Bathroom in loft style - design features and 30 photos

A non-standard and effective bathroom in loft style will allow you to get even more pleasure from water procedures. The secret of popularity of this design today is the unique combination of rough materials, vintage sanitary ware and industrial parts. But that they all "work together", it is necessary to correctly place the accents and dilute the composition with beautiful objects of art and decor. Here we put together everything you need to know about the design of the loft-style bathroom - read and be inspired!

What should be the bathroom in the loft style

The bathroom in loft style has the ability to fascinate the eyes and the brain with expressive elements that emphasize each other. The starting point for creating a bathroom loft design can be existing before the repair of brick walls, concrete floors, wooden beams and massive metal pipes. If there are no such items or you prefer to hide them, then you should choose the appropriate color and design of the tile, and also choose an unusual bath or a cabinet under the washbasin. And if you just want to update the design of the bathroom, giving it a note of loft style, you can get by by replacing faucets, lamps and decor.

Speaking in general, your bathroom in loft style can have the following characteristic features:

  1. Compact shower cabins and free-standing baths;

What should be the bathroom in the loft style - мебель, освещение и прочее

2. Open pipes and decor with them;

Bathroom in loft style - stylish accessories

3. Vintage and industrial lamps;

What can be a bathroom loft

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4. Concrete and brick walls or suitable tiles;

Bathroom loft with brick wall

5. Ancient, industrial or modern minimalist furniture;

Bathroom design in loft style - selection of photo 2016

6. Elements of wood, concrete and other expressive raw materials;

Modern bathroom furniture in loft style

7. Accessories in retro style or art objects;

Bathroom in loft style - small area on the photoCreative bathroom design in loft style

8. Bright details on a calm background.

The stylish and bright interiors of the bathrooms in the loft style

On some of these elements of design it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail. For example, on what should be ...

Tile in the style of loft for the bathroom (with photo examples)

Untreated concrete and brick walls are perhaps the most characteristic element of loft style. Fortunately, for those who prefer a more traditional and convenient tile care, today there is a large selection of models simulating the desired design.

Tile for brick and concrete for bathroom in loft style - photo Floor and wall tiles in bathroom in loft style - photo in interior

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In addition, if you correctly choose the color scheme and decorative elements, your tile in the loft bathroom style can have original patterns and shapes, as in the photo below.

How to create a loft style in the bathroom interior with a tile Bathroom renovation in loft style - choose a tileBathroom design in loft style - photo ideas for tiles

How to choose bathroom furniture in the loft style

Antique and artificially aged bathroom furniture is the best choice that can only be made for the design of this loft-style room. Especially it is worth taking a closer look at the industrial tables and chests of drawers that can be used as cupboards for a washbasin, as well as for old buffets, showcases and stools. At first glance it may seem that these elements are very coarse and lifeless. But with the use of soft colors, warm lighting and cozy decor (wicker baskets, houseplants, fluffy towels, etc.), it will look very chic and tasteful.

Industrial bathroom furniture in loft styleA beautiful curbstone under the washbasin with lockers in the style of a loft for the bathroom

If your bathroom in loft style already has brick walls, industrial pipes, lamps and other characteristic decor, you can "dilute" its design with smooth and ultra-modern furniture in the spirit of minimalism.

Modern bathroom furniture in the loft style

Ideal fixtures in the loft style in the bathroom

When it comes to lighting the bathroom in loft style, the designers advise making it as expressive as possible. Rough industrial lamps, bright vintage chandeliers, homemade shades and clusters of light bulbs on long laces are the most popular lamps in the loft bathroom style today. And all because they look especially unconventional and bohemian here - as this style dictates to us. Read How to properly create a loft style in the interior, to learn more about it.

Homemade lamps in the loft style in the bathroomModern lighting fixtures in the loft style in the bathroom - photoHow to choose luminaires in the loft style in the bathroom - photo

Beautiful loft style bathroom - 10 photos

We offer you to view 20 more photo loft-style bathrooms that can inspire you to create your own unique design.

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