Features of the space interior for 50 photos

Space Interior

The theme of space excites a man from time immemorial. Perhaps, this is the most hidden sphere, to study which lacks technical capabilities even in the century of progress. It is for this reason that she beckons with her mysteriousness, provoking fantasy work. Cosmic motives in the interior create a stable illusion of weightlessness, a person feels himself a small grain in the abyss of the fantastic beauty of the universe. Design in this style adjoins with futurism, which often imitates the panoramas of Martian cities and ruins of alien civilizations. Let's try to figure out what rules are being used to create unearthly apartments.

If you adopt these basic principles, the interior of the apartment will turn out to be non-trivial and impressive. By the way, the theme of space does not necessarily embody all the rooms. This stellar style will become an organic continuation of high-tech, modern, minimalism, futurism, techno and fusion, where sometimes combine incongruous. Each room can reflect unique motives, but together they will create a single cozy composition of the house.

Stylish children's decor

A palette of cosmic colors and shapes

As already mentioned above, there is a lot of black and blue in the cosmic interior. Their combination with steel gray prevails, which resembles cosmonaut spacesuits and sheathing of starships. Also, the darkness of the depths of the universe is diluted with red, yellow, blue, purple. Any color combinations with black and blue, where the second occupy more than 90% of the space, will look just cosmically exquisite in the interior picture. If you intend to use a large number of decor, then the walls are painted or pasted with monophonic wallpaper. Preference is given to the shades of the ocean: from deep blue and to gentle azure. If the furnishings are meager, they do not limit themselves in the color palette by using a neutral background with speckles of white stars and blurred outlines of distant Galaxies.

Cozy room in the style of space

Ceiling decoration

The ceiling is the ideal canvas for applying a panorama of the starry sky or zodiacal intricacies. Pictures often fall on the walls, forming a two-dimensional panorama. The most budgetary option is considered to be luminous stickers. During the day they store solar energy, and in the evening they give it away in the form of pleasant, cold radiation. The ceiling painting with fluorescent paints is a more expensive and complicated option. Naturally, to achieve the image as much as possible on the original, it is necessary to have the artist's talent. Otherwise, you have to hire a professional who will paint the surface. Pigments and a phosphor are added to the composition of paints, which is absolutely safe. For this reason, you can even paint the ceilings in the children's room.

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Children's Space Style

If, according to the design idea, the room is a cabin of a spacecraft or an orbital station, the top is made in white and silver colors with decorative cross beams. Element is assembled from gypsum board - inexpensive, but easy-to-use material. Under the ceiling design hidden niches to accommodate sources of cold, diffuse light. Without this additional element, not one space interior can do. A more expensive option is a stretch ceiling, which will fit into the interior with a stylish detail.

Backlight in the bedroom in the style of the galaxy

Stickers can be made by hand. Enough special luminous paper, scissors and stencils or fantasy. Making a child's room can turn into an exciting process, if you involve him and the child.

Space photo wallpaper Children in the style of the universe  Floor with the image of a galaxy in the bedroom  Spacecraft style room  Space wallpapers  Space mosaic on the wall

Cosmic floor

The floor covering should be practical and no frills. Preference is given to the laminate and the parquet board. From flowers choose:

  • The black;
  • Blue;
  • Metallized gray;
  • White;
  • Light brown (in exceptional cases).

The most spectacular is a mirrored bulk floor. If cold light pours from the ceiling, it will appear in such a surface and complement the general unearthly atmosphere. If it is a question of a bedroom where nevertheless it would be desirable to keep a certain softness, the floor is covered with a soft carpet with a pile of average length. Tone is selected from the limited palette given above.

A bedroom for a boy in a comic style

The Universe and the Walls

The best material for decorating walls in space motifs are modern types of wallpaper: with photo and 3d effect. The first represent a colorful panorama, a picture that is applied to a paper or more durable vinyl base. The latter, in addition to simple stereoscopic pictures, are represented by more complex variants: fluorescent and LED models. They are expensive, but the impressive and incredible ability of the material to convey the relief is worth it. Fragmentary 3d wallpapers are suitable for simulating a spacecraft's porthole, through which one can observe the expanses of the Universe or the landscape of other planets. More budgetary option - to cover the walls with paint.

Hotel in the style of a spaceship

One side in the room always remains neutral to balance the palette of the room. It can simply be plastered or pasted with light wallpaper, and at night used as a screen for the projector. By the way, the same option is suitable for a simple, white ceiling.

Space Interior Galaxy on the wall  Living room in the style of the galaxy  A room for a boy  Space living room in the apartment  Spectacular decor of the hall

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Space furniture

It is worth to abandon the typical suite, with which the design of the room will be easier, but more boring. Choose furniture individually, based on its practicality. Beds, cabinets, shelves and tables of dark, light wood, metal or plastic should be simple and without frills. If you can afford it, then use narrow bunks, as in cramped cabins. Textiles are extremely monophonic or with small stellar specks. Organically, the sofas and armchairs will look natural leather light shades. Forget the ornaments, flowers and other lovely details of the usual decoration of the apartments. It is desirable to use a large amount of silver metal or its imitation. In the furniture adhere to a simple geometry: sharp corners, curved lines, complex figures. All this once again proves how strongly cosmic style intertwined with futurism.

White decor of the room Living room in the style of futurism  Children's Futurism  Stylish wallpapers  Galaxy on the wall в зале  The stylish decor of the room in the style of futurism

Light and space

Lighting devices will compete with each other in their originality. Space style does not recognize the usual chandeliers and sconces. The main sources of light, which are aimed at demonstrating the entire beauty of the interior, are usually carefully hidden in decorative niches. With the onset of darkness they disperse a cold blue, violet or green glow. On the ceiling instead of the usual chandelier set the original ball in the shape of the moon or the planet. The composition from such spheres, which differ in colors, sizes and hang from the ceiling at different heights, looks extraordinary. Such an installation will symbolize the solar system. When choosing lamps, they throw themselves to extremes: only simple or convoluted forms. Here the motifs intersect with minimalism and hi-tech. Lighting devices that are used in these styles, will suit the space in your home.

Decor wall in the style of space Children's Space Style  Cosmic decor of furniture  Futurism in the interior  Dark decor of the bedroom  Space wallpapers in the bedroom

Do not be afraid to use spot lighting. If there is a floor in the room or a stretch ceiling, they will double the effect of the "stars" scattered throughout the room, as if in a planetarium.

Bedroom in the style of the galaxy Effective wall decor in the hall  Living room in space on the wall  Bedroom in the style of the universe  A cozy room for a boy  Space child room

Ecumenical decor and accessories

In decorating the interior resort to the principles of minimalism. Decorating the room usually more than compensates for the lack of accessories. The bed is covered with a starry coverlet, and miniature cosmonauts, models of shuttles and orbital stations, imitations of small planets and entire installations of solar systems are put on open shelves. In the kitchen, futuristic spheres are used as decor, which are similar to large drops of mercury. They are suspended to the ceiling or attached to the walls by half: allegedly such a drop "stuck" in the partition.

Hall in the style of space shuttle

Use a large number of household appliances with chrome surfaces. The more complex the design, the better. Space style loves high technology, without them in a vacuum can not do. In this case, they act not only in the role of functional elements, but also stylish accessories. Windows shut the blinds, so that the opening does not seem too "naked", on the sides hang long curtains in a floor of neutral color without a pattern.

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Stylish Living Room

Space room for the boy

The space interior in the nursery is a chance not only to draw the child astronomy, but also the opportunity to settle it in this fairy tale. Girls can also like this kind of interior, but they prefer princesses and medieval castles more. The highlight of the interior will be a telescope on a tripod, which will snugly sit on the table. If the ceiling is a decorative porthole or a hatch, then a metal staircase is installed in the room so that the young astronaut can easily get to them. For children with several residents install bunk beds-bunks. Furniture is chosen multifunctional and compact: the working area is combined with places for storing things and a recreation area. Remember the main characteristic of the style - its practicality. If the room imitates the cabin of the ship, then it is decorated with decorative semicircular arches from plasterboard. They will give the room a resemblance to the original. The wall is decorated with the installation of relief hemispheres, which depict the solar system with an astronaut in free flight. For walls and ceiling choose blue tones, and the furnishings are made in white and gray.

A room for a boy в космическом декоре Beautiful wallpapers  Space Shuttle  Blue room decor  Bedroom with photo wallpapers  Galaxy on the wall


Astronautics is still one of the most difficult, but romantic navigation sciences. Only units after a tough competition become part of this profession. Since the Soviet triumph of Gagarin in space, almost every second boy in his childhood dreams of conquering at least a piece of the boundless universe. The famous American writers, Herbert Wells and Ray Bradbury, contributed to the popularization of astronomy and the practical study of the starry sky. The first made a furor with his work about the invasion of the Martians to Earth at the end of the XIX century. The success was fixed by the scandalous radio show of the novel by the namesake of the writer, who inspired many Americans that what is happening is a reality.

The second is known for creating a romantic image of all the same Martians in their Chronicles. Unfortunately, by the end of the last century, scientists dispelled the illusions of science fiction about life on Mars, but the Universe is boundless, and life can exist in its most hidden corners. In our country, the theme of space travel was revealed by Kir Bulychev. His popular cycle of works about a girl from the future inspired filmmakers to shoot a full-length picture. Space motifs from literature smoothly migrated to interior design, where they found their place and continue to improve, because people always reach out to the unknown.