Design in provence style - french interior in apartment

1 Easy and cozy Provence style in the living room

The design of the apartment in the style of Provence provides an opportunity to create a real paradise, combining all the ease, ease and simplicity of the French village. Lovers of romance and gentle natures, this option will definitely have to taste: it does not have aggressive details, bulky furniture, gloominess. At the same time, the situation does not look boring at all, since the floral patterns in the decoration, elegant decor and the gentle colors of the sea and the sun, everywhere create an indescribable atmosphere of comfort. To organize the favorite design of a small apartment in the style of Provence, we recommend that you read the information in this article.

On the photo of the implemented projects, an elusive connection with nature and warm summer is traced, which is expressed by floral ornaments on wallpaper, rugs, soft curtains. Also used is a strip or cage in the finish - another distinctive feature. The overall color scheme is unobtrusive, close to pastel delicate shades. Often the situation includes bronze twisted legs for armchairs, sofas, porcelain dishes on the walls, clay pots on the windowsill. A common technique for specialists is to give the furniture the effect of an aged surface. Such a technique is achieved by experimenting with texture and coloring. In the French settlements, good furniture was passed on from generation to generation, without losing practicality.

Bedroom in delicate colors

Now you can imitate old objects to recreate a reputable atmosphere. This solution is especially romantic in a small area. But here the main thing is not to overdo the decorative design, so that the space is not crowded.

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Living room with dining area

Provence in the interior of a one-room apartment

The owners of an apartment-studio or one-room living space have an excellent opportunity to translate the interior fantasies into reality. The main principle of realization is as much light and sun as possible, so a large window will always be appropriate in the room. It is hung with light or snow-white curtains, as well as light curtains made of coarse fabrics with lace or transparent material inserts.

Provence style in a small apartment

Consider the subtleties of the design of each room:

  • Features of the design of the bedroom in the style of Provence - the creation of a calm, peaceful environment for rest and sleep, with the help of light forms, calm shades of white, cream, olive, golden, lavender. An important place is occupied by a bed - it should not be too big, with a massive headboard. It is better to choose forged options. Nearby you can put an aged chest of drawers, a compact armchair, a wicker chair, a white ottoman. In the decoration of walls and ceiling, it is necessary to achieve similarity with ancient French castles and houses. Modern stretch ceilings can not convey the spirit of the province, their use is inappropriate. Natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramics, and linen are welcome. Paper wallpaper with a medium pattern, overlapping with drawings on the coverlet or carpet, will perfectly emphasize the village decoration.

Wallpaper and textiles in the style of Provence

  • The kitchen in this direction is made with the use of ceramic tiles with patterns in the decoration. The room should be well lit so that every detail is filled with sun. Furnishing is necessary from a tree of light colors, in places it is worn, chipped, with the effect of artistry. A special place is given to the stove, it is decorated in a suitable way. The dishes are not hidden, but put on open shelves, adding elements of antiquity, for example, porcelain saucers or figurines, transparent jars of spices and oil, ancient household items. On the walls are appropriate plates with French paintings, romantic still lifes, decorative panels. The fittings are chosen without gloss, close to the old.

Provencal dining area

  • Bathroom should reflect the Mediterranean design, the use of a natural color palette is welcomed. The walls are decorated with marble, ceramic tiles, wooden panels of light colors. The ceiling is light, a beam of wood for decor is often installed. Plumbing is placed round, smooth forms. Chic models look like a bathroom on intricate legs of bronze, copper. On the wall you can hang a small mirror in a carved baguette. On hangers, towels, a locker - decoration with birds, small flowers, animals.
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Bathroom with wardrobe

The design of a one-room apartment in the style of Provence makes important any details that are chosen according to taste preferences. It is not difficult to do this if you are an incorrigible romantic. Experiment with embroidery, carving, patterns, arrange beautiful chests of drawers, pedestals. The main thing is that there is no oversaturation of space, loaded with a lot of details.

Combined kitchen and living room

What kind of furniture for Provence?

In order to design a one-bedroom apartment was optimally harmonized, special attention should be paid to the furnishing of the rooms. In each instance, one must feel love for antiquity, romanticism and some kind of naivety. Wooden or wicker models with the effect of peeling paint, rough texture, artistic chips will perfectly fit into the village bedroom, kitchen or living room.

Living room in Provence style in gray tones

Refuse from plastic products, the presence of chrome parts, modern accessories, otherwise you risk getting a completely tasteless composition. Combine more antiques, use white palettes, natural materials for furniture.

Dining area in the living room

You can not do without a high carved medieval cabinet. It can become a highlight, give a mysterious mood to the room. You can pick up exquisite monograms on the cabinet, which are repeated at the head of the bed. Such a response looks impressive and luxurious.

Interior details

Tips for choosing textiles and curtains

The French atmosphere should be read around without unnecessary words. Its natural fabrics made of chintz, linen, cotton are emphasized. The abundance of colors, twisted patterns on the materials, resemble a real marvelous garden, accidentally moved into the room. Everywhere there are floral motifs, lace ruffles and ruches - on the bedspread, pillows, napkins, tablecloths.

Curtains in the style of Provence

Curtains are chosen long, made of traditional fabric, plain or decorated with patterns. Looks great on them handmade embroidery, ribbon. Cornices for curtains - forged or wooden, as simple and light as possible. For lovers of embroidering and crocheting, there is an excellent option to make capes on an armchair, napkins under a vase, a funny home-made rug.

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Curtains in the style of Provence in the living room

Color solution

Provence in the interior of the apartment implies the use of a diverse range, as close to natural palettes. Paints should be muted, reminiscent of sunburned grass and flowers. It became a tradition of lavender, rarely use violet, pale blue color. Dilute the main tone with olive and light green.

Delicate bedroom for a girl

Welcome pastel vanilla-yellow, caramel, cypress colors, breathing the sun, the wind, the smelling field. Ocher colors or straw hues can be found in textiles, vases, fruit baskets. Background select olive, with accents of a bouquet of lavender, juicy fruit.

Corridor and anteroom

From the use of bright, screaming neon colors should be categorically refused, so as not to spoil the overall impression of the color solution.

Furniture for Style Provence

We arrange decorative elements

Village furniture is inconceivable without accessories and emphasis on details. Elegant baubles in the form of boxes, boxes with decoupage, forged, porcelain figurines of angels or animals, vases with artificial flowers, please the eye on carved shelves and chests of drawers.

Interior decor in Provence style in the dining room

Nearby you can place a couple of books in old bindings. For small rooms do not forget about the mirrors, visually expanding the space, framed by elegant baguettes. On the walls you can hang old photos in a gilded frame, watches with a floral motif, blue porcelain plates, and, of course, embroidered tapestries with pastoral scenes.

Zoning the room with a sofa

Ideas for creating an interesting, incomparable interior with your own hands can be scooped endlessly, both from the photo of long gone years, and from the realized modern projects.

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