Which tree to choose? artificial or alive?

A beautiful, fluffy, decorated Christmas tree - the main symbol of the New Year's celebration and winter in general. Every year, both adults and children look forward to the moment when you can start decorating it, get a box of toys, rain and tinsel. However, before this happens, you need to decide on which representative of the coniferous family will be awarded holiday dresses this time.

  • Almost like in the woods
  • Advantages of a live Christmas tree
  • Artificial from the word "art"
  • Alternative options

Almost like in the woods

On the eve of the holidays, New Year trees are sold at almost every step. Therefore, looking even at a quick eye to the assortment, you can get lost and do not immediately figure out which Christmas tree to choose: to make it profitable and to look worthy in the interior.

Of course, the Christmas tree is the most embodied in the spirit of the New Year: prickly, with a characteristic sticky and sticky smell of needles. But, at the same time, there are a lot of nature lovers who simply feel sorry for the cut down trees, the number of which goes off scale for millions every year.

In recent years it has become fashionable to purchase pine, spruce, spire and other coniferous trees in pots, and then transplant them into the ground in the courtyard or at the cottage. Thus, the tree is saved from destruction, and the green zone around the house is growing every year. And planted trees, as in the cartoon " Winter in Prostokvashino"You can dress up right on the street, delighting neighbors and acquaintances.

Natural spruce in a bucket

True, there is a living tree in a pot - not cheap. Therefore, as a more affordable alternative, many prefer artificial trees. Qualitative artificial needles looks no worse than the real one. In addition, modern manufacturers, taking into account security issues, create an absolutely harmless, hygienic, hypoallergenic and fire-hazardous product that fully meets the needs of customers.

Recently, fashion for New Year's decor increasingly suggests replacing traditional coniferous trees - other accessories: topiary, eekbans and other things that look no less colorful and spectacular. Many of them can be made on their own or purchased in the store of handicraft creativity.

Advantages of a live Christmas tree

A living Christmas tree is a real feeling of a holiday. Almost as in childhood. However, with a green beauty will have a lot to tinker. First, take into account the installation tips to keep the tree green and fresh longer, avoiding the shedding of needles and premature harvesting.

Colorful natural Christmas tree in the living room

So, live spruce should not be installed near radiators and radiators. Also it is not recommended to put on a draft, for example, opposite the balcony door.

Do not install the Christmas tree immediately after entering the house. The difference between street temperature and room temperature can cause irreparable harm to the tree: from the resulting "stress" it will reset all the needles. Therefore brought The Christmas tree is first put on the balcony or in the entrance, and then they bring into the apartment.

The cut up Christmas tree will stand longer in a bucket of water or sand. At the same time, add a little mixture of sugar and salt to the liquid, so that needles do not fall off.

As for living seedlings in pots, they can be rented. Now many gardening stores offer such a service. And, once again, thinking what tree to choose, you can save considerably by taking a live Christmas tree for hire.

Artificial spruce in the living room with fireplace

Artificial from the word "art"

Artificial Christmas trees have long "settled" in many families. They are beautiful, compact, easily and quickly add up, do not leave garbage and serve for many years. These are obvious pluses. In addition, such a Christmas tree does not require special care - just rubbing against dust. But there is a significant disadvantage: an artificial Christmas tree, no matter how beautiful it was, does not smell of pine needles, but on that - does not create the familiar holiday atmosphere since childhood. Therefore, as a rule, owners of artificial Christmas trees try to bring even a branch of live spruce into the house.

Spruce, decorated in gold colors

Alternative options

If neither living nor artificial fir trees are liked, it is always possible to decorate the house with something original and unusual - stylized models of Christmas trees made of a variety of materials:

  • knitted glomeruli;
  • candy;
  • green glass bottles;
  • books;
  • soft toys;
  • wooden beams;
  • natural flowers;
  • glasses with champagne, etc.

Also, always fresh Christmas bouquets and homemade compositions with elements of the New Year theme - candles, oranges, spruce branches.

Alternative version of the New Year tree

Do not be afraid of experiments. After all, the new year is a good tradition, in which it is possible and necessary to introduce our innovations and creative ideas.

Feel yourself the makings of a gardener - buy a tree (thuju, fir) in a pot. Since the childhood have got used to a celebratory smell of needles in the house - do not refuse to itself pleasure to observe a freshly cut green beauty in the house. Maintain practicality and stability - get a beautiful, durable and durable artificial Christmas tree. And like to create - create a Christmas tree yourself from improvised means!