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Children's in a country house

Children's design for two children is a real test for parents. During the repair, one has to think about safety, convenience of the interior, and also take into account the interests of each child, find a compromise in the design, accommodate a large amount of furniture. It is difficult when children have different interests or there is a significant age difference, but in each case, experienced designers offer solutions that will suit both small tenants.

  • Decide which part of the room can be allocated for the storage of things. Children's clothes will be in a separate separate wardrobe or will it hang in the closet in the nursery?
  • Take into account the difference in age. At each stage of growing up, the child has different needs. If the age difference is large, it will be better to focus on creating a separate space for each small tenant.

Separation of space for two children

  • Identify the features of the room depending on the sex of the children. If children are same-sex, then parents will have to. In the room of the brother and sister, one must seriously approach the division of the personal space of each.
  • Talk with children about their own desires, preferences, try to find a compromise, appropriate to the ideas of both, will fit into the family budget.

Bunk bed

Color Selection

The color palette that can be used to decorate a children's room is limited only by the imagination of its future residents and parents. Consider the most common options.

  • Classics: blue and pink. If children of the same sex, it does not go out of fashion to decorate rooms in tender pink for the daughters or blue, if the room is intended for the sons.
  • Bright hues. The use of calm light shades has a number of advantages. Firstly, it is easier for children in such a room to relax, which promotes a good sleep. Secondly, this decoration visually enlarges the room. Bright walls do not impose any style: any furniture or interior details are perfect.
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Wall with a coating for drawing in the nursery

Making out the nursery in light colors, you need to take care of the possibility of washing the walls in advance, so the materials for finishing should be selected from cleaning options.

Design of a children's room

  • Yellow, green, red. Wanting to make the room bright, colorful, worth knowing the measure. In a too mottled room, children will find it hard to rest: bright colors will irritate the nervous system. An excellent solution to decorate a defiant color with one wall. This will make it thematic.
  • Marine colors. The room for girls can be executed in blue tones if you play the theme of the sea: soft turquoise or gentle celestial color in combination with golden and yellow details, like waves washing sand on the beach.
Design project for childrenDesign project for two children in white and green colors

Arrange accents and "revive" the walls

The crime of decorating a child is boring. If the walls are solid, there are several ways to make them more fun. For example, special glued stickers will help to "revive" the interior of the room for two children. Another option that helps to get a unique design of the walls, to spend time together with children is to paint the walls with your own hands: you can draw some interesting patterns or a whole storyline on an accent wall. Small tenants will be incredibly proud of such repairs, treat it carefully.

Two beds on opposite sides

Instead of painting or decorating a part of the wall, you can use wallpaper. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range for every taste: from abstraction to fairytale plots.

Bedroom for two children

Whichever way to decorate the walls is not liked, it is important to remember the age of the children: in a year or two the girls may get tired of the theme of the dolls, and the boys will get tired of playing pirates. If adolescence is not far off, try to choose not too childish design or use similar subjects where they can be easily replaced: on curtains, bedspreads, but not on walls.

Interior of a nursery

Zoning Space

The question of planning and zoning is individual: in some families, children get along better, in others everyone needs more free space. There are two options for zoning space:

  • Divide the room into functional areas: for sleep, games, study, etc.
  • Divide the room into equal parts, making a semblance of separate rooms.
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Children's room

Children need a separate bed, and the rest of the layout depends on the hobbies, the age of the small tenants.

Children's decor

For babies will be enough cots, swaddling table and an arena. Older children need a play area: it can be executed as a game complex, a sports wall or a capacious box with toys. Since the school age, there is a need for a study area: everyone should have their own table so that children can do their homework together.

Sleeping and play area

An additional area can be a resting place. Here you can place a bookcase, TV, pouffes, an armchair or a sofa, a coffee table.

Bunk bed

If children of different sex, it is good to share their possessions with a screen. Not bad looking rooms, where the zoning is emphasized by different design of the walls.

For each child his personal space

Dependence of the layout on the size of the room

Children for several tenants should be 20 square meters. This will allow you to freely place everything you need here, leaving free space for games. If there is no way to allocate so much space, then the designers have prepared separate recommendations:

Two single beds for children

12-14 sq.m.It is permissible to place two separate beds, a small play complex, an educational corner. You can store everything you need, but there will be little room left in the center of the room.
10-11 sq.m.It is necessary to give preference to a bunk bed, to use several receptions for a visual increase in space.
8-9 sq.m.A similar size is small for 2 of them. A bunk bed is required. Space under it is used as a storage place. Fit all kinds of folding furniture designs. The cabinet is carried outside the premises, if the size of the housing permits.

Small children's room

Furniture: how to combine convenience and style?

In the selection of furniture in the first place is its safety: saving is inappropriate. Sharp corners should be absent, even if the children are already quite old. Give preference to special children's furniture. It is ecological, corresponds to the growth of the child, being psychologically more comfortable. Because children often get dirty, choosing any piece of furniture, you should give preference to easily cleaned materials.

Design a children's project with a Swedish wall

Children's furniture should be light, mobile: children like to change the situation, build different designs.

Modern version of a bunk bed

If there are folding models in the interior, they should be made so that the child can take advantage of them independently, without resorting to the help of parents and without endangering themselves.

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Striped wallpaper for children

Storage systems should be located so that the child himself can get the right things. An excellent option is to place boxes under and around the bed, and also use a hanger with a height regulator. This will help to teach children to be independent, clean.

Children's decoration for the holiday

Of padded furniture for a children's room poufs are best suited: they take up little space, are safe, and kids love to play with them, using very different ways.

Child in the attic

Sleeping places

An integral part of the children's room is a place to sleep. In the room for two children there are several ways to arrange sleeping places:

  • A bunk bed is a great way to save space for other furniture items. Often it is installed in spacious rooms, because children like to equip the floors to their liking. The only problem can arise when both children prefer one of the tiers: then conflicts can not be ruled out. Be sure to install special protective panels on the second floor to ensure safety during sleep and during day games.

Children's decor для мальчишек

  • Parallel beds. A classic option, when two beds are installed side by side, separated by a small bedside table. Parallel accommodation is not suitable for small rooms, but children will not have competition, as in the case of a two-tier model. Under the beds you can arrange storage space for laundry, clothes or toys. On the bedside furniture or over each sleeping place, you can install a small lamp.
  • Installation of beds along the wall one by one. This option will save more space in the center of the room. Such an arrangement is convenient for security reasons: on the one hand there is a wall, and on the other you can install a special panel to prevent falling in a dream. Minus location - children are able to reach the bed of their brother or sister: they can start playing instead of sleeping.

Example of the arrangement of beds

When choosing a folding bed, pay attention to the safety of the model and its effect on the children's spine. Preference is given to hard mattresses without folds. Pay special attention to the choice of a folding mechanism: it must be reliable, cases of accidental folding are excluded, but the child should be able to fold it himself.

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