative elements are silver, bronze or gilded.


Mirrors in luxurious gold (gilded) frames will further expand the room.


Bedroom decoration

For a bedroom in the style of rococo will need a special finish. Ideally decorate the walls with silk wallpaper with a beautiful overflow or plaster with a painting. We need an unusual stucco molding with smooth curls, monograms and small angels (cupids) on the ceilings and / or walls.


The ceiling should be a natural extension of the wall design. In the middle of the ceiling, it is necessary to place a rosette of round shape, which will be similar to the patterns of the walls.


For a floor it is better to use marble, it is possible a parquet. On the floor in the center there is a large pattern that differs from the walls.


Elegant Rococo furniture

Expensive exquisite furniture should have curved shapes and beautiful inlays. Select valuable wood species, decorated with gold patina. In the upholstery, use also expensive materials: brocade, silk or velvet.


The rococo bedroom design requires different pieces of furniture and many decorations: a large royal bed with curls and floral patterns, etc. A big mirror above the dressing table in a luxurious frame with gold decoration, 2-3 comfortable chairs (stools, ottomans), canapes or chest of drawers. You can pick up racks for vintage vases (Geritons), couches for a romantic boudoir.


Required attribute of the bedroom is a screen in the same style for zoning the room. Silk curtains with drapery, brushes, as well as lambrequins, a long fringe, a transparent canopy at the head of the bed are welcomed here.


Decor rococo

For the rococo bedroom, numerous expensive trinkets and large decor elements are filled: gold (silver) candlesticks, luxurious candelabra, beautiful figurines, inlaid boxes, vases of porcelain and faience, etc.


The main rules of rococo

This is an indicator of wealth, sophistication, luxury and excellent taste, so it is absolutely impossible to use cheap fabrics and materials in the finish. Decor and furniture for rococo, too, will require considerable cost, since it must correspond to the general direction of the royal boudoir.

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We must not forget that a large amount of light is necessary, both natural and with the help of lighting devices.


Do not need too much furniture to feel spacious and light.


Necessarily many decorations in the design of the room: stucco moldings or cupids, ornament with intricate curls, gilding, silver (bronze), ancient figurines, painted large vases with floral patterns.


Select all the shades of white (ivory or dairy), ideally fits soft blue, light green tones.


Apply all the rules and recommendations specified by experts, and you will create a fairy-tale world of the past centuries with luxury and chic. Your bedroom will become an exquisite boudoir for rest and dreams, where there is an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

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Photo of a bedroom in the style of rococo










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