Classic bedroom in english style (59 exquisite interiors)

The bedroom in the English style is a harmonious symbiosis of aristocratic luxury with elegant restraint. With the old England is often associated with the interior, which is dominated by the strict elements of the classics. But completely in vain.

British design combines not only the eclectic motifs of the Gregorian era, but also the colorful details of Victorian times. Connoisseurs of style skillfully combine in their homes the atmosphere of an old rich castle and the charm of a country house with its wooden furniture and wallpaper of floral colors.

Noble English style in the bedroom is attractive and modest. The center of attention is a bed in a high headboard, which is studded with a soft light beige cloth.

Noble English style in the bedroom is attractive and modest. The center of attention is a bed in a high headboard, which is studded with a soft light beige cloth.

Luxury furniture

Example of properly selected bedroom furniture in English style. The bed with the canopy is decorated in strict accordance with the style.

Bedroom in the attic

The guest bedroom on the attic floor in the country house is decorated in English style. Restrained color solutions, "antique" furniture and suitable lighting together become a well thought out design concept.

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Characteristic features of design

To the interior of a bedroom in the English style looked close to nature, when selecting a variety of materials, furniture and decor, it is important to adhere to certain features that will help to bring to life the refined atmosphere of the foggy Albion.

Distinctive features of the style:

  • wooden floors from natural wood;
  • the use of moldings, socles and panels in the design of walls;
  • floral patterns on wallpaper and fabrics;
  • wooden furniture made of precious wood;
  • gas or electric fireplace.

In addition to painting, the walls are glued with wallpaper of traditional colors. Two-color brocade with a glossy ornament on a smooth matte tone, flowery-calico patterns and a Scottish cage "tartan" looks vividly. Very popular wallpaper with alternating one thin and two wide stripes.

Luxury bedroom suite

Luxury bedroom set in the English style was created by order of a Parisian public figure.

Laconic Bedroom Design

A laconic design of a bedroom with an English style with a touch of minimalism is an excellent solution for arranging the interior of a small apartment.

The decoration of the walls with wooden panels is a typical phenomenon for an English-style bedroom. The original effect is attached to the stucco or ornament on the ceiling, around switches or sockets, as well as the base of the contrasting tone. The decoration of the walls with family portraits and relics demonstrates the touching attitude of the British towards national traditions. For floor covering, a parquet board or other material similar to parquet is often used. From above it is permissible to put carpets with floral patterns of muted colors.

Pay special attention to the design of windows:

  1. Curtains should have the characteristic features: preferably using expensive fabrics of natural materials, for example, velvet.
  2. Decorate the windows can be decorative lambrequins, which is located on the width of the eaves horizontally.
  3. It is recommended to use a lot of draperies - volumetric folds, which are lowered to the floor by smooth lines.
Elegant bedroom interior

Elegant bedroom interior in English style. Interestingly chosen colors. Mustard color is in harmony with blue, making the atmosphere cozy and comfortable.

Light bedroom

English style in the design of interiors often manifests itself using the golden accents. For example, the gold pattern of the wallpaper harmoniously echoes with the decorative bedside lamps.

Color Palette

The color range of the bedroom in the English style is inherent in natural, natural shades. The most relevant for decoration of the apartments are red, brown, bronze, sand, golden and deep emerald tones.

Note! It is necessary to observe the following condition: in the case of decorating walls in rich shades, furniture should only be purchased with muted pastel colors, and vice versa.

Bedrooms in the English style, as a rule, are furnished with solid and elite furniture made of high-quality wood (mahogany, oak).

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the legs of the furniture, which must be curved and resemble an inverted comma. They make furniture elegant and refined.

When upholstery upholstered furniture should focus on the color palette or texture. Since one of the prerequisites of the London style is luxury in the room, you do not need to save on the upholstery. Decent solution - is furniture, covered with leather, damask or velvet with a large pattern.

Details of furniture, decorated with pilasters, craquelures, carved cornices and rosettes, create a special atmosphere in the room. Filled with subtle charm and flowing lines of bed heads.

Bedroom set in wood

Royal bedroom in the English style is decorated with lambrequins of natural, heavy fabric.

Restrained bedroom design

The modern English style is more laconic and restrained.

The bedroom in the English style is decorated in soft blue colors. Pastel colors give the effect of visual expansion of space.

The bedroom in the English style is decorated in soft blue colors. Pastel colors give the effect of visual expansion of space.

Sleeping area

The bed, corresponding to the overall design, is quite high. Height is achieved not only with legs with a frame, but also with feathers. Occasionally, bedrooms in the English style are complemented with a canopy, fastened to a special frame on four supports. But most often a small canopy of cloth is placed on the headboard (there are no canopy stanchions).

The zest adds a lot of luxury textiles: pillows, blankets and blankets with complex embroidery, lace patterns and rich drapery.

A fireplace in British homes is a traditional attribute that makes any room cozy. Basically it is made of carved natural stone and is decorated with tiles of dark wood. In most rooms, fireplaces are real, but electric models are also in high demand, which are similar to the originals due to the decoration under the tile or stone. On the surface of the fireplace placed a variety of souvenirs, frames with photos or small figurines.

Teen Room

A bedroom for teenage sisters in English style is a restrained luxury for real princesses.

Small bedroom

Bedroom spouses in the English style is furnished accordingly. The bed covers a light canopy made of translucent fabric.

Bedroom in English style

Bedroom in English style in a traditional apartment in the west of Moscow.

Accessories and decor

The British do not like the empty walls. Therefore, the bedroom interior in the English vision often implies the presence of classical paintings. Book shelves and shelves are also one of the necessary elements of the interior, because reading in bed is one of the traditions of the English. For the same reason, an important piece of decoration is a night lamp with a conical lampshade or a floor lamp with soft light. Live flowers in vases will bring romanticism and charm to the apartments.

The bedroom in English style is a following to ethnic traditions, quality and refinement, comfort and elegance of every detail of the interior. Apartment in the English style is not only respectable, but also very cozy.

Wooden decoration for the living room

Bedroom in English style with properly selected lighting.

Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom in the English style does not like excess. A great decoration will be collages of photographs or paintings.

Features of the English style. Video

English style in the design of the bedroom