How to create a stunningly stylish "eistrim"

Interior of the small trailer

Today, the regulars of our portal learn about the ways of decorating trailers on the example of several of the brightest and even luxurious projects.

In the conditions of a constant increase in the number of people and the density of cities, the restoration of houses on wheels becomes a peculiar challenge to designers for lovers of huge flats and country mansions in an attempt to prove that it is comfortable and stylish to live on a few square meters contemptuously called microunits.

So it is not surprising that the popularity of the reorganization and decoration of the Eistrim has increased several times in recent years.

Interest in classical ovoid metal trailers stimulated the creation of a special group of their admirers, which even has its own terminology.

For example, "bambis" are people who own or want to buy models of the 60s. The dream is given a lot of love and attention, so a lot of time is devoted to the development and implementation of interior interiors using modern finishing materials.

Even if you do not own the Eistrim, some of the design ideas and decorations described in this article will be useful to those who have not a very large number of square meters for living.

Jules Verne would have liked this kind of camping

The architect Paul Welshmeyer chose a completely crazy project, more like a fantastic time machine or an unfinished star.

In this space can fit four people, also there is a shower, a small toilet and several functional storage systems. By the way, among all this insanity of colors and textures, you can find the necessary household appliances.

The author of the project himself says that from the point of view of the design aspect, he wanted to create something truly unique and full of fantasy, reminiscent of the novels of Jules Verne. In addition, he provided shelter with solar panels that feed all the appliances.

Dining room of the small trailer

Home for the Stars

Courtney Trent of the agency "Good Cottage" for many years, handed over "Eistrim" to actors and directors of New York as a mobile make-up room or housing on-site shooting. Therefore, its trailer is a vivid example of luxury and excellence, in microscopic space.

While the aluminum parts of the exterior trim remained intact, inside there were exclusive veneer cabinets and hand-finished wood paneling. And the bathroom was trimmed with a smart teak.

The whole doors of the storage systems were replaced with glass ones. The built-in bench with comfortable cushions became an organic addition to the narrow mahogany dining table, the table top of which, if necessary, is pushed to accommodate more food.

Built-in wheels make it easy to move the table even on the carpet floor to use it as a workman, pushing it towards the sofa.

Interior of the stylish trailer

Trent removed the old sofa from the living room and replaced it with one wide bed of 2.5 meters long, which, if necessary, folds, is decorated with plush pillows and frees the space. On the window-sill there are adorable live flowers in pots, and along the entire perimeter a competent lighting system is provided.

Living room stylish trailer

The bed and one of the cupboards were removed to create a place to work. Effective combination of aluminum, pleasant to the touch veneer and soft woolen carpet are the basis for comfortable modern furniture. Here and specially simulated table, and a club chair, and a comfortable chair, which has a rest.

Cabinet in the strong trailer

Traditional trailer for beauty

This "Eistrim" of 1971 release strikes with quirkiness, convenience and color, bringing together an orange spot framed by a gentle bamboo greens, and calm creamy surfaces.

Interior of the traditional trailer

A fashionable chandelier, strong curtains and elegant bedding made this trailer a cozy home.

Sleeper in the traditional trailer

In fact, it is difficult to imagine that in these aluminum buses you can find a truly homely environment. But one of the reasons people love them, is their universality.

Enrich the interior with stylish wooden panels on the walls, lay luxurious floors, put on designer furniture, tile the kitchen area, place marble countertops and crystal chandeliers here - and the fairy-tale coach is ready.

Interior of the trailer

Here you can create absolutely any interior. There are even examples of corporate trailers with the design of American retro clubs, which were assigned private meetings, with a flat-screen TV, a wine bar, a coffee maker and complex furniture.

Interior of the trailer

Another great example is a lively and modern, white-shaded wall that adds to the warmth of bamboo parquet and accents from plywood.

Interior of the small trailer

In such small rooms, a particularly comfortable and soothing atmosphere can create works of art in neutral tones.

Interior of the small trailer

Do not judge the inside of the outer shell. These small, rustic egg-shaped houses are in fact a real discovery.

Appearance of the small trailer