Canvas print: solvent or ink?

Printing on canvas is a relatively new way of drawing an image or photo on a substrate. The technology has found the greatest application in the field of interior decoration and in the advertising industry.

With the help of digital printing on canvas, photographers create extraordinary wall and panel details, exact reproductions of painters' works, advertising banners, stands and streamers.

Photo on canvas as an element of decor of your apartment

If necessary, the image or photo is pre-processed:

  • change of color scale;
  • Cropping (cropping);
  • adding filters and specials. effects.

At the moment, the modern printing industry offers three ways to paint on canvas:

  • printing on canvas with the help of solvent ink;
  • printing on canvas with water-based ink;
  • printing on canvas using pigment ink.

Printing on Canvas with Solvent Inks

Printing on Canvas with Solvent Inks – оптимальный вариант для крупных заказчиков. Чем больше количество требуемых копий, тем дешевле выходит одна единица готовой продукции.

There is an opinion that solvent ink can be dangerous for human health. Actually this is not true. Depending on the main component, the solvent can really emit harmful substances, but in scant amounts, and maybe completely harmless, from an environmental point of view.

Beautiful design of the living room with a photo on canvas

The principle of printing the solvent is as follows: the ink penetrates into the layer of PVC, interacting with it, dissolve it. Thanks to this effect, the image applied to the canvas does not dim and does not fade with time.

Printing on canvas with water-based ink

Printing on canvas with water-based ink – один из наиболее дорогих способов передачи изображения. Фотографии и картины, напечатанные с использованием водорастворимых чернил, отличаются яркими и сочными красками. Что же представляет собой водорастворимый краситель? Это водный раствор, в который добавлены в различной концентрации красители. Главный недостаток картин, которые были изготовлены посредством печати красками на водной основе, боятся влаги и тем более попадания на их поверхность какой-либо жидкости.

Printing on canvas using pigmented inks

Experts argue that, despite the high cost of this method of printing on canvas, only it is able to guarantee unprecedented quality and perfect final result.

Canvas print: solvent or ink?