Corridor design - finishes and photos

corridor design in the house

The design of the room has an effect on the tenants, which is why it is important to create a special atmosphere of coziness. It is desirable to distribute the place with practical benefits, especially if it comes to the hallway. Correct design of a corridor in an apartment or in a house with or without a staircase can create the necessary idea of ​​the apartment and owners at a glance.

  1. Provence. Not popular because of its relatively small practicality, this style is suitable for people in need of beauty, an entrance hall in this style will become a real home decoration.
  2. Minimalism. It is actual in apartments with a small corridor. Characteristically, the presence of all kinds of structures that are practical in nature (drawers, pedestals). A distinctive feature of minimalism is the lack of a large number of ornaments and bright details.
  3. Classic. This type of decoration is not very practical if the apartment has children or active animals. In the presence of such factors, there is a risk of additional unplanned waste, because the classic implies the purchase of expensive furniture, various accessories (statuettes, paintings, stucco), as well as the use of very expensive materials for decoration.
  4. Country. In many respects it is consonant with the provence, the difference consists in using less details, using wicker decor elements (baskets, furniture), a great emphasis on practicality. This type of room will look more harmonious if the kitchen is decorated in the same style.
  5. Modern. Dark colors prevail, as additional accessories are lighting devices (in large numbers). Allowed the use of decorative arches.
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design of a narrow corridor in a panel house After the owner has decided on the choice of style, relying on their goals, it is worth paying attention to colors and materials for finishing.

Color spectrum

It should be noted that for the hallway there is a range of allowed colors, the deviation from which determines the chosen style.

design of an entrance hall and corridor in a private house The colors common to interior corridor include:

  1. Often the basis is white and black, in different percentages. It is desirable to use white or light shades if the size of the room is small. Black in this case acts as a frame of the basic shade.
  2. The use of sand, gold, beige is allowed. To create a cozy atmosphere is often used colors such as: peach, pink, light green, blue and others.
  3. You can combine dark and light colors, preferably colors of natural, natural materials (wood, stone). In this case, the use of bright details will be superfluous.
  4. If the owner decided to create a bright mood, it is allowed to use rich saturated colors (green, red, purple, yellow). The main thing in this business is not to overdo it, excessively bright colors can cause fatigue, negatively affect the psyche. It is recommended to use bright shades as original impregnations or details.

design of a small corridor in a panel house It is necessary to understand that color becomes the basis, creates a mood, it is necessary to approach the choice carefully.

Combination of materials in the finishing of the corridor

Material selection

As a material for wall finishing, it is recommended to use:

  1. Wallpaper. Applicable for various styles, including expensive classics. Such material is easily replaced. There are various options that simplify the cleaning process (acrylic, vinyl or fiberglass), this quality can be considered useful and practical, especially in a private home.
  2. Walls of raw materials, which include: stone and brick. Care for such material is very difficult, but the owner will be able to assess the aesthetic component: these materials look spectacular in a residential building.
  3. Painting walls. This option has a small number of advantages: a small cost. The room itself often loses an attractive appearance.
  4. Wooden panels (it is allowed to use material that imitates a natural tree).
  5. Wall panels under the stone.
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Finishing a corridor with wenge color It is possible to combine several options (pasting one wall to another color, using several materials: a stone top and a panel bottom), this option will help create a unique atmosphere.

Design of a small corridor

Selection of flooring

As a floor covering it is recommended to choose:

  1. Panels made of artificial wood;
  2. Ceramic plates;
  3. Stone floor;
  4. Linoleum;
  5. Laminate;
  6. Parquet.

Tile in the finish of a long corridor The main characteristics that the coating must possess are resistance to contamination, moisture (which is why it is not advisable to use natural wood) and mechanical damage. If the owner can not make a choice on his own, it is possible to apply to specialists (sellers of salons, which have a choice when searching for flooring materials).

Design corridor-hallway with a staircase in a private house


It is desirable to use natural materials: wooden and wicker furniture. Do not use plastic and forged products (except for hangers, as well as furniture designed for the classical style), they will give the interior an excessive weight or cheapness.

If the corridor is located in a small space, it is worth using it with the greatest practicality, avoiding unnecessary conglomeration.

Closet in the hallway Practical furniture for the hallway:

  1. Thoughtful solution will be the use of a chest of drawers. It will take less space than the closet.
  2. Popular is the use of a special basket for shoes.
  3. It should be placed in the hallway clothes hanger, in this case, there will be no need to use cabinets.
  4. It is worth paying attention to special benches and ottomans for hallways. Most of them have built-in pedestals and shelves, in which it is allowed to store shoes.
  5. An irreplaceable option will be the use of hanging shelves. Thus, space will not be cluttered, and excess will be hidden from the eyes of the guests.
  6. For convenience, you can arrange an armchair in the interior of the corridor. If the house has a staircase, it is worth using the space below it with greater practicality: arrange shelves or cabinets, hangers or chairs.

Minimum of furniture for a small corridor Thus, the owner can save space without losing the quality characteristics of the interior.

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Lighting choice

Lighting plays an important role, regardless of the size of the room, especially the backlighting requires a long and wide or g-shaped corridor.

Light corridor with stairs The most popular lighting options include:

  1. The use of chandeliers (a mandatory attribute of the classical style), special lamps. It is advisable to make central lighting, then the square corridor will seem complete and thought through to the end.
  2. Point lighting is the defining element. It is recommended to illuminate frequently used objects (cabinets, mirrors, shelves). If the house has a staircase (close to the hallway), consider the option of multi-level lighting. In this case, the lighting of the steps or handrails looks spectacular.
  3. It is allowed to use LED lamps. Expect power in advance: the hallway should be lighted sufficiently.
  4. It is worth using wall lamps, this element is able to set the tone of the situation, to give the necessary saturation.

Decorate the corridor can be flowers Do not forget about the details:

  1. A good option will be the use of all kinds of plants.
  2. Mirrors can expand the boundaries of the room visually.
  3. Do not skimp on decorations: paintings, small figurines, baskets for things.
  4. The original solution can be considered the use of decorative hangers and shelves (stylized for untreated wood), unusual lighting devices and ornaments (Chinese lanterns, bottles with alcohol, voluminous paintings).

Mirrors and light will increase your small corridor All these details and ideas can create a complete picture of the interior, which is why it is very important to give them enough attention. Only then the hallway design created with special diligence will please you for a long time.