Hallway in loft style

Hallway in loft style

The first impression of housing each person receives, crossing his threshold. That's why modern households are trying to choose non-standard directions for the design of the halls. Very interesting can be considered the design of the hallway in the loft style: it is simple in implementation, looks fresh and unusual, able to create a special comfort of living. To design the front in this direction, you must first draw up a plan, which will take into account the features and type of selected finishes, the general arrangement of furniture. It is recommended to install only the most necessary products, without which it is impossible to get along in the hallway. Also, do not choose cumbersome furniture that reduces free space. The simpler the hall will be equipped, the more accurately the loft will be built in it. This rule should be followed and when choosing lamps, decor. Simplicity and freedom are the most important characteristics of the direction, which make it possible to easily embody it in reality.

Selection of materials for finishing

The main requirements for finishing the hallway in the loft style is their simplicity and reliability. Any pretentiousness is excluded. Preference is given to materials with coarse processing, natural raw materials (stone, wood) or their imitation. The combination of different in type and structure of finish is allowed in any variations:

  • use of different materials for different walls;
  • Separation of wall materials horizontally or vertically;
  • the allocation of individual sections of the walls (for example, the laying of corners with a stone or the insertion of wooden panels in the center of one of them).

Brick in the decoration of the hallway in the loft style

Such combinations for the styling of the walls must necessarily be regarded with respect to the size and shape of the fitted hallway. They, moreover (or at least the inclusions of these materials) should be present in the corridor. As for floor coverings and ceilings, it is recommended not to use different combinations of materials for their design. Otherwise, the general interior of the hall may look messy.

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Painting on chests  Arrow on the wall  Beams on the ceiling  Decorative fireplace in the interior  Clock on the wall


Since a lot of dust accumulates in the hallway from the street, it is recommended to choose materials with a slight relief or even matte surface for walls. The most advantageous solutions for the design of the lobby in the loft style are:

  • washable wallpaper for a brick: easy to clean, almost do not accumulate dust, refer to budget options;
  • wooden panels and boards: emphasize the hospitable and warm home atmosphere, at the same time create a comfortable living, easily cleaned of dust and other contaminants;
  • facing brick (or panels for brick): ideally underlined direction, will help create a cozy living;
  • natural and artificial stone (with minimal relief): it looks unusual, with a tight laying and insignificant deepening of the seams between individual elements, a significant accumulation of dust is completely excluded;
  • painting (it is recommended to combine with one of the above types): an economical option, easy to clean and does not require special preparation for application.

Light walls in the hallway in the loft style Puffy in the mirror  Chess floor in the interior  Fixtures above the chest of drawers  Lanterns on shelves  Signs on the walls


Classics of floor coverings for loft direction is a tree. However, the parquet in this case is not recommended to be considered: it visually makes the hallway narrow. Laminate refers to budget solutions. But for the installation in the hall and corridor materials with 32 or 33 class are suitable. The deck board refers to more expensive and wear-resistant options. It will preserve its original appearance and condition for many decades. It is allowed for stylistics loft and laying ceramic tiles with a matte surface. It will be completely safe (non-slip), without accumulating a lot of garbage.

Tiles on the floor of the hallway in the loft style

It is possible to combine two types of floor covering for the hallway and corridor, which allow creating a special comfort and simplifying cleaning in the hall. For example, you can lay a matte tile in the hallway, and use an inexpensive laminate in the corridor. But the transition between the shades of materials should be smooth - not a contrast.

Shoe rack for wall  Locker in the hallway  Watch on the floor  Partition from the closet in the interior  Honeycombs on the floor


When choosing the finishes for the ceiling in the loft of the hallway, one should follow the rule: the simpler the better. Therefore, a win-win option will be a win-win option. In the presence of high ceilings and the need to hide all of their irregularities, it is permissible to mount tension towels under sateen, whitewash. A good option is to install gypsum board structures. It is better to make a single-level ceiling, which will be complemented by hanging chandeliers. For more bright and high-quality illumination of the hall, combined with the corridor, you can bring two levels. One of them will be equipped with spotlights. In this case, the color of both levels should be the same. Acceptable colors for the ceiling, decorated in the loft style: beige, light yellow, white, cream, light coffee.

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Light ceiling in the hallway in the loft style

An excellent thematic way of finishing the ceiling for a loft may be to supplement the usual whitewashing with wooden beams. This combination will emphasize the style and give the overall design a highlight. True, you need to think carefully about the location of such beams: along or across. If they are incorrectly installed, the hallway may visually become too small or narrow.

Boxes on shelves

Used color combinations in style

Create an original design of the hallway in the loft is quite simple, choosing the basic materials of the finish and the prevailing color scheme. In any variation of this direction there should be a brown or brick color. They will emphasize the comfort of decoration, create a warm home atmosphere. The following combinations are appropriate:

  • white + brick: will visually expand the small entrance hall;
  • gray + red-brown (allowed and blotches of black): create a calm and restrained atmosphere;
  • black + light brown: playing on contrasts will help to distinguish different parts of the hallway (this option is more suitable for spacious rooms);
  • beige + light brown: visually increase the space, the best option for narrow spaces;
  • black + beige + dark brown: emphasize the modern arrangement of the dwelling;
  • white + dark brown: the best solution for creating a low-key atmosphere, helps to isolate the entrance or one of the walls of the hallway.

Hallway in loft style в светлых тонах Red door in the interior  Chest in the hallway  Horns on the wall  Pictures in the corridor  Closet in the interior


Creating the correct lighting in the loft style is achieved through the use of bright lamps with soft light. It can be dull white or slightly yellow, but cold white in style should be excluded. When using a dark finish, it is recommended to supplement the basic lighting with lighting skirting boards or walls (this requires vertical mounting on the walls of narrow and long lamps with a distance of 40-60 cm). As the main light point lights are recommended. Replace them with stylized instruments with thin metal shades, which have strict geometric shapes. Suppose the option of hanging chandeliers with shades in the form of hemispheres or cubes, painted in black, gray or brown. Ideally stressed loft and Edison lamps. True, it is better to use them as auxiliary lighting: the yellow light of the bulbs does not allow enough lighting of the room. On the walls it is allowed to install a pair of spots with a rough design. But from the sconce to the loft the hallway should be discarded.

Lighting прихожей в стиле лофт Mirror on the floor  Buckets with flowers on the wall  Lamps on the ceiling  Bench against the wall  Table in the corridor

Selection and arrangement of furniture

The absence of a passage or an arch separating the corridor and the hallway allows the installation of a sliding door wardrobe. Its doors can be as mirror (without sandblasting), and be covered with frosted glass or be covered with a film under a tree. In a small hallway, designed in a loft style, you should install a compact shelving for shoes, hang a neat hanger. A suitable supplement will be a wooden bench or a full-fledged shoe with a soft seat and a hidden compartment inside for storing shoes. In the small free space of the hallway, it is recommended to give preference to a small amount of furniture: a narrow shoe, a shelf with a mirror and hooks on the walls for outerwear and hats. This set will be enough to store things, and while it will not pile up space. Selectable furniture should have the appropriate design: be wooden, covered with a film under the tree or be equipped with monophonic facades.

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Furniture in the hallway in the loft style A chair by the wall  Shelf above the battery  Door by the door  Clock above the mirror  Books on the shelves

Decorative details and accessories

As decor of the hallway, it is recommended to use a composition of several small elements or to choose one large product for decoration. The most suitable options for decorating the hall in the loft style are:

  • wooden housekeeper (can be equipped with rough metal hooks, three-dimensional ceramic decoration);
  • imitation of the deer's head or real deer horns (they will look very unusual and help to emphasize the direction, 3d models from paper, plywood are suitable as imitations);
  • paintings (with simple inscriptions, motivational appeals, in retro style);
  • metal or wooden clock-skeletons (an excellent solution for an empty wall with a brick finish);
  • old mechanisms (perfectly complement the style, but will require frequent cleaning, otherwise they will constantly accumulate dust);
  • metal posters or logos (including simulated bottle caps in an enlarged size).

Decor in the hallway in the loft style Vase with a dry flower on the floor  Hanger above the trunk  Bicycle in the interior  Puffik at the door  Lamps for mirrors


Using the advice of designers and recommendations on arranging the hallway in the loft style, you can easily achieve the original design of the hall in a one-room apartment and in a spacious private house. The main requirements will be the selection of the optimal types of finishes and the appropriate color scheme. Matched colors should not just match the direction, but also visually emphasize all the advantages of a well-equipped room. For example, in tiny hallways, passing into the corridor, bright and warm tones are recommended. Bright lighting is also an important condition for creating a truly beautiful and attractive style. Here, the owners can choose both strict lighting fixtures and give preference to illuminators with non-standard forms and feed. With regard to the arrangement and decoration of such a room, it will directly depend on the available space. It is necessary at all costs to avoid piling up and accurately emphasize and supplement the chosen direction.