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Around the middle of the XIX century. There was a style called "Provence", its roots from the French medieval village. This is a kind of American "Country".


A bedroom in Provence can be created with a unique atmosphere of provinciality, the scent of nature, airiness, where peace and harmony reign.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Эстетика прованса
  • The color scheme of the bedroom in the style of Provence
  • Nuances of decoration
  • Choosing furniture
  • Textiles in the interior
  • Lighting Provence
  • Accessories Provence
  • Photo of a bedroom in the style of Provence

Эстетика прованса

The interior of the bedroom in the style of Provence has a number of features: it is an imitation burned out in bright sun colors, vases with dried wildflowers, simplicity of lines.


The main characteristics of the Provence are a combination of French elegance and rustic motifs. This is a fine line of luxury with a gentle simplicity.


The color scheme of the bedroom in the style of Provence

The bedroom should be saturated with gentle shades without contrasts. The aura of the bedroom should resemble the green expanses of meadows and the purity of the sky with the azure coast of France.


The main shades for the design of the bedroom in the style of Provence:

  • milky, tender ivory and cream;
  • gently turquoise and sky blue;
  • Light green, as well as emerald and light olive;
  • terracotta, ocher, sand and coffee;
  • lilac, pale pink and lavender.


It is necessary to avoid screaming tones, only pastel inclusions and small floral patterns are allowed. To maintain a balance of color, you can harmoniously combine 3 colors of one tone. For example, pink with a gently blue, and the transition color will be beige (white).

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Nuances of decoration

A common way of decorating a bedroom is a Provence - it is the painting of walls or ordinary plaster. It is allowed to look through beams of wood, unpainted bricks.


A huge range of various wallpapers, from which you should choose the right direction with unobtrusive colors. This is an imitation of colored plaster or a small floral pattern.

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An excellent decoration of the walls will be painting in pastel shades. The floor should be made of light wood.

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For the ceiling suitable plaster milk-white color or wood. Often used wooden beams, which must be painted in a darker shade.

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Doors and windows are better to choose "French" (from the floor itself). If it is an apartment, then offer a window split into several sectors. Only white for frames, it is possible in one shade with beams. The presence of wooden shutters will only emphasize the rural flavor of the interior.


Choosing furniture

Much depends on the area of ​​the room. For furniture it is better to choose light colors, as a continuation of the provincial atmosphere.


Attention! Provence does not require glossy surfaces, all furniture is only matte, antique.


The main elements of the furniture are antique chests of drawers, toilet small tables, bookcases, chairs with backs, small sofas with cushions.


If the area allows, then choose a massive furniture of light wood tones. Legs of a bed or a back with forged patterns, it is possible to repeat an ornament in chairs, curbstones, tables, etc. Ornament usually floral, climbing plants, carved leaves.

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"French" accent will give a luxurious canopy. With a large bed, the other furniture in the bedroom should be more elegant. Ideally, there are quaint monograms and beautiful curls. This will contribute to the design solution of the vintage.


Cabinets should be of a small height, can be decorated with paintings or drapery made of fabric. If there is no possibility to get antique pieces of furniture, it is necessary to make old with the available technique "Decoupage". It will take only time and creative imagination. To do this, from the fabric or old wallpaper you can cut pieces and paste on furniture. When dry, cover with a clear varnish.


"Ladies' Corner" can also become a highlight of the bedroom interior. The mirror (mirror) on the openwork legs in combination with a soft ottoman (armchair) will look very exquisite. Mirror on a table in a frame with a wooden carving (tracery forging).


The bedside tables at the beds should be chosen in light colors, preferably without corners, with bulging legs. Shelves are also with smooth outlines, light in weight.

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Textiles in the interior

For the country style, only natural materials (cotton, linen or chintz) are needed. In the fashion "floral print".

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Necessarily the presence of pads on the bed, a large soft veil, canopy ...


Pillowcases and soft pillows should be calm tones, spectacular ruches and antique lace.


The cover can be with any embroidery, or in the technique of "patchwork", made of shreds.


If the garden is visible from the bedroom, the transparent curtain is ideal. It is not necessary to "overload" the room, it is very important to preserve the light atmosphere of southern France.


Lighting Provence

Forged large chandeliers for antiquity. Welcome: easy simple lampshade, various floor lamps, table sconces. In the center there can be a large chandelier.

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Accessories Provence

This style is manifested in small details, trinkets, apply fantasy. Decorative elements of own production will give individuality to the house.


These are ancient caskets, flower pots, photos, statuettes from porcelain, etc.


Provence is absolutely incompatible with minimalism, there are many shelves with accessories, decorative plates, embroideries ...


Always recommend to have a beautiful cockerel - it's a symbol of France.


If space is available, it is recommended to fill it with fresh bouquets, pots of flowers, different sizes of tubs, vases from dried plants and herbs.


The fashion for Provence does not disappear, on the contrary, it acquires more and more admirers among romantics and antiques lovers.


Photo of a bedroom in the style of Provence










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