How to decorate a bedroom in a refined eclectic style

Do you want to show your rebellious and non-stereotyped thinking in interior design? Then you probably will like the idea of ​​not sticking to a particular style, but use a mixture of several of them at the same time. Today we will introduce you to the eclectic style of interior design, namely, eclecticism in the bedroom.

The main advantage that gives us an eclectic style is that you can add different layers of decor to the room for many years and even decades. Amazing mixed interior design does not have to be created in one go, so if you ever get a taste for some stylish thing on a flea market, you can always find a place for it in your eclectic home. In essence, the eclectic style opens a wide path for your self-expression in a relaxed but carefully seasoned fashion.

Stylish eclecticism in the pink bedroom

Creating an eclectic bedroom is to find the right balance between what you love and what your bedroom really needs. Mixed style can include decor elements in classical, modern, vintage and retro styles. On the one hand, it may seem chaotic, but behind this "chaos" will actually hide order, elegance and painstakingly done work. We offer several useful tips to help you create a refined eclectic bedroom:

1. A mixture of styles in the bedroom

When you mix decorative pieces with radically different styles, it's best to create a transition from one style to another. For example, a beautiful carpet with a chic design can be used to combine bed linen in the style of country and with more modern bedside tables. Decor with the appropriate silhouettes also helps to bring a greater visual order into the room.

Eclectic bedroom with black wall Eclectic bedroom with country style decor

2. Choice of color palette for the bedroom

Nothing so unites the various elements of an eclectic bedroom, like a common color palette. In this case, it is best to stick to the choice of 3-4 basic colors, since too many of them can turn the bedroom into a restless space.

Eclectic style bedroom decoration Eclectic bedroom with modern decor

3. Repetition and symmetry in the design of the bedroom

Speaking of color, one way to give an eclectic bedroom a more organized and attractive look is to repeat each of the shades that you use in more than one place. This is a simple way to give the room a visual symmetry, not to mention the fact that the use of repetitive shapes and images gives the bedroom refinement and refinement. If you have bright bedside tables or floral wallpaper, use them with appropriate bed linens, curtains and other decor elements.

Bright wall at the head of the bed Bedroom with a single bed

4. Bedroom decoration with beautiful textures

Adding old wooden products today is one of the main trends in interior design, however this does not mean that you have to fill the room with furniture only from wood. In fact, this approach is completely incompatible with the eclectic style. Instead, it is better to apply a multi-level approach to choosing textures, for example, in a single interior, you can combine a soft white carpet, antique coarse work tables, a modern bed and retro lamps. It's delightful!

Painting bedroom walls in a modern style Eclectic design of a small bedroom

5. Relaxing background and unusual head of the bed

The bright design of the head of the bed will help you in creating a refined eclectic bedroom, while a neutral background will allow it to look more appropriate. This option is especially suitable for those who like colorful decor and plans to fill the room with several contrasting shades.

Bedroom with eclectic decor Soft pillow bed in an eclectic bedroom

6. Only your favorite decor

Eclectic style requires special care when choosing the right decor. Buy only those things that you really like, and be ruthless with a decor that is questionable or not really necessary. Remember that the cohesion between the different parts is much more difficult to achieve when the decor for the room is picked up and placed randomly.

Unusual bedroom design in the loft Black and white bedroom in eclectic styleBlend of different styles in the bedroom

7. Element of surprise in the bedroom

Even with a style that includes so many different design options, your bedroom still needs a single coordinating element. Make sure that this focus brings the desired element of surprise and excitement into the room!

Unusual wall decor in the bedroom Corner headboard in a stylish bedroom