How to design a children's room for two girls? (59 ideas for

The design of a children's room for two girls should not only be convenient and practical, but also beautiful. Each parent would like to give his child the best, and the children's room is no exception, especially if it is for two princesses.

Children's room for girls

A children's room for two young princesses is decorated in pink. Attention is drawn to the functional design of beds with drawers.

The nursery for two girls is divided into two zones using a decorative wall made of gypsum board.

The nursery for two girls is divided into two zones using a decorative wall made of gypsum board.

Room for girls

A room for twins in a city apartment in Rome. The design is designed in such a way that each of the girls has its own working angle, sleeper and lockers.

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  • 7 Interior of a children's room for two girls

Room design and furniture

The first thing you need to buy is, of course, the beds. The best option is to buy a bunk bed, but this may be a hindrance to the fear of heights, or, conversely, if both girls want to sleep on the second tier, there may be a conflict. To avoid this, you can replace the bunk bed in two separate berths.

Pay attention to placing the beds in the room. It is desirable that in the immediate surroundings of the beds there are no electrical appliances.

The bed, like all furniture, it is better to take the same. Also it is necessary to take care of that at both children all was fifty-fifty.

It is more difficult to choose a design for two girls of different ages, because there are already individual needs. And in this case it will be better if the child chooses furniture for himself, given his tastes and needs.

When choosing desks and chairs, you can also choose the same furniture in equal quantities.

Wardrobe or closet is best to take one, but large sizes, in which could fit the things of both children.

Elegant room for two true ladies. The stylish interior is designed for a small room.

Elegant room for two true ladies. The stylish interior is designed for a small room.

Children's room in Art Nouveau style

Children's Art Nouveau room for two teenage sisters and a newborn baby. Elegant interior from childhood accustoms children to the refined sense of style.

Children's room for teens

A children's room in blue for two young activists.

Room as private space

First of all, the room should provide the child with personal territory, freedom of action in it and, of course, protection. Therefore, first of all you need to take care of that in the room there was not only coziness, but under any circumstances safety.

To do this, you need as few corners as possible on the furniture. And if it so happened that in the room only furniture with sharp corners, hitting the child can cause injury, you should put special silicone pads on the corners, softening the corners in the entire room.

Always pay attention to the electrical objects in the room and never allow the wires to roll on the floor. For this, there are special fasteners, with which you can protect the child from wires and other unsafe objects.

In addition, if the room for two girls, only safety is not enough, there must be beauty.

Personal space for the two sisters is better done symmetrically. The same beds, curbstones, tables and chairs. And if at first glance it seems boring, then in fact everything looks very neat and beautiful.

Small children's room

Variant of interior decoration of a children's room for two sisters in a small apartment. Functional furniture has an unrivaled appearance.

Bright design of the children's room

Neutral color for the design of children's rooms is green, which helps to better the work of intellectual processes and adjusts to relaxation and rest.

Stylish baby for two girls

The interior of the children's room for two girls with one large bed. Ideal for a small room.

Individually for each

A slightly more complicated situation is the choice of a room for two girls of different ages. And this means that in any case there will be disagreements, and in the end they both will not want to have absolutely the same part of the premises.

The way out of this situation will be visually or with the help of modular furniture, divide the room into two parts and decorate each half in the style that the girl would like.

If you manage to arrange everything correctly, to choose an excellent color scheme, then the fact that different halves of the rooms are differently decorated, will not catch your eye.

Baby for two sisters

An unusual colorful nursery for two sisters is furnished with exclusive furniture made to order.

Baby for two sisters

Baby for two sisters in high-tech style.

Furniture for the room

In the modern world, for the design of rooms, and especially children, people prefer modular furniture, which has a lot of advantages:

  • practicality;
  • ease of assembly;
  • security;
  • thousands of ideas of different color scales, shapes and patterns;
  • high-quality materials;
  • durability.

This is a series of the most basic pluses of modular furniture, and rooms for two girls will look great with it.

In addition, modular furniture is beautiful, which means that two girls will like it in any case.

In the nursery will look original beds of non-standard geometric shapes, which always perfectly fit into the interior. For example, a round or better yet made for an object, for example, a bed in the form of a sandwich or something in this style. Children, of course, will be pleased.

Bunk bed for children

An unusual, creative bunk bed for a children's room made of wood is the right choice for a small children's room.

Creative design of a children's room

Bright, colorful, memorable design of a children's room in a country house in the suburbs.

The design of the room for two girls should divide the space into three main zones:

  • zone for games;
  • sleeping area;
  • zone for classes.

The first zone, that is, the zone for games, it is better to place in the part where most of the light, and this, of course, near the window. The more light there is in the zone for games, the more space and freedom the girls will feel, and this will positively play on their development, which every parent achieves.

But the sleep zone should be located in the part that is opposite to the window.

Parents should not forget about the area for classes, which is present in any room. This part should be where the child does not distract anything, and he will be able to quietly do the lessons or work out his own affairs.

Set for a nursery

The set for the children's room of two sisters makes the atmosphere fabulous and magical.

Functional furniture for children

Functional stylish white furniture and proper lighting make the room of two girls cozy and comfortable.

What is the best color?

It is very important in the design of the room not to be mistaken with the color scheme. Color is best chosen based on the nature of the two girls.

It is undesirable to make the room completely white. White is a cold and heavy color for children, and it obviously will not bring them warmth and comfort. However, white color perfectly dilutes other colors. That is, if you mix it with another color, it will look very neat.

Red is best used for girls who are always full of energy and can never sit still. This color will perfectly reflect the nature of the girls, and surrounded by it they will feel a rush of new energy.

In the design of a children's room for two girls it is best to take colors such as green, blue, yellow and orange.

They are bright, but they do not put pressure on children, unlike adults.

Room for two sisters

High-tech style in the room of two young women of fashion.

Furniture for little children

An excellent option for decorating a children's room is modular furniture. A stylish solution for functional design.

How to equip the nursery for two girls. Video

Interior of a children's room for two girls