Bedroom interior with photo wallpapers

Photo wallpapers with a fantasy picture

The design of the bedroom with wallpapers can all become unique. This decor element is made of various modern materials, can cover all the walls completely, one of them or be an insignificant local addition. They are usually produced in rectangular, square. With the help of photo wallpapers, the space is originally zoned, it is expanded, some drawbacks of the layout are eliminated. On the correct choice, depending on the size of the room, the age of the living, the material of manufacture, the intended style, as detailed in the text below.

Positive sides:

  • this is very original - when choosing a non-standard image, especially using printed personal pictures, photos, the interior can become unique, unique in its kind;
  • visually expand the room, if properly selected - panoramic image, with a view of the sea coast, mountain peaks, a forest glade outside the window, a space distance. The room seems to unite with the "painted" spaces;
  • thematic pictures - for the classic pictures of ancient castles, Provence style - rural landscapes, modern - photos of famous people or city panorama. Romanticism in the nature of flower arrangements, high-flow - graffiti, eastern - Chinese characters, etc .;
  • an interesting accent - it's easiest to make an accent wall in the room, pasting it with photo wallpapers;
  • simple zoning - partitions, screens will not be needed. Just sleeping or working area will be formed by original canvases;
  • beautiful decor - the walls do not have to be issued in addition, because they are already zadekorirovany widescreen photos.

Photo wallpapers with pink clouds Wall-papers with a black-and-white drawing  Photo wallpapers with a dandelion in the wind  Wall-papers of green color  Wall-papers for a bedroom  Black and white wallpaper

Negative points:

  • preliminary preparation of walls should be as thorough as possible, professional. You can not allow any irregularities, which will give a shadow, distort the picture;
  • independent gluing of large canvases is problematic enough, it is better to entrust it to experienced specialists;
  • the image on the wallpaper will have to be watched until the next repair, in contrast to the picture, which is easy to remove, outweigh in another corner;

Bedroom in a romantic style

  • drawing should be carefully chosen - by purchasing a picture from the fashion catalog, there is a chance to get a design "like everyone else". Create a unique interior in this case will not succeed;
  • quality wallpaper, of good materials, which will last a long time without fading, are expensive. Cheap, thin paper, quickly lose sight, especially if they will be attacked by small children, pets.
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Photo wallpapers with autumn landscape Photo wallpapers with snow-capped mountains  Photo wallpapers in blue tones  Wall-papers for a bedroom в шоколадных тонах  Photo wallpapers for a bright room with a window  Photo wallpapers in the design of the green bedroom

Types of wallpapers for a bedroom

Due to the abundance of all kinds of textures, materials, genre ideas, photopannels have spread widely in recent years. A ready-made picture can be found on the websites of the manufacturing companies, printed from its author's photo in the nearest "copy center" where it is possible to produce large-format images.

Large bed in the bedroom

Photo wall-papers can be:

  • from moisture resistant paper;
  • vinyl on non-woven basis;
  • vinyl based on paper;
  • fabric on a self-adhesive film.

Fantasy flower on the wall Photo Wall Mural by Bed  Photo wallpapers with a world map in black and white  Photo wallpapers with skyscrapers  Wall-papers with colors of white color  Wall-papers with field flowers

The protective layer of any of them is matte, laminated, textile. Most modern photo wallpapers are made from environmentally friendly, breathable materials, which is important for a bedroom where a person spends a third of their life.

Before buying it is worth to measure the width and length of the wall, so as not to be mistaken with the size, shape of the photo-tape.

Photo wallpapers with a waterfall

Free space: texture and coloring

Photo walls differ in texture, which there are many:

  • smooth - matte or glossy, without "bells and whistles";
  • volumetric - look original, fresh;
  • rough or "sandy" - always matte, wiped with a sponge;
  • "Linen" - to the touch resembles a natural linen fabric;
  • "Jacquard", "sacking" - a large texture, with a printed pattern;
  • Artistic - design imitates the smears of this paint;
  • "Winter" - a thin pattern, like patterns on a window in the winter;
  • "Corduroy" - imitates the appropriate fabric;
  • "Hoarfrost" - has a hairy surface;
  • "Venice" - in structure as a rough putty;
  • "Baroque" - imitation of Venetian plaster;
  • "Fresco", "mosaic" - texture, coarse;
  • "Skin" - smooth, soft;
  • "Bark" - to the touch like a bark, etc.

Photo wallpapers with a bridge Photo wallpapers with sakura  Space wallpapers  Wall-papers with tree branches  White bed with a pink veil  Bright wallpapers for a bedroom

Coloring depends on what is depicted on the wallpaper - the advice here is not particularly appropriate, it's better to orient yourself according to your feelings. The bedroom is a place for rest, and therefore designers are strongly advised to adhere to quiet, soft colors. Contrast linens wallpaper wallpaper is most often placed at the head of the bed, on other walls - more neutral, warm colors give home comfort.

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Photo wallpapers with a lake and trees

If the picture has a front and back plans, then these photo walls visually greatly expand the space. 3D landscapes, space, voluminous animals, insects look so realistic that you want to touch them.

Photo wallpapers with lilies of the valley Vintage chandelier  Bedroom in eco-style  White roses on the wall  Dandelion on a green background  Wall-papers for a bedroom с розовыми цветами

Choice of subjects

Most people choose wallpaper on the principle: "I just liked the drawing". But studying everything that you liked, consider the following:

  • they should fit the size, fit well into a given space;
  • do not violate the general style of the room, complement it;
  • the color is chosen suitable for the bedroom;
  • will be well combined with the existing furniture, accessories;
  • Do not get annoyed a couple of weeks after the sticking.

Design of a white bedroom with photo wallpapers

The natural theme is a win-win option. For spacious sunny bedrooms with windows to the south are suitable marine, forest landscapes with an abundance of cold shades, panoramas of large cities. North, close - images of sunrise, sunset in red-orange tones, sand dunes, prairies, summer fields.

Bedroom in pink colors Wildflowers against the sky  Pink flower on the shelf  Bedroom design with eco-design wallpaper  Photo wallpapers with white poppies  Photo wallpapers with birches

In second place in popularity - single prints close-up of animals, birds, fish, trees, flowers. Colorful geometric shapes, fractals, fantastic overflows, star-space themes are also in demand.

Do not glue photopannel in the corner - the picture breaks, looks bad.

Combine the bedroom style and pictures

Wall-papers - high-grade decor of any bedroom, not requiring additional design. The only thing that can be located on the wall with a photoplot is a few lamps, light inconspicuous shelves, a small flat TV.

Bedroom design in brown tones Large bed in the bedroom  Chandelier in the form of a ball  Gray-pink wallpaper  Green wallpapers  Wall-papers with a blossoming tree

Which wallpapers are best suited to different styles of design:

  • Provence - photos of rural landscapes, quiet city streets, pastel colors;
  • loft - wallpaper "under the stone", images of fireplaces, large cities;
  • romantic - decoration in gentle colors, with flowering roses, orchids;
  • Futurism - space theme with separate bright accents;
  • minimalism - monophonic wallpaper with individual photos of animals, flowers, abstractions;
  • classical - reproductions of paintings by famous artists, intricate patterns;
  • Scandinavian - very light, imitating rough manual binding, wood ornaments;
  • hi-tech - black-gray-white pictures with industrial landscapes, portraits, the universe;
  • Moroccan - patterned, pink, blue, pale orange;
  • Gothic - dark ancient castles, ancient fortresses;
  • eastern - white, beige, with images of flowering peonies, cherry blossom, spring;
  • Egyptian - sand colors, with pyramids, sphinxes, frescoes;
  • country - horses, cowboys, boundless fields.
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Photo wall-papers of blue color Gray wallpapers in bedroom design  Photo wallpapers with a red rose  Photo wallpapers with the image of the Earth  Bedroom design with landscape wallpaper  Wall-papers with color roses

It is interesting to look at the combined version of the design: a photo tape with a large image, and on the bedside table or shelves - exactly the same pictures within, but small.

Photo wallpapers with 3D effect

Choice according to age

When choosing photo wallpapers for a children's bedroom, the opinion of the child should be taken into account, if he is already able to express it. For the kid like the images of your favorite cartoon characters. Old girls will like fairy princesses, animals, boys - cars, superheroes. Teenagers choose huge posters with their favorite musicians, fantastic stories. For an energetic child, quiet tones and plots are preferred, phlegmatic ones are suitable for dynamic, bright ones.

Photo wallpapers with underwater world  Bedroom design in light colors with blue wallpaper  The combination of blue and chocolate in the interior of the bedroom  Photo wallpapers with chamomile  Photo wallpapers with 3D effect  Photo wallpapers with a big dandelion

In the nursery for young children are purchased washable wallpaper with a strong base - these will last longer.

Photo wallpapers for a small bedroom

For a cramped bedroom, measuring 6-10 square meters. m., preferred wallpaper with small or medium images - on their background the room will seem a bit larger. Panoramic pictures in calm tones form a separate zone. It is desirable that the picture does not overlap the furniture. When placing pictures on two adjacent walls, the effect of increasing the space is also obtained. If the glossy photo tape is in front of the window, a bright lamp, the image will be distorted due to glare. Light photo wallpapers on the ceiling also make it higher.

Photo wallpapers Triplex Black and white wallpaper с красной розой  Wood Trim  Bedroom with photo wallpapers  Pillows on the bed in the bedroom  Light green wallpaper on the wall in the bedroom

Wall Mural in the big bedroom

Big bedroom - great pictures. Large images of animals, plants, geometric figures are welcome. There can be several canvases: then each one selects its own zone, which should not touch each other. If the room is well lit by day, then you can apply fluorescent wallpaper - they will brighten up at night. Colors for a spacious room will suit any: combinations of chocolate brown and mint, lilac and fuchsia, night dark cities and yellow-green natural landscapes.

Wall Mural with a Brown Rose Photo wallpapers with a forest in the fog  White and green bedroom  Photo wallpapers with a pion  Turquoise in the interior of the bedroom  Bright bedroom with large window

The fantastic variety of store photo wallpapers, as well as the ability to print them on large format printers, provide a huge amount of space in the choice of design styles. For any bedroom, you can choose a budget or high-end options for photo wallpapers, suitable for all its inhabitants. When an independent choice of wallpaper is difficult, you should consult a professional interior designer.