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An important role in creating a common interior of your house is the arrangement of a living room - a place intended for rest of all members of the family and close people.


In addition to the allocation of special areas for recreation, special attention should be given to the necessary number of seats.

The design solution for a rectangular living room is a separate special topic, requiring a sufficiently competent and thoughtful approach.


In this case, we can not do without basic techniques that will enable us to create the main functional details to provide space with comfort and comfort.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Highlights of the design
  • Ideas for decorating a rectangular living room
  • Photo of rectangular living room design

Highlights of the design

It is recommended to pay attention to several important details:

living room-dining-room-dining-dining-dining-area-in-living-room-moscow

Ergonomics of the existing space. First of all, you should consider the future planning, taking into account the sufficient free space. This is necessary for further movement without any difficulties.


If possible, furniture can be chosen absolutely in any style solution, the main thing is that it is correctly arranged.

living room-awning-with-fireplace-living room-room-moscow

If the room is narrow and elongated, then it is better to choose the most simple chairs and a sofa, mainly a corner sofa, a coffee table, a pedestal for appliances. This can be seen in the photo of a rectangular living room.

living room-combined-with-cabinet-in-classic-style

Allocation of zonees. In general, there should be several, but at least one. Carpets, end-to-end shelving or furniture parts are perfect for carving into zonees.


Techniques for visual harmony. It is not the main rule, but, if necessary, it can be taken into account:


The main emphasis on a wide wall is necessary for visual enlargement of space and maximum proportionality. It should be original, for example, with photo wallpapers or a niche with illumination. If the living room is rectangular, then a great solution will be a big picture, capable of giving a certain harmony.

Classic-drawing room-with-white-grand piano

A game with color. Proportionality can be achieved through unusual color solutions. For a narrow version, bright enough colors are more suitable, helping to increase the visual space. Vivid can be a variety of details. You can make a narrow wall in dark colors, which will make it more approximate, then the room itself will have the right shape. Living room 25 sq. M. m. - 70 best photos of the design of a large living room


Strips. They are mainly used for ceiling and floor covering. For example, parquet boards, beams for ceiling, lamps, carpets and many other details.


Ideas for decorating a rectangular living room

Let's try to consider the most popular and suitable variants of the rectangular living room design:


In the Japanese style. Suitable for elongated and small rooms. This style is also called minimalism, and the name speaks for itself. First of all, furniture should be a minimum number.


Before the sofa, you can arrange a small table, and on the other hand a TV. It is better not to use traditional wall variants, replacing them with a hanging shelf or narrow pedestal.

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As a complement to the decor perfectly fit the picture without framing, as well as large floor lamps. The windows are best highlighted with a simple version of curtains of any style, and for additional colors you can use pillows and plants. In this case, there is nothing superfluous, but the maximum comfort is created.


Living room - dining room. If there is a connection between the living room and the kitchen in your house, then it is better to transfer a zonee for eating in it. However, this option takes place be in case, if the common space allows.


The living room should immediately be divided into two zonees. And the dining table will be appropriate in the part that is closer to the exit, but does not interfere with movement around the room. The sofa part can be arranged perpendicularly and additionally denoted by the carpet.

light-furniture-in-small-living room

As a result, a completely harmonious variant of the premise with an available place for more solemn meals can turn out. As for daily meals, it is better to allocate space for this in the kitchen. This option is presented on the photo of the design of a rectangular shape. Living room with balcony - photo of impeccable design


Thanks to the careful thought over of the interior of the rectangular living room, all available personal habits and desires are taken into account. It is important to think about each member of the family, giving them a separate place.

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Most importantly, when creating your masterpiece, do not forget about the necessary amount of free space, and then your living room will be as comfortable as possible.

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Photo of rectangular living room design



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