Design of an entrance hall in an apartment of a panel house

Design of an entrance hall in a panel house

The standard design of the hallway in an apartment in a panel house has its limitations. Most hallways in panel houses are designed in the same style, so it's rather difficult to do something unusual there. But even based on the standard layout, you can play with the interior styles, as well as make small changes in the shape of the walls, floor and ceiling.

Bright hallway in the apartment Large mirror in the hallway  Vintage entrance hall décor  Long corridor in the apartment  Beige hall decor  Green walls in the hallway

The arched ceiling will help to bring the hallway closer to the interior concept of palace classicism or neo-Gothic. And the entrance door in the form of a lancet arch with a door leaf will become just a hit on the landing, where it will be used.

The design of the corridor, decorated with stained glass, attracts a lot of attention. To realize an interior course stained glass windows on walls with illumination will help. Or stained-glass drawings on the interior doors. The construction of partitions at the entrance to the panel house, as a design technique, is used when it is necessary to separate a zone. For example, a place for outer clothing can be covered with a beautiful screen, and the seat with a table separated by a partition of gypsum board.

A narrow corridor in the apartment

The destruction of the deaf walls of the house is possible in the event that these walls are not load-bearing structures. Then you can completely remove one wall in the hallway, so that it becomes a single space with the adjoining room.

Columns in the corridor look quite organic. They make out the front door, or replace the doorways leading to the rooms. In addition, a small hallway can be done more if you use light colors when decorating. The game of contrasts is also good here. Dark with white does not narrow the space, but adds to it the level of compression that is needed.

Stylish decor of the hallway Black and gray decor of the hallway  Wooden furniture in the hallway  Dark furniture in the hallway  Walls под камень в прихожей  Mirrors in the hallway

The so-called "breeches" have an undeniable advantage over modern "Khrushchevs". Their spaces at the entrance are quite extensive. Therefore, you can create any interior ideas.

Finishing Materials

What to use for finishing the entrance area? The answer depends on the direction in the interior, which was chosen as the main one. The style of the loft will allow using natural stone, brick and painting. And modern style will require perfectly flat walls, matte surfaces and plastic skirtings on the floor.

The floor at the front door can be decorated with tiles. It turns out such a bathroom option, in which it will not be difficult to maintain cleanliness.

Blue walls in the hallway Cozy entrance hall in the apartment  Corner cabinet in the hallway  White decor of the hallway  Wooden interior of the hallway  Brown walls in the hallway

For arches and apertures, an imitation stone is ideal. And the ceiling of the hallway is better to make a single light canvas, so the space in it will become airy and wider.

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To save space in the corridor, you can build a wardrobe. Then the place in it will become even greater. And mirror surfaces are used in tiny corridors to solve there problems with lighting and decoration.

Mirror cabinet in the hallway

Stucco, wallpaper, laminate and plastic panels - in the hallway everything is possible, what is realistic to design other rooms in the apartment. Although there is one restriction that applies to most corridors. There's better not to use wallpaper in the flower. They will incredibly forgive the small and medium area.


What kind of floor can there be at the entrance? There it is necessary to select the most practical and wear-resistant materials, because they will have to be washed often. For floor finishing, you can consider the following options:

  • Laminate;
  • Linoleum;
  • Tile;
  • Parquet;
  • Carpet cover.

Classic decor of the hallway in the apartment Hallway in loft style  Gray walls in the hallway  Oriental style in the interior of the hallway  Decor of the modern hallway  Loft in the interior

All of the above coatings have their own characteristics. Let's consider them in more detail:

Carpet coverIt quickly gets dirty, but looks expensive, requires frequent replacement due to regular abrasion, but it well retains liquid street dirt.
LaminateIt does not tolerate humidity, it looks modern, it fits any interior, it serves a long time.
ParquetDurable, but cranky material, requiring careful care and a certain style in the interior.
Ceramic tileWear-resistant and durable option, which is easy to take care of.
LinoleumIt withstands almost any operational load, but has limitations in colors and patterns. Not suitable for all kinds of design.

Large wardrobe with mirrors in the hallway

The choice of coverage depends on the material capabilities of the selector, as well as on the operating conditions. For a large family, where everyone leaves and comes from home several times a day, linoleum, tiles and laminate will do. With a lower operating load, carpet and parquet can be used.


Wall decoration in the corridor is of great importance. Like the bath, the corridor is actively used, so the walls there should be easy to wash, and also withstand regular drafts.

Bright interior of the hallway

The standard set of finishing materials for the hallway is as follows:

  • Paint;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Washable wallpaper;
  • Bung;
  • Stone and its imitation;
  • Bamboo panels;
  • PVC panels;
  • Wooden panels;
  • Mosaic or fresco.

Yellow-white walls in the hallway Classics in the interior of the hallway  Furniture for anteroom  White hallway interior  Long corridor  Black walls in the hallway

Any kind of the listed materials is simple in care, serves for a long time, looks presentable.

Finishing the corridor should be carried out only with moisture-resistant and environmentally friendly materials. Otherwise, repairs there have to be remade in a year.

A great popularity is the combination of materials for wall cladding. Wooden panels with wallpaper, stone and decorative plaster - these are the most common combinations in the interior of the hallway.

Cabinet furniture in the hallway

So 4 or 6 square meters will look much more interesting if you make niches on the walls and lay out a mosaic. A cork way of finishing will be the most environmentally friendly, among others, if this notorious stopper is correctly placed on the walls.


In the late 1970s, a typical series of p-44 houses was designed, with a ceiling height of 2.64 meters. This height is considered average, and with some interior ideas, it should be raised at least visually.

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To the ceiling in the corridor looked higher, you need to choose for him the tone of a light shade. The layout in p44t is slightly different from the houses of the 70's. The ventilation box is there according to the idea of ​​the builders is in the hallway. With the height of the ceilings, things are a little better here, the standard height is 2.7 m. The design of the hall with this height means the possibility of playing on contrasts.

Dark Doors

For finishing the ceiling, it is possible to use dark and light colors, stretch fabrics, plaster and stucco. Since the height of 444m makes it possible.

But whatever the house series, plasterboard on the ceiling looks appropriate for ceilings of any height. Although simple painting also looks great.

Strong unevenness of the surface on the ceiling can be hidden only by hanging and overlaid materials, when the ceiling is fairly flat, paint and plaster are used for its finishing.

Bright accents in the decor

In a large corridor from the ceiling area, you can arrange a ceiling with transitions and protrusions. A small corridor is always straight lines and a minimum of details.


Lighting у входа подчиняется определенным правилам. Для создания гармоничной системы освещения в коридоре воспользуйтесь следующими советами:

  • Combine the basic lighting with an additional one;
  • Highlight the most successful design solutions;
  • Warm light combine with light colors of the interior;
  • Place the mirrors so that they indirectly scatter light, making it softer.

Bright lighting

With suspended ceilings, it is best to use spotlights and LED strips. When ordinary plaster is applied on the ceiling, it is possible to diffuse the light by means of compact fixtures arranged in staggered order.


The most difficult part of the design of the hall is furniture. Small areas should be furnished in the spirit of minimalism, using built-in furniture. On a large quadrature will be appropriate sofa. A standard set of boxes for storing shoes can be any, most importantly, that he would fit the room by color and shape.

Each hallway can be significantly improved with the help of properly selected furniture. You can not put a lot of it into the corridor, but there is always a way out. Therefore, for small corridors, the cabinets were designed up to the ceiling, where behind the mirrored doors there is everything that is necessary.

Closet in the hallway

Design of a narrow hallway

A narrow corridor is not a sentence for an apartment in a panel house, but an acceptable option for a different kind of decor. Narrow space must be divided into two zones: entrance and vestibule.

Zoning is done by laying the floor with different materials, as well as painting and decorating the walls in different colors. The doors here can be replaced with an arch, it is also possible to make them sliding.

Mirror cabinet in the hallway

To light tones in a narrow corridor, you just need to add bright colors. And furniture should be chosen such that it is possible to arrange along the walls without significant loss of area. All that can be fixed on the walls in a long corridor, you need to install on the shelves and all kinds of suspension compartments. With this approach, the economy of space is significant.

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Minimalism, Oriental style, Provence and classics - this is what is perfectly realized in narrow hallways. A large mirror on one wall and furniture next to the other will visually expand the space, and the ceilings will do higher. In all other respects, the narrow corridor has no restrictions.

Classic interior of the hallway in the apartment

Design of a small hallway

A small space at the entrance must be furnished with a minimal amount of decor. Another solution to the problem may be to merge this room with a common room by demolishing the partitions.

If the hallway is very small, it is possible to place there a wall hanger for clothes, a cabinet for small items and a mirror. Everything else should be moved to a larger room.

White walls in the hallway

Tiny corridors must be illuminated with bright lights. Some wall sconces will not be enough here. Another version of the decor - a mirror ceiling. But not every owner is able to get used to this method of finishing.

Design of a large hallway

Not all floors are equipped with large corridors. But where the squares of the hallway allow, you can use the provided meters for maximum benefit.

For example, in the corridor do animal houses, so as not to place them in the main hall. Or they set up a small rest area from the sofa and armchairs to meet guests.

Floorосатые обои в прихожей

Some manage to organize in the large hallway a berth, during the day, retracts into the wall or closet. An extraordinary approach helps large families solve the problem of lack of squares for each person.

Design of an entrance hall with a storage room, converted into a dressing room

In some corridors in the old manner there are pantries. Modern people no longer store there car tires and cans with pickles. They prefer to equip them for separate cloakrooms.

This solution allows you not to install a separate wardrobe in the hallway. And since the depth of such a pantry is impressive, it puts things out of season, boxes with shoes and any other accessories.

Large entrance hall in the apartment Styling anteroom  Gray walls in the hallway  The layout of the hallway in the apartment  Contemporary decor of the hallway  Combination of pink and brown in the hallway décor

A mirror in the doors of the former pantry will help transform it into a closet. In addition, its doors can be disguised as a general interior of the walls. And then every centimeter of the hallway will remain free for other interior solutions.

In the former pantry you can also carry out lighting, so that the choice of clothes passed as easily and pleasantly. Its interior decoration should be made similar to the exterior decor of the hallway. So the corridor will get the most stylish and fashionable look.

Sand walls in the hallway

The design of the hallway in the standard house is also complicated, like the design of the house territory. It seems that the small space at the entrance door is organized quite simply. But this statement is false, because the hallway is what the guests see when entering the house, so it should be simply magnificent.