Cozy bedroom - 70 photos of ideas from designers

How to make a bedroom cozy with his own hands? To do this, you can always use all sorts of accessories and draperies of textiles. In addition, it is very important to choose the right color for your room decoration and to install high-quality beautiful furniture in the bedroom.

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Comfort can not be created without properly selected lighting.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Instruction for execution
  • Design of a cozy bedroom
  • How to give coziness yourself?
  • Small cozy bedroom
  • Cozy bedroom interior
  • Photo of a cozy bedroom

Instruction for execution

It's quite easy to create a cozy little room by picking the right furniture. In this case, you should rely on your feelings and wishes. If the classical room, it is easy to recreate the cosiness by choosing a beautiful English bed, whose headboard is decorated with chic hammering.


When choosing a bed in a bedroom, remember that its color should be the same as all the rest of the furniture in the interior. Harmonize with the room, furniture, must and bed linen.


In the bedroom apart from the bed, there should be the following furniture:

  • Closet-compartment - the model is better to take one in which there is additional light, because they harmoniously fit into the created interior.
  • Racks - this piece of furniture is ignored by most people, but it's the shelving that perfectly transforms the interior.
  • Chairs - they are installed in the presence of a dressing table, without it there is no need and in the stools.


Design of a cozy bedroom

Make a stylish bedroom, and at the same cozy - easy. Increasingly, they make out bedrooms in the classical style, but it is especially easy to achieve comfort in decorating bedrooms in the style of country and baroque, minimalism.


When choosing a design, it is worth taking note of a number of nuances:

It is not necessary to establish an abstraction, because in this case the interior seems "oversaturated". Such decor is advisable to use in the bedroom in the Baroque style, otherwise it will not be a cozy bedroom, but some kind of bad taste.


If the plans for the bedroom set to install partitions, then it is worthwhile to think over everything to the smallest detail so that they do not accentuate themselves. When decorating the partitions, keep them in the range of colors in which the walls are made.


A small bedroom will be very cozy, if canopies are used for zoning.


Beautiful cozy bedrooms are those that are made in pastel colors. It is worth choosing a dark red color, white, milky, azure blue or malachite with a green.


How to give coziness yourself?

To bring the atmosphere of coziness to your home is easy with the help of unusual details. As an example, a bedroom can be slightly embellished with LED lamps, which will become an additional source of lighting.


Photo wallpapers depicting the night city, nature and the sea landscape are increasingly used in the design of the bedroom. If a room is made in the baroque, then there may be a wallpaper with an abstraction.


Pillows for decoration can be made with their own hands, with love and soul, for example, in the technique of patchwork sewing. Such pillows as a major note in the interior of the bedroom.


Floristics - can be made from real flowers, from artificial flowers. A vase of flowers can be placed near the bed.

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Small cozy bedroom

If a very small room, it is a little more difficult to make it cozy and nice. By arranging such a premise, it is very important to choose the right color range, as well as multifunctional furniture.

cozy bedroom

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When building a room, it is worth using cold shades, as the area of ​​the room so visually increases. It is permissible to use mint flowers, lilac, milk.


As a lighting fixture, LED spotlights are used - they look attractive.


When decorating a bedroom, do not use thick curtains that do not allow light - it's better to use cotton and linen.


You can not use lace and canopy, because they steal space.


The sleeping place must be compact.


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Cozy bedroom interior

To create an unusual bedroom, it's worth paying attention to fusion - it's a competent combination of contrasting colors, podiums, as well as various multi-level structures. This style can be used in spacious bedrooms.


Use very unusual lighting fixtures - install the chandelier from the designer, with a strange and unusual configuration.


Materials for finishing should be with a special texture - textiles, soft panels, as well as fur.


Use pictures with abstraction, friezes.

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Do not bypass the aged furniture set.


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Cozy bedrooms, the photo below, is a very real option, even if embodied in reality by its own forces. It is not difficult, if you choose the right materials for decoration and accessories, which will be in harmony with each other.


If the room is small, you should choose cold shades, in any other case - it all depends on your taste. If your dream is an extraordinary bedroom, but at the same cozy, then use the contrast in colors.


Photo of a cozy bedroom








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