Proper care for cyclamens at home

A beautiful cyclamen flower, care at home after him is not particularly difficult. The main thing is to provide him with a suitable temperature regime and regular watering. Flower cyclamen will be a real decoration of any room. Especially it is liked by children, since its graceful flowers resemble swirling butterflies.

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What is a cyclamen

The genus Cyclamenes includes 15 species of perennial tuberous plants; Some natural species can be grown outdoors under the protection of trees and shrubs. The leaves of the cyclamen are oval, sometimes cordate, with a whole or jagged margin, with long petioles; flowers on long stems, with 5 petals, turned downwards.

From the beginning of autumn until spring, cyclamen blossoms, the color of flowers varies from white to violet. Fruits are hard round capsules containing numerous seeds.

The Cyclamen Persian flower is one of the natural species that grows in the Mediterranean regions. We have it not so long ago. The Cyclamen Persian tuber has black, thickened, leaves heart-shaped, with white spots on the upper side and reddish from below. Flowers 2-3 cm long, inside the purple, and the rest of the corolla can vary from white to red. Cyclamen Persian - care at home is the same as that of all cyclamen.

Cyclamen or Alpine Violet

Cyclamen or Alpine violet. At home in the warm Mediterranean cyclamen blooms abundantly in the winter.

Cyclamen in vivo

So the cyclamen grows in natural natural conditions, similar to the islands of spring lilies of the valley that we are accustomed to.

Cyclamen split

Cyclamen is ivy or Neapolitan.

The basic rules of care for cyclamen

How to care for cyclamens at home? Lighting for the cyclamen should be good, but you must not allow direct sunlight. Temperature: if the winter temperature is not lower than 7 ºC, you can grow outdoors, in other cases, the flower is carried to the air from the end of spring and until autumn.

How to water a cyclamen Persian? Watering should be such that the compost is constantly wet, but without stagnating water, otherwise the roots rot. Watered like this: water is poured into a tray, left for 20 minutes. If there is not water absorbed by the substrate, it is poured (when watering from above, water accumulates in the concave part of the tuber, which causes rotting of the plant). In late spring, when the flowers and leaves begin to wilt, watering is reduced.

Top dressing: application of a liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks.

How does cyclamen breed? Reproduction - by seeds, they are sown from July to September in fertile humus in a shaded place.

How to grow a cyclamen from seeds at home? The substrate must be constantly moist, after 5-6 weeks sprouts appear. When they grow up, they are transplanted into separate pots. Soil for cyclamen: a mixture of garden, leaf land, peat and sand in equal proportions, light and water-permeable.

Pests, diseases: mites affect the buds and buds, causing deformities, spots on the petals. Decay of leaves and petioles is a symptom of gray rot.

Why do the leaves turn yellow? From excessive watering leaves decolorize and rot roots, tubers and petioles. It is necessary to keep a cyclamen in a dry and well ventilated place: the leaves turn yellow and wrinkle - it means that the atmosphere is too dry or the plant suffered from direct sunlight. Move the pot into the shade, keep the compost moist.

White Buds Cyclamen

The charming white buds of the cyclamen are reminiscent of the capes of Catholic nuns.

Cyclamen in a pot

Pot for cyclamen put on a tray with moist pebbles.

Cyclamen transplantation

Usually transplantation of cyclamens at home is not particularly difficult. You need to spend it after the end of the period of rest and before the appearance of buds.

How to transplant a cyclamen? Planned transplantation of a house plant should be carried out annually. Produce it usually in the middle of summer, when the flower cyclamen starts to produce new leaves.

It is necessary to transplant a plant, as within a year the amount of useful microelements in the soil is significantly reduced and the soil structure changes for the worse. Cyclamen transplant is carried out with complete replacement of soil, removal of decayed and dead roots of the plant. Small roots when transplanting a flower can be removed using scissors.

Cyclamen transplant is also performed immediately after the purchase of the flower. It is especially important to hold it in case the roots of the plant have grown throughout the pot. Otherwise, it will not receive enough moisture and nutrients.

Do not make a transplant if the plant has a lot of unblown buds. For a young flower, whose age is not more than 2 years, a clay pot with a diameter of 7-8 cm will suit. With each passing year, a pot is selected whose diameter is 2-3 cm larger than the previous one. Too big pots should not be chosen.

The distance from the tuber to the edge of the pot should be about 3 cm. There must be holes at the bottom of the pot or container, so that the plant can consume water poured into the pan. At the bottom should also be a good drain of expanded clay. For transplantation, it is better to buy a ready-made special mixture in a flower shop. The self-prepared substrate is preferably calcined for an hour in the oven (to destroy pests). After the transplant, the plant is watered.

Place for cyclamen should be light and cool, protected from direct sunlight. Even northern windows will do fine. Do not water the plant very often in the first month. After 2-3 weeks, when the plant will take root, you can begin to apply fertilizer.

Well-groomed cyclamen

Choosing a place in the room for cyclamen should be taken into account, then the flower requires light, but not direct sunlight.

Gently pink flowers

Charming gentle pink ptashki over the leafy islet of green cyclamen. The pot with the flower is competently placed in a bright place away from the windowsill.

Young cyclamen is Persian.

Cyclamen is Persian.

Rules for the application of fertilizer

Liquid fertilizers are special substances dissolved in water in the required dosage. The fertilizers themselves can be in the form of a powder, a liquid or an emulsion. The introduction of liquid fertilizers, or fertilizer irrigation has the same goal as the introduction of granular or powder fertilizer in the substrate or on the surface of the soil - the plant receives nutrients.

Liquid fertilizers are assimilated cyclamen very quickly. In addition, they are said to be convenient and easy to use, better distribution of fertilizer in the soil and the ability to give the plant the right amount of food when it needs it.

Fertilizer irrigation cyclamen is carried out immediately after watering. Never irrigate dry land, this can lead to burns in the root system. Therefore, it is better to water the plant on the eve or to introduce a liquid fertilizer with water.

This should be done in the coolest hours of the day, carefully making sure that the fertilizer does not fall on the flowers. When applying fertilizer, the dosage indicated on the label must be observed. Better instead of the maximum dose to make fertilizer twice with an interval of 4-5 days.

It is not recommended to apply the fertilizer to the already measured full portion of water, since the slowest dissolving components may precipitate on the bottom. Such a problem does not exist for ready-made liquid fertilizers for cyclamen, it is sufficient to shake the packaging well before use. Powder and liquid fertilizers are stored in a dry, cool place. When choosing a fertilizer for cyclamen, it is necessary to make sure that in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it also contains trace elements.

Care for cyclamens at home. Video

Cyclamen - the flower of the Sun

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