Design of a bedroom with a cot +50 photo of room arrangement

Design of a bedroom with a cot

Accommodation of adults together with the child in one room is convenient. Mom and Dad will be able to constantly monitor, comfortably take care of the baby. But for this they should conduct the correct design of the bedroom with a baby cot. Particular attention should be paid to the arrangement of a place of sleep, rest, crumbs, the selection of useful furniture. It is necessary to take care of the visual separation of the parts of the room by the decoration, stylized partition. Using useful recommendations, it will not be difficult to achieve maximum functionality of each corner even in a Khrushchevka. For example, to save space, you can install a sofa that will be folded during the day. Such solutions will help to exclude the piling up of the equipped premises, to organize the correct organization of space for rest, games of the kid.

Using Partitions

Separators are selected according to the style of the room. For example, with a wallpaper in leaf-floral patterns, a forged partition with interlacing looks good. Wooden dividers with sawed circles, squares, patterns are popular. They will help mom and dad comfortably follow the crumbs, create a stylish modern zoning room. Replace these partitions can be racks with large compartments. They will help to store toys in an original way. Such dividers are suitable even for premises with an area of ​​10 sq.m. The installation of plastic colored or semitransparent partitions with filigree patterns is also acceptable.

Baby cot in the closet

For separation, you should not use screens, solid partitions. They will reduce the space of the room. The baby behind the blind partition will feel insecure.

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By finishing

It is better to make the floor covering in the whole room the same. But the design of the walls in the part intended for the boy or girl should be childish. It is not necessary to use trim with images of animals, cartoon characters. Suitable and materials in warm pastel colors. Separation of the premises can be performed in several ways:

WallpapersSelectable wallpaper may vary in color, embossment. Suitable wallpaper with the same color, but different patterns.
Combination of paint and wallpaperThe part of the room reserved for the baby is painted, the rest of the wall is covered with wallpaper.
Wall decorationIt is an optimal replacement for massive partitions. As dividers, foam poles, lining strips, wall panels for brick, marble are used.
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Zoning of the bedroom

Selectable finish should have the same quality. The combination of materials that differ in density, wear resistance, will lead to the need for partial repair of the premises.

A spacious bedroom for parents with a child

Requirements for the arrangement of a place for a child

To begin arrangement of the combined bedroom for preparation of a place of a crumb it is necessary with replacement of old furnish. Undressing wallpaper, dusty foam plastic baguettes are removed. Then the space is liberated, the furniture is arranged: the cradle, the changing table, other models. Superfluous (computer table, curbstone with TV) is moved to the far corner, taken out into the hall. Next to the place of rest, baby games are not recommended to hang out wall decor. If absolutely necessary (to preserve the style) it is allowed to outweigh it closer to the ceiling. Dangerous objects (tablets, scissors, needles, office, ornaments) are transferred to the desk drawer, which is locked with a key. Necessarily after the arrangement of furniture the convenience of moving is estimated. Also, you should check whether the baby's cradle is illuminated normally.

Black and white decor of the room

Advice on arrangement

To properly arrange the arrangement of the room, it is recommended that you initially make an approximate plan for the arrangement of furniture. It is necessary to measure the total area of ​​the room, conditionally allocates a free part (for games, passage). This preparation will help correctly rearrange furniture, purchase all missing models with suitable parameters. To carry out easy arrangement by own hands the following tips will help also:

  1. all the basic necessities for the baby (powders, medicines, thermometer) are located next to the cradle: in a cabinet, a hanging cabinet;
  2. to sort toys, to leave the most necessary: ​​fluffy animals, fabric dolls will be required later;
  3. things, items intended for the baby, immediately put on boxes, shelves next to the cradle: this will eliminate the long search for the sliders, developing books.

Baby cot near adult

Where not to have a cot

Creating safe and comfortable conditions for the baby are the main criteria that must be adhered to when installing a bed. When it is placed parallel to the parent's bed, it is not recommended to leave the passage too narrow. Its size of about 80 cm is enough for free movement. Otherwise, my mother will constantly "cling" to the cradle. Placement near the window is allowed if during the airing the baby is not in the room. The location near the balcony door, the doorway, opposite the air conditioner is unsuccessful. Any drafts will cause permanent crumb disease. Do not have a textile wall decor next to the cradle: these dust collectors need to be removed. Do not install it near heaters, tables, pedestals with personal belongings of the mother, father (ornaments, office, other dangerous items).

Partition in the bedroom

We select furniture

To achieve the correct arrangement of the bedroom-nursery is possible with the preliminary "marking" of free space. Even with a small area of ​​the premises, you can get its maximum functionality. For example, initially things of a crumb can be placed in the locker of mom and dad, having previously allocated a pair of shelves. In a spacious room it is better to install a separate chest of drawers. Also, not far from the cradle, it is recommended to place a small soft armchair. In it, my mother can feed, lull the crumbs. A swaddling table is mandatory. It can be replaced by a table, blanketed blanket, diaper. Under the table it is recommended to arrange wicker baskets with clothes, toys, diapers. Furniture, which will not be useful, should be removed. When a baby starts to walk, it will become an unnecessary obstacle.

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The most convenient are cribs, adjustable in height. They can be used from birth to 3-4 years. The presence of pendulum skis will ensure the ease of rocking the baby. The models should include stoppers. When the child starts to stand on the legs, the rocking of the cradle is unacceptable and dangerous. Models with adjustable front wall are also good. When the baby is older, such an element will help him to easily get out of the cradle and study the world around him. The presence of a drawer for bedding, personal belongings is desirable. All details of the upper part of the model should not include sharp angles, notches, scuffs. The very quality of wood and lacquer must be the highest. After all, often the kids "try" the sides in the period of teething.

Original bedroom interior

A chest or tummy

Choosing between a chest of drawers and a curbstone, you need to evaluate the use of these types of furniture. The chest of drawers is suitable for compact storage of things, toys, useful accessories (pampers, bed linen). The furniture has a height of 1-1.5 m, so it will not necessarily be massive. Even a small chest of drawers has good capacity. Curbstones are useful for storing bedding, things. True, models with roomy compartments are more suitable for spacious rooms. To increase the usefulness of compact pedestals, it is recommended to have wicker baskets with toys on them. These functional and stylistic differences should serve as the main criteria for choosing suitable furniture. It should be taken into account that the chest of drawers can be installed and used immediately. Small pedestals will require the purchase of additional items.

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To install a cabinet with the personal belongings of the mother, father, and baby, you need to be in the room where they live. Its placement in the corridor will not allow owners to conveniently take things, clothes, comfortably carry fitting. The best solution will be a mini-wardrobe built into the niche. It takes up a minimum of space, is applicable for premises with non-standard layout. In the absence of such a wall depression, a coupe model with small parameters is suitable. Separately for the baby is allowed to install a pencil case. The small size of the model eliminates the danger of piling up free space. Such furniture easily replaces the chest of drawers, the cabinet. Pick up for crumbs a pencil case is needed according to the functionality, type of model branches. The best are products with drawers, 1-2 swinging doors.

Beautiful furniture in the nursery Baby cot in the corner of the bedroom  Light walls in the bedroom  Bedroom interior in Art Nouveau style  Spacious bedroom  Pink textiles for children's bedroom

Baby changing table

Installation of a changing table for a newborn child is mandatory. The furniture will allow you to comfortably dress up the crumbs, play with it, hold massages. Place the product in the immediate vicinity of the cradle. Ideal option will be a two-tiered model combining a chest of drawers, a board with raised edges (bumps). The furniture design is suitable for compact storage of baby's things, convenience of holding useful lessons. Complex swaddling tables take up minimal space. To suspend bibs, developing toys, it is recommended to equip them with hooks on suckers. Well suited models, equipped with open, closed shelves. They are used for storing powder, diapers, diapers, clothes, massage oils.

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Sand walls and white furniture in the bedroom Green walls in the bedroom with a cot  Niche in the room for a baby cot  Bedroom in loft style  Beautiful wall decor in the bedroom with baby cot  Original bedroom interior

Place for games

For the correct, healthy development of children, you need to take care of a dedicated play area. For the games the central part of the room is suitable. A child older than 1 year is recommended to allocate a separate playing place next to the cradle. Here you can install a rectangular arena. He will allow the child to play safely, to try to stand up, using as a support a frame, a grid. Children older than 2 years will be suitable for developing a game center. Models with sorters, sorted by elements will help the crumb to learn to distinguish colors, shapes, develop motor skills of hands. On top of the wall it is recommended to arrange a bookshelf. It is suitable for storing developing literature. It is advisable to choose a compact model that closes with glass. This design will eliminate the accumulation of dust on the books, simplify the cleaning.

Bedroom with a cot in the attic


Ensure the comfort of the baby with his mother and father will help a careful selection of quality textiles. It is recommended to purchase a special protection for equipping the cradle. It will prevent the traumatism of the child in the fall. Use of tulle canopies is not recommended: they accumulate dust. To equip the windows necessarily need curtains. They will help the crumb of a quiet sleep in the daytime in bright natural light. Bedding baby should be soft, dye harmless compounds, easy to clean, wear off. A similar color scheme of all textiles in the room will guarantee the creation of a cozy design. It is recommended to choose pastel, bright colors. Black and white, dark scale is unacceptable. Gloomy tone, sharp contrast is not suitable for styling the room. Transitions of the color scheme should be smoothed.

Elegant decor of a cot Bright accents in the bedroom  Saving space in the bedroom  Cot-манеж  Interior in the style of minimalism  Bedroom interior in country style


Correct finish, room conditions for mom, dad and baby will help the young family to live with comfort and coziness. Correct arrangement of a place for crumbs to spend simply, using useful advice, recommendations, interesting ideas. They will help to distinguish nicely different parts of the premises, make each meter safe, functional. To achieve the simplicity of the organization of space will allow an approximate plan for arranging furniture. In this case, each element should be selected carefully, relying on its usefulness, own requirements, needs of crumbs. Following the planned layout, its rational changes will help to leave enough room for rest, games, caring for the baby. Such a simple scheme of alteration will create a cozy bedroom with original stylistics, zoning and planning.