Which one to choose the idea of ​​an attic bed for a

Beds-attics come in different sizes, configurations and designs. Most often made of metal or wood.

For small apartments, these designs are efficient. It is important to choose a place in the room for the bed. Such furniture unloads space and makes it comfortable and practical.

Bed-loft is a harmonious combination of working area, playroom and recreation area.

  • Advantages of the bed - attic
  • Design Features
  • Ideas for a children's room

Advantages of the bed - attic

Advantages of the bed - attic

It is worth choosing this bed for the following advantages:

  1. Saving of useful space. The design does not take up much space and at the same time provides the best conditions for rest and study.
  2. The design ergonomically organizes space. A lot of boxes make up a high-quality storage system. Furniture set allows you to compactly place a lot of things.
  3. The original layout allows you to use a furniture set for children's games.
  4. The possibility of transformation. The lower tier can be converted into an extra bed.
  5. Some models may increase in size.
  6. Changing the functionality. In some models, the constituent elements may change. Instead of a toy box, bookshelves are used.
  7. It is cheaper to buy such a kit than all the items separately.

These furniture products are considered to be an inexpensive and practical option. Beds-attics are equipped with many useful elements.

These are multifunctional compositions. In this case, the place for sleeping is located on the upper tier, and instead of the lower bed there is a working or play area.

For teenagers are selected structures at a height of one and a half meters. The lower zone is equipped for training sessions.

For small children, furniture up to a meter high is used. Designs for toddlers are equipped with bumps for safety.

These are multifunctional compositions

Design Features

Bed-loft must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the child and adolescent.

Differences of furniture models in furniture, sizes or materials.

When choosing a product, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The stairs must be reliable, comfortable and equipped with safe steps and handrails.
  2. The sideboards are equipped with handrails to protect the child from falling.
  3. Qualitative and environmentally friendly material is selected.
  4. There should not be any sharp details on the surface of the bed.

The design consists of a sleeping place, stairs, a cabinet, drawers, a table top and a game or sports module. Special constructions are provided. For example, a loft bed for a girl with a bed downstairs.

Stairs can be of the following types:

  1. Vertical does not take up much space, but is considered more dangerous.
  2. The inclined is performed at different angles. Takes place depending on the size of the corner. It is recommended to choose flat steps that are characterized by safety.
  3. Podium, is located in the middle of the height of the bed.

The construction is completed with a cabinet. Proposals from IKEA represent similar options.

Stairs can be of the following types

The following bed designs are distinguished:

  • The French model is mounted on rails at the ceiling and works like an elevator;
  • The product consists of two berths, which are located at an angle to each other;
  • mini-beds, whose height is not more than 75 cm, they are equipped with shelves under the bed;
  • with solid elements of hull structures or transparent racks;
  • adult models or bright designs for young children.
For toddlers are offered low constructions, with a zone for games and a tent.

Furniture for the children's room should be of high quality and environmentally friendly. Recommended wood, which looks attractive and is characterized by safety.

The best option is furniture made of pine or beech. These materials have a beautiful appearance and durability.

Metal products have certain advantages. Such structures can withstand significant loads.

For toddlers are offered low constructions

Ideas for a children's room

Bed-loft - an option that allows you to combine a bedroom, a place for games and a school corner. Arrangement of the nursery begins with the planning. Marking the position of the bed and other furniture in the room. The style of the interior and the appropriate color scheme are chosen.

Such a construction is a furniture complex. Manufacturers offer different options for several children and functional models for one child.

The following options are highlighted:

  1. The loft bed with play area is suitable for boys and girls. The site for games is located under the upper tier. It includes a staircase and a slide. There are models with tents and houses.
  2. Design - mini is suitable for preschoolers. A loft bed is used with a sofa, under which boxes for things and toys are placed. This bed is low.
  3. Construction in combination with a sports complex. The complete set includes a berth, a table, a horizontal bar, a rope, a swing and a gladiatorial grid. A bed loft with a table below allows you to create a work area. In this case, a computer desk and boxes for storing stationery are used.

The combination of a bed and a desk is considered an ergonomic design. This saves a significant amount of space.

Ideas for a children's room

The design includes a cabinet. There are the following options:

  1. From the end of the bed is placed a cabinet under the bottom.
  2. A cabinet is installed on the side of the structure. Are located sections for storage of things and open racks.
  3. Corner cabinet is roomy and compact.
  4. The wardrobe provides plenty of storage space.

The bed with the workplace below is equipped with drawers and shelves. The entire lower tier is filled with shelves in the structures for children.

Loft bed ideas for a nursery

In the loft beds, the following sections are used:

  1. The pencil case is used for the school nook.
  2. A mobile and stationary element is used: a curbstone or chest of drawers.
  3. The staircase is equipped with drawers.
  4. Used withdrawable or stationary table.
  5. Shelves for different zones.
  6. Elements above the desk.

Bed-loft is an option for arranging a nursery or a room for a teenager. Choosing quality furniture, a stylish and comfortable interior is created.

Such designs make it possible to realize interesting design ideas and create an original children's room. A large selection of loft beds for children at attractive prices can be found in the company Kupistol.