Lining in the interior - 25 photos

Lining for interior

A thin finishing board for surfaces for a long period of time caused associations only with a sauna, cottage or balcony. But now the situation has changed dramatically - lining takes a leading position in the design of rooms and not only country houses, but also apartments. It took time to see in the external simplicity a functional and aesthetic superiority. But the variety of species causes the opposite effect and poses pressing questions: what color, style, technique of execution is preferred in order to extract the maximum benefit from the use of this material. Understand the nuances of finishing in advance will not be superfluous, so that the vagonka in the interior became not only a budget option, but also the most fashionable.

In external appearance, it differs even more: from the "American", imitating the board overlapping, to the block house with its log texture. For aspiring to achieve in the design of the house not only the external harmony, elegance, but also to observe the conditions of feng shui, as if specially created a sort of "soft line" with rounded bevels.

Painted lining

A number of advantages for the design of premises, and the most important are precisely those that improve the comfort of human existence:

  • long operational period;
  • ecological qualities;
  • the healing effect of natural tree species;
  • low susceptibility to contamination, dust;
  • heat, sound insulation;
  • resistance to humidity, high temperatures;
  • absence of significant installation costs.

Wall decoration with plastic

Aesthetic components that provide leading design positions:

  • The ability to change color by staining: you can do this in the process of using more than once.
  • Correction of the visual geometry of space. Vertical arrangement - stretching, height increase, horizontal - adding volume, stretching the perimeter of the room.
  • Combination with most modern materials: tiles, stone, granite, tiles, textiles, glass, leather.

MDF lining vertically stacked

For the repair of any room, the technical simplicity of execution - plus not only in optimizing time costs, but also financial. Do not need to prepare the walls beforehand - it will perfectly perform the camouflage of the irregularities.

Cozy place on the windowsill


In addition to the standard methods of location: horizontal and vertical, on the entire surface entirely, there are a few more design ways of arranging the lining:

  • The diagonal. Provides dynamics in the interior, as an accent on the wall, ceiling, but will require more painstaking work.
  • Alternation of multidirectional bands. Giving a special, exclusive charm with the help of different patterns: herringbone, steps, bricks and all sorts of combinations of these ways. The expensiveness of the method is more than offset by the individuality of the final result.
  • Making only the lower third of the wall surface, the upper part - wallpaper, paint, and the border is framed by molding. In addition to financial benefits, you can get a unique interior.
  • An excellent option will be the creation of a panel, another fragment of the original form on one of the walls, capable of becoming a significant interior accent.
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Panoramic windows in the living room


Wooden lining can be processed in ways that allow the design to acquire its individual character:

  • Ecological clean - the preservation of the natural pattern of wood.
  • Treated - impregnation, special means: smoothness, glossiness or opacity is added.
  • Colored is the original color.
  • Brushed - relief and texture come to the fore. Special species: only softwood species is taken.

Lining with a painted image

All this diversity is necessary for creating unique interiors in the most diverse styles, embodied for apartments and country houses. At the peak of popularity the following style solutions with direct participation of this type of decoration:

  • Eco. Support natural microclimate, perfectly combined with other materials, for example, stone; with a living phytosthene - one of the best.
  • Retro, vintage. Styles "antique" due to the vagonki acquire even greater charm, and brashing will enhance the effect of a soulful retro-atmosphere.
  • Scandinavian. White matte boards are a business card style.
  • Provence. Interiors transmit the heat of the sunny coast of France through a lacquered lining.
  • Country. To emphasize some natural elegance of style will help the kind of profile "Landhaus" with its decorative grooves.

Molded board

  • Rustic, natural, other ethno-styles. The surface is exposed to aging due to fire, bleaching. Recent design preferences: white breeds of ash, oak, pine.
  • Shebbi-chic. An excellent background for shabby, aged items of furniture, like "sugar" items of decor.
  • Modern. Actual version: gray, silver lining, especially locally used. The decoration does not contradict some urban orientation, gloss here is only good.
  • Loft. The rough, unpolished surface of such variants as "American", "quarter" will emphasize the industrial style.

MDF lining looks like natural materials


Some of the presented stylistic solutions imply the painting of a lining that can transform boring walls into a truly design creation. Some are based, on the contrary, on the maximum preservation of not only the texture, but also the color of the tree.

White Bedroom Interior

Its nuances are everywhere:

  • Golden-honey - a natural color, giving a particularly warm atmosphere and inexpressible energy. The main aspect is the dosed amount in order to avoid the "sauna" effect. The combination with any contrasting colors - blue, red, green, of varying intensity from catchy to pastel. The matte coating of the wooden lining is an indicator of a fashionable, modern design.
  • Brown shades can be used with sufficient light. It is not recommended to get involved in ceiling performance in dark colors, if desired - choose the most light shade. For an apartment you can play at one of the favorite receptions of designers - contrast. Variants: one accent wall, the rest are made of extremely light color with support in decorative elements or alternation of brown parallels along the entire perimeter with light wallpaper.
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Combination of lining of two colors

  • Bleached lining is a stable association with expensive interiors, airy and exquisite. On the choice of colors, companions can impose limitations on stylistic execution, implying calm, natural colors: bordeaux, terracotta, blue, pistachio, olive, and gray. Completely whitewashed interior has the right to life only with the support of bright accents of furniture and decor.
  • Painted lining keeps the texture of wood and does not limit the imagination at all.
  • Alternating color rhythmic parallels, filled with 4-5 tones of paint, will add volume. Option - the ceiling in the white and blue range, complemented by two shades of wood will look contrasting and cheerful, but calmly and naturally in the bedroom or the nursery.

Using plastic lining in the bathroom

Among the popular design techniques based on the game of color, you can select contrasting painting in a saturated shade of walls against the background of a white floor or ceiling, combining two bright colors. Fans of quiet solutions can use one color, but on surfaces with different texture or a variant of design in two adjacent shades. Get well, tired - you can always change the interior, just repainted. Against the background of a neutral light gray, light beige lining, the bright accents look good, which is important for the kitchen and dining areas.

Lining in the bathroom

Noble interior of a country house

For a country house, if the financial component allows, it makes sense to use mainly euro lining, which differs not only in quality, but also possesses the breathtaking smell of natural wood. A more budgetary lining, not marked by the "extra" class, will still allow the interior of a country house to look expensive and attractive, albeit only visually.

Lining under an aged tree


  • Ideal for rooms with an attic. One of the best methods of decoration, according to designers, - the ceiling is made by lining, and the walls - with wallpaper.
  • Excellent for the camouflage function of all sorts of nuances, knocking out of the general background (pipes, communications, technical rooms).
  • The question of how to beat beams on the ceiling is no longer relevant. The sea beams against the background of the lining are one of the latest trends. If a special rustic or other style provides for them, the absence of real ones will replace the false beams. Painted in one color with panels, it will perfectly fit into lighter styles (country).
  • Sufficient area allows to use various combined decoration techniques, impermissible for a small apartment - air tiles, laying out majolica.

Children's room

  • White is one of the favorites of design. Light furniture, white textiles are successfully combined with many shades of walls.
  • To give maximum authenticity to the interior of a country house will help to decorate furniture with a lining.
  • Plans for country houses usually have a common large room, no matter what the cubature, combining the functions of the living room, dining room, kitchen. Ideally, you can make zoning with a lining, and you can use both the texture and color, giving the room a proportional and comfortable appearance.

Large kitchen with island

The lining of the room with a completely wooden lining is undoubtedly practical, but will bring associations with budgetary standard repairs, only a combination with alternative ways of finishing, plastering, painting the surfaces, creates a stylish interior.

Wall and ceiling decoration in the living room by clapboard

Specific executions

Interior solutions with such a seemingly simple material are applicable for premises of any purpose. For example, the use of wooden lining, rather than plastic, is appropriate even for the design of the bathroom. Surface treatment agents with protective properties make it possible to turn a bath into a real spa and relax zone.

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Bathroom with window

It is enough for one accent wall, for example from light-colored rocks, to change the perspective of perception and escape from the banality of tiles and plastic in the interior. Scandinavian style, minimalism take on a special sound in the bathroom, which the painted lining only ennobles. For small rooms such a textured material is just a salvation: it will add the necessary relief in a very bright space, not allowing the interior to become monotonous.

Sink in the bathroom

Design projects of the bedroom from the lining to the first place put up a sleeping place. Non-standard and unlike the design of the headboard: a decorative stylized mini-fence, in the form of a strip that goes to the ceiling. Almost any wooden headboard of a standard bed will be perfectly combined with a ceiling or walls executed in the same tone, and a smooth contrast matte paint covering the free surfaces will help to give more stylishness. Option to complement the bedroom interior with a lining: a special wall panel behind the bed, but unusual, and soft, made not only with textiles, but also with leather, or panels with a 3D effect.

Combined living room with kitchen

To decorate the interior of the kitchen with lining the designers give certain recommendations:

  • For a combined version of the kitchen-dining room: the wall covering of the dining area should be combined with the kitchen furniture and then the style unity will be provided.
  • Any finish is chosen for the ceiling, only not a wooden paneling to avoid problems with leaving in case of natural contamination, characteristic of this zone.
  • The modern materials produced reflect fashion trends as well as possible. Paradoxically, ceramic granite slabs are produced that successfully imitate wooden lining. The option is for perfectionists, trying even to decorate the kitchen apron area within a certain style concept.

Bedroom in brown color

5 Ways to Make the Interior Unusual

Boarding, in a new way earns authority, now as a stylish, expressive part of the decoration.

Beautiful shower cabin

Modern solutions:

  • Backlight. All kinds of diode tapes help to achieve an expressive result.
  • Mirrors. The ideal duet, and the composition of several, different in size, but rounded against the backdrop of a brightly colored wall of the lining - one of the latest trends.
  • Furnishings. Through cabinets, racks without a back wall, installed against the background of a blank wall from the canvas, are relevant for many "rural" interiors.
  • If the apartment does not allow the area, and the "countryside" style is very desirable, use small areas of wall decoration, against which are placed the favorite paintings, portraits. So you can combine the concept without giving up expensive look of the decor elements.
  • Admirers of graphics and black color can breathe peacefully. The heat and energy of the lining allows you to use the trendy anthracite for accents.

Ceiling in the bedroom at an angle

Such a variety of all possible solutions, common for individual rooms, both local and volumetric, allows us to conclude that the board has taken a firm position in the interior, and the creative campaign makes it as relevant as possible.