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Modern design of a nursery for two boys

Each child surrenders to dreams of his own room, where he can become a full-fledged master. But modern realities are such that brothers and sisters often share one space for two. Designing a child's design for two boys in this case is harder than for girls, as they compete in all spheres of life: from fighting for toys and ending with hobbies. To choose the project of a children's room, it is necessary to take into account the sex and age characteristics of children, the space of the room, its layout, the characteristics of both children's characteristics and their own financial capabilities. In addition, the child should be a safe, comfortable place, able to withstand the onslaught of two active children. With special care zoning is thought through and functional furniture is selected. And the most important moment in the preparation of the design of the nursery - the room should grow with its owners, since it is not possible to remodel it every year.


The children's room should include a minimum of 4 zones: working, playing, sleeping and storage. When the design is prepared for the boys, the sports zone will not be superfluous. Most importantly, both children have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of each of the zones of the room on an equal footing, regardless of their age difference. A competently demarcated room will create a favorable atmosphere for the growth and development of children, teach them how to keep order, will enable each child to engage in exactly the activities that are most interesting to him at the moment. Provide zoning can not only installed partitions, but also color differentiation, built-in furniture, screens and curtains. In rooms with high ceilings, there is the possibility of a two-tier room arrangement. In this case, most often designers take out a sleeping area to the second floor.

Zoning в детской для двух мальчиков Separate area for each child  Shelf partition in the interior  Working and sports areas in the nursery  Bright pictures on white walls  Work zone на подиуме

Sleeping area

There are several options for decorating the bedroom of two boys. Some of them are designed for small rooms, for example, rooms in Khrushchev, where every free meter of space is important. Others are ideal for large houses and apartments.

Variants of berths:

  1. Twin beds and beds with roll-out mechanism. Good when you need to save space, and the age difference between children is at least three years old. The weather in using this option can show the very rivalry that was mentioned at the beginning, because the upper regiment is considered more interesting among children.
  2. Twin beds. From the point of view of the physiological health of children and the prevention of childhood jealousy, this accommodation option is the most correct, but it takes a lot of space, so it is only used in large rooms.
  3. Armchairs-beds or folding sofas. A budget option for a family in which adolescents or junior schoolchildren are growing up. Its big drawback is the lack of an orthopedic mattress.

Sleeping area в детской для двух мальчиков Bunk bed с лестницей из ящиков  Cabinet with shelves for the whole wall  Pirate motifs in the interior of a child  Carpet in the form of colors beside the beds  Rocking chair by the window

Work zone

The working or training zone is necessary even in a children's room designed for toddlers, not to mention schoolchildren. Here, children can do creative work, prepare homework, store office supplies. Design work area design for the two boys is necessary so that they both can simultaneously spend time in it, but do not interfere with each other. If the older child is going to do the lessons, it is especially important that the younger brother does not interfere with him, so the ideal placement option will be two separate tables made for the growth of children. When this option is not possible, designers use one long table or a sliding table. In this case, the features of the growth of two boys with a large age difference can not be taken into account. Another important point that certainly counts during the creation of a design project is lighting. It must comply with established norms, so as not to harm the child's vision.

Work zone в детской для двух мальчиков Furniture разного цвета для каждого мальчика  Chandelier of threads in the interior of the nursery  Cabinets at the corners of the table  Multi-level ceiling in the nursery  Sofa between tables


The zone for games is the most important in the interior of the children's room of toddlers, preschoolers and junior schoolchildren. And children can participate in its design. If your sons are already able to speak, ask them what they would like to see: a hut, a dry pool, a drawing board? Surely they will sound an interesting idea that can be implemented within your budget. In the same area should be located a basket for toys, and given that the room is designed for two - maybe even two. The peculiarity of the boys is that they spend most of their free time in active games, so it is important that the toys do not occupy a large space, but be neatly stacked on shelves and boxes, freeing up space for moving games.

Gaming в детской для двух мальчиков

An important point, children are very fond of playing on the floor, so the play area should be covered with a carpet with a short nap. Its design can not only match the interior of the room, but also be used for games.

Partition from the cabinets between the playing and sleeping areas Tables with games in the nursery  Interior in bright colors  Swing in the play area  Pendant slide in the nursery  Stairs with swings

Storage Area

As a rule, boys have significantly fewer things than girls, so even two boys will have just one cupboard or large chest, the place in which is divided equally. They can serve as a separator of two zones. It is important to ensure that each of the boys in the closet had not only shelves, but also a place for hangers, drawers and other attributes. That children are not confused, it is possible to make color designations-hints, ensuring that the clothes of the older child do not fall on the regiment of the younger and vice versa. For storage of bed linen, pillows and blankets, even in children's rooms, it is preferable to use space under the bed or inside the sofa. This is worth remembering while buying furniture. In addition to clothing and bedding, the storage system in the nursery should include various shelves or hinged containers. They ideally accommodate books.

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Storage Area в детской для двух мальчиков Floorки на полу  Lilac-orange interior of the nursery  Table with shelves and drawers  Cabinet in the play area  Sofa with drawers

Sports section

A real delight in two boys will cause a projected sports corner in which kids can spend their energy, and older children correctly exercise. This can be a Swedish wall, simulators, a basketball ring, a trampoline, a rope, a horizontal bar or a whole sports complex. In a small room for this involve walls and ceiling. Making out a nursery for two boys, it is better to reduce the sleeping area, but place additional sports equipment. When choosing sports equipment, leave the advantage behind wooden or metal structures. They can withstand the onslaught of the guys for several years. Installation of a sports complex is best entrusted to a professional who is able to ensure safe use.

Sports section в детской для двух мальчиков Rope in the nursery  Rings and stairs near the bed  Carpet with marine inhabitants on the floor  Sports and work areas in the nursery  Mats at the stairs

Interior design by age

At different ages, the development of children is correlated with the specific field of activity, therefore, considering the details of the interior of the room, be guided by the zone of the nearest development of the child. Babies and preschool children will need a large play area, while schoolchildren and teenagers should have a comfortable learning area and a place for hobbies. It is more difficult to combine the needs of two different-aged children, one of whom still needs a place to play, and the other - a quiet corner of a teenager, free from extraneous attention. It is best in this case to turn to professionals who will come up with a design of the room, based on the wishes of the mother and the hosts of the room.

Registration of children's posters with characters from films Red armchairs in a light interior  Wall-papers for a brick in a nursery  Design with sports motifs  Interior design by age  Paintings with illumination on the walls

For babies

The most important thing in a babies room is its safety. Eco-friendly furniture, the absence of sharp corners, closed sockets and completely cleaned wires are mandatory conditions. In addition, the floors in the room for toddlers should be covered with a soft carpet or equipped with heating, because it is here that the kids will learn to crawl and walk. Making room for small boys is spent on growth, which means that there will be a sports zone in it. Do not forget to bed next to the dangerous shells of the mat in the amount in which they can provide security. The number of furniture is best minimized: a cot, a cabinet or chest of drawers. This is what will really be used in the first years of your children's life. Accessories for the training zone should be added as they grow. But the lighting system should be thought over at once to prevent the appearance of new wires in the future.

Baby for two kids Fairy-tale castle on the wall  Chest between the beds  A striped carpet in the nursery  Letters over the beds  Carpet in the form of puzzles in the nursery

For pre-school boys

At preschool age, boys are so active that their games are comparable to the invasion of a huge army into the territory of a small state. To furniture and toys do not break at the first meeting with their owners, take care of their strength. The shelves hanging on the walls must be comfortable for use by the children themselves and securely attached to the walls. So the boys will be able to independently take and store things and books in place. External design is better to make bright, colorful, maybe even thematic, but not screaming, because in the same room the children will have to sleep. Most at this age it is important to decorate the playing and sleeping area, reducing the educational space to a minimum. In the sports corner, the Swedish wall, slide, rings will become relevant. Do not use in the interior of easily breakable and breaking things. At the preschool age it is better to make the child comfortable and practical, to neglect her appearance. Beautiful things can be added in a few years.

Baby for two boys of preschool age Beds of different colors  A chest of drawers in the windows  Light green interior with white furniture  Drawing board in the nursery  Suspended bed with ladder

For schoolchildren and adolescents

At this age, boys themselves can take an active part in the design of their room. Let them choose furniture, wallpaper, some interesting things. The parents' task is to provide some of the most practical options for selection. Think carefully the working area, but the space that was previously intended for games, you can gradually begin to use for a hobby. Add musical instruments, a large easel, replace the children's sports complex with adult simulators, in accordance with the hobbies of both children. At the same time, be sure to think about the hobbies of both sons, because even at this age rivalry and insults between brothers are possible both in early childhood. Exterior decoration should grow up together with the hosts of the room. Be sure to consult with them, which style is preferable to use in the interior.

Baby for two teenagers Car motifs in the nursery  Aircraft on the walls  Space on the ceiling  Furniture с одинаковым дизайном в детской  Bookshelves over the sofa

For boys of different ages

A room for two boys of different ages requires a lot of space on which you can arrange all the zones in full. To do this, it is best to allocate the largest and brightest room in an apartment or house. At the very beginning, the room should be divided into two parts (not necessarily equal), and already within each of them created their zoning, taking into account the age features. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. Children of different ages fall asleep not simultaneously, pre-school children still have a quiet hour. Therefore, to combine the sleeping areas so that no one is hindering anyone is almost impossible.
  2. The younger child needs a good play area in which he will spend time while the older child is engaged in lessons, so the teaching and play rooms of the room can not be located close to each other.
  3. In addition, any teenager is jealous of personal space and personal things, not allowing a younger brother.

What still can unite two brothers, so this is a single zone of storage of things.

Baby for boys of all ages Workstations on the sides of the bed  Table and sofa in front of the TV  Bright sofa with drawers  Wall under the brick in the nursery  Interior in a marine style

Color spectrum

The style of children's decoration, the color range is selected depending on the age of the children. Approximately up to 9 years, children will be interested in thematic design, invented by favorite cartoons or books. Teenagers will like designer styles: hi-tech, loft, Scandinavian style. Let the children take an active part in the choice. Color solutions directly correlate with the chosen theme of the design of the room, its area, the amount of natural light. In a room with large windows you can afford bright and dark colors, but if the room is poorly lit, then the light decoration will come to the rescue. In any case, choose several colors at once, so that you can provide room zoning.

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Strict color scheme in the interior of the nursery for two boys

Traditionally, boys' rooms are decorated with cold colors: blue, gray, blue, various shades and tones. But it is necessary to add bright accents. So, for the blue scale as a supplement white and yellow color. The gray room will be pleasantly diluted in purple or green tone. You can decide on less popular combinations in children's rooms: black and red, dark green and beige. But it is better to conduct such experiments in the rooms of grown-up children. Kids are more pleased to see around themselves the traditional tone.

Wall decoration in the form of puzzles Furniture из светлого дерева в детской  Table with an armchair by the bed  Children's room with modern interior  Green color in the interior of the nursery  Beds in the form of racing cars


Decorating the walls, use the design tricks and tips:

  1. Low ceilings and a narrow space visually expand wallpaper with a small pattern or strip.
  2. Light colors should prevail, an excess of dark or bright colors will reduce the room and make staying here uncomfortable.
  3. In small rooms, think about the use of photo wallpapers, they will expand the space frames and make the interior interesting.
  4. If the room is designed for small boys, provide a place where they can draw straight on the wall. All children do this, but it is better to use a specially allocated space with a washable wall for this purpose.

Walls в виде карты в детской для двух мальчиков Old newspapers on the walls of the nursery  Butterflies and flowers on the walls and ceiling  Light green furniture in the nursery  Wall-mounted cabinet  Map on the wall above the bed


The favorite method in decorating children's ceilings is to create a starry sky. This technique not only raises the ceiling, but also allows for additional point lighting. It is achieved by using plasterboard or stretch ceilings. The most pleasant thing is that you can decorate the ceiling in the form of the sky with almost any theme of decorating the room: from the pirate ship to the jungle. But even if the exterior design of the ceiling is more classical, it's better to lay a stretch ceiling. It is practical, easy to clean, safe for children. In advance, think about what elements of decor or furniture should be fixed in the ceiling, you may need to pre-install some elements of the sports complex.

Ceiling со звездами в детской для двух мальчиков Truck cartoon on the wall  Photo wallpapers with an old ship in the interior  Stretched ceiling with a picture of the sky in the nursery  Space motifs in the interior  Built-in ceiling lights


As already mentioned, the floor must be warm. In addition, it should not slide, cause allergic reactions, but at the same time have good moisture resistance, withstand severe stress and easy to wash. Good for these purposes is a quality laminate, which is embedded under the warm floor. However, when choosing a laminate, you can not save on its quality. Cheap laminate will not be safe enough from an environmental point of view. Many people prefer to make carpets in children's rooms, especially since their assortment in building stores will allow to please anyone, even the most fastidious child and adult. The main thing to choose is not too high pile, which is easily cleaned by a vacuum cleaner or washed with a brush.

Carpet on the floor of a nursery for two boys Green carpet in a gray interior  Laminate flooring for children  Red wall in white interior  Yellow-blue furniture in the nursery  Floorосатый пол


Lighting должно быть спроектировано с учетом всех зон, присутствующих в комнате. Gaming и учебная части без большого количества света могут навредить нежному зрению детей. Спальная зона дополнительно освещается ночниками, ведь даже мальчики до определенного возраста боятся темноты. Все осветительные приборы устанавливаются таким образом, чтобы комната покрылась рассеянным мягким светом. Верхний свет лучше всего расположить над игровой зоной, средний – там, где есть мягкая мебель. Рабочую часть дополнительно освещают настольными осветительными приборами или настенными яркими светильниками. В спальной зоне актуальнее всего установить ночник с регулируемым освещением, причем такой, чтобы ребенок сам смог его контролировать даже в темное время суток.

Lighting настенными светильниками в детской для двух мальчиков Bookshelves on the wall  Colored lamps and chandelier on the ceiling of the nursery  Smurfs on the wall above the bed  Interior with sea motifs  Lamps on the wall near the bed

Textiles, decor, accessories

As additional decorative elements are used pillows, wall stickers, bedspreads and curtains. They are selected for the sake of the general theme of the room. For boys, it is very important to have a variety of pillows, which can be used in active games: build barricades, arrange fights, lay out on the floor to formalize role-playing games. Vinyl stickers in addition to decorative, can carry a learning function. You can order them individually for your room.

Textiles in the nursery for two boys The combination of blue walls and yellow curtains  Unusual chair in the nursery  Rounded shelf above the beds  Ottomans on the floor  Zerkallo over comodom


Choosing furniture for a children's room should adhere to certain rules:

  1. Give preference to furniture made of moisture-resistant durable materials. Boys like to conduct various experiments, spill water, use furniture in their games. To sustain such for a long time will be able to only high-quality materials.
  2. Avoid buying furniture with sharp corners and protruding parts. Even the coolest guys from time to time begin to quarrel, jostle. Having fallen on a corner of a table or other furniture, children will inevitably receive an injury.
  3. A great benefit will be the multifunctional furniture, in which are added a few more lockers, storage compartments. Over the years, the number of things in children only increases and they need to be stored somewhere.
  4. Think about ordering a large corner cabinet. It will save room space, but it will remain as spacious as traditional closets.
  5. If the color scheme of the room is light, buy furniture made from easily washable materials.

Furniture в детской для двух мальчиков Cabinet of colored squares in the nursery  Military style interior  White-bard furniture in the nursery  Sofa facing the bed  Clock with a battle on the wall

Selecting a bed

Two beds occupy most of the space in the room, so choose a bed based on the size of the room. If the size of the room does not exceed 10-12 meters, buy a bunk bed. For very small children, instead of a bunk, a retractable bed is suitable. Two separate beds suitable for a spacious room. They can be placed next to or along the wall, although the first option will be more comfortable for children. To save space in the schoolchildren's room, you can buy them two separate modules consisting of a loft bed and a desktop under it. The range of models today is so great that no matter which option you choose, it can easily be entered into the style solution of the room.

Beds with the same design in the nursery for two boys Bright furniture in the interior  Cupboard with pull-out beds  Ceiling с разноцветной подсветкой в детской  Podium with pull-out beds  Upper level above the beds

Two single beds

Classic single beds are made of wood and metal. You can find bed-cars, boats, planes, make to order any shape and size. If they are placed in a room next to each other, only one of them is separated from each other by the night table, then the children will be able to fall asleep together. In addition, this arrangement will look nice in the common space of the nursery. Putting the beds one after another along the wall, you can achieve a visual extension of the room. Under each of them you can equip boxes for storage of things, then it will be 2 times more. The main advantages of single beds are security, convenience and versatility. Correctly matched beds can not be changed for several years.

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Two single beds в детской для мальчиков Beds at the podium  Portholes in partitions  Beds in the form of boats  Bright bedside table between the beds  Football motifs in the interior

Bunk bed

Bunk bed является первоисточником повышенной опасности. Всегда есть риск, что ребенок упадет во время игр или сна. Поэтому выбирать ее стоит особенно тщательно и для детей, которые уже умеют осознавать таящуюся опасность. Перед покупкой внимательно проверьте надежность защитных планок, смогут ли они выдержать активное использование двумя мальчиками, готовыми время от времени делать попытку что-нибудь отломать. Тщательно осмотрите лестницу, позволяющую подняться на второй этаж. Лучше всего чтобы она была полноценной, а не основанной на перекладинах, соединенных между собой. Стоит отметить, что цена такого спального места будет значительно ниже, чем в случае покупки двух отдельных кроватей.

Bunk bed в детской для двух мальчиков Drawings on the wall  Cabinet with colored doors in the nursery  Letters on the wall in the interior  Floor lamp near the bed Corner table in the nursery

Bed with work space

Modules that connect the bed and the training area, sharply benefit from the other options for placing the two boys, especially if they are already schoolchildren. This is a functional solution that removes the problem of zoning at once two parts of the room. But parents should pay extra attention to the lighting of the work table, often the loft bed casts a shadow on the table and seriously obscures the space. In addition to the bed and table itself, some modules may include small cabinets, and therefore it becomes possible to accommodate two children, even in the smallest room. At the same time, no one is disturbed by personal space.

Bed above the desk Bed with work space в детской для двух мальчиков  Beds under the working area  Separate work areas for each child  Beds in the upper tier above the tables  Furniture с ящиками

What style to choose

The most interesting in the design of the children's room is the choice of style or theme. Here, adult rooms are much inferior. For young boys, a maritime theme, space, aviation and automotive, can attract. His role will play even your favorite toys and hobbies of children. If children collect a designer for hours, design a room in the style of the Lego-town. Fans of comic books and superheroes will be pleased to see in the interior of things that belong to your favorite characters. Green jungle, Jurassic park, the magic world of Harry Potter - the idea of ​​the topic can be suggested by the children themselves, and adults will only have to realize it. If you decide to decorate a child in a thematic style, be sure to contact specialists who can draw a sketch of the project, because the details of the general theme will be present not only on the walls, but also in furniture, textiles, accessories.

Tree in the interior of the nursery for two boys Bedside table with TV set between couches  White beds and chest of drawers in the nursery  Wallpaper in the form of a world map in the interior  Pink shelves on the gray wall in the nursery  Sofa between work tables of the original form

Preferences of children themselves

Every parent knows about the preferences of their children. They are visible in any little things: requests for gifts for the holidays, favorite fairy-tales, films, music. But in addition, every parent knows and how fickle are the hobbies of children up to a certain age, and to alter the room every year the initiative is questionable. Therefore, discussing with children what they want to see in their future room, offer them several options that you yourself consider as maximally permanent or easily reconstructed. Two children are not always easy to agree with their parents, it is even more difficult for them to agree among themselves. So be prepared for protracted negotiations. Perhaps the room will have to be designed in such a way that both owners receive their own separate topic. In any case, do not give up the opinion of the children. They will have to spend most of their time in the room for several years.

Hobbies in the interior of a nursery for two boys Pendant armchair in the interior  The combination of lilac carpet and white furniture  White-bard interior of a nursery  Musical motives in the interior  A race track on the walls of a nursery

How to secure a room

The safety of the children's room is provided by small things: stubs on all open sockets, carefully hidden wires, securely fixed cornice. Angularity of furniture can be smoothed with special silicone stickers. Take care of creating the right microclimate in the room, namely the temperature and humidity. Attach dressers, cabinets and shelves to the walls, in order to avoid caving them to one of the children. Pay extra attention to the doors. If they have a lock, then it must be safe so that the parent at any time can unlock the door. If the children are still very small, put stoppers on the door. Avoid glass accessories in the form of mirrors. Sooner or later the boys will decide to play football right in the room and then the glass can shatter into pieces. As for the windows, it is ideal to remove the handles from them or to block their opening, in order to avoid the child falling out of the apartment.

Multi-level ceiling with illumination in the nursery for two boys Spotlights and ceiling lights  Armchairs-bags in the nursery  Floorки для игрушек над кроватями  White interior with orange accents  Lamps over the beds

Floorезные советы для родителей

From birth, the child spends most of his time during the day and night, where his mother is. Therefore, in the early years the children's room is not such a big necessity. Only when he reaches the age of 3-4 will he be able to appreciate the advantages of his own room in full. Therefore, when considering design for babies, create a small corner for the parent. For example, install a chair in which you can read a book while the child is busy with his own affairs. Just do not let it be a rocking chair. It can bring trouble at a time when adults are not around. Trying to make the room bright and juicy, do not overreach the stick so that the exterior design does not tire the children. Respect the territory of boys! This is their own secluded place, in which it should be safe. Therefore do not forbid them to close there and do not rush into the unexpected. And over the years this rule should become the main one.

Sliding bed in the nursery for two boys Bright interior with light green furniture  Carpet in the form of a skin in a nursery  Children's room with working and sleeping areas  Bunk bed со шкафом  Wood in the interior of the nursery


Thinking over the design of a children's room for sons, try to make it so practical and permanent that in the future, avoid global alterations until the age of children demands it. Imagine the end result for today, and then its the same, but in 5 years, 10 years. Has it lost its functionality? What is missing in it now? Is it possible to fix this with minimal expenditure? This will give a full view of the room's possibilities in the future.