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Stylish bedroom for a young girl

The space that we picked up for the story, has a unique layout and exceptional exclusivity. It is located on 56 sq. Km. m. in the metropolitan housing complex "House on the Coastal."

Unusual housing is based on the fact that a studio studio apartment has only two window apertures, while the passage to them was hampered by the construction of internal partitions in the room. The design and implementation of the design concept involved talented specialists Katya Mamaeva and Ekaterina Svanidze, their creative union conducts a joint management of the architectural workshop "DvoKati".

Ekaterina Mamaeva and Ekaterina Svanidze

How did they manage to cope with the unusual layout of the house, divide it so as to fill the space with the maximum amount of sunshine? And besides that, understand and achieve the full realization of the client's requirements, which is a true admirer of Art Nouveau stylistics. In addition, the financial side of the project was narrowed down. And everyone knows that this direction does not accept economy, it requires wealth and chic.

Graduates of the Modern School of Design of MGUKI, they are also owners of an art workshop with an interesting name "DvoKati". For more than five years, they have been working in the development and design of individual and public interiors: "We help organize a personal corner, comfortable for living and working, based on the individual requirements of the customer, directing and advising. The result of such a creative union was the realized idea of ​​a unique design - modern and practical. "

Client and wishes

The owner of the dwelling is a young and energetic person, the coordinator of presentations at the largest marketing corporation. Before the masters, she set such a goal - to develop a studio room with a personal wardrobe, and also with the possibility to separate the sleeping space.

As a result of the unconventionality of the apartment, six different decorations were designed by specialists, from which a rational design for the girl was subsequently selected.


Housing initially looked like an empty 56-meter area with a ventilation system in the center and a voluminous supporting wall between the window blocks. A spacious area for a one-room apartment had a noticeable minus - just two windows on one wall. And when you build a wall between them, most of the room would be left without the sunshine!

Stylish kitchen for a young girl


A bedroom and a salon, which can be transformed into a guest lounge if necessary, share fences using opaque glass panels, through which the sun's light passes admirably. In this case, the sleeping bed is not completely isolated, since there is an individual passage to the main room, and, consequently, a more comfortable route to the bathroom. As a result, the main desire of the customer is provided - the studio apartment. The wardrobe is located in a separate rounded room, this was done because the woman wanted to get rid of the corners.

The supporting wall between the window blocks, which could not be removed or demolished, was increased - resulting in a large kitchen cabinet. It housed a bar, cutlery and a few ducks. He also shares the kitchen area and hall.

Low ceilings had to be lowered slightly for laying the communication postings of the fire safety system, since this was the main requirement of the housing company of construction. In the spacious bathroom area, designers could place not only a bath, but a shower cubicle, but the girl wanted only the second option.

Interior of a bathroom Small home bar Stylish kitchen for a young girl Interior for a young girl Purple sofa with pillows

Stylistics of design

To the decoration of the decoration the client expressed special wishes - an ultramodern decoration with accessories in the Art Deco style. For the basis of the shade palette was picked up a charming and dreamy lilac tone. In the case of constrained financial budgets, specialists understood that Art Nouveau style in this interior can only exist as attractive accessories and decor elements.

Stylish bedroom for a young girl Stylish bedroom for a young girl Stylish bedroom for a young girl

Building materials and solutions

Thus, an inexpensive photopanion "Zebra" was chosen at the head of the bed and wallpaper Rasch, found by the authors in the network of hypermarkets Leroy Merlin. The pillar of the ventilation system that is hanging in the atrium "bursts" into the ceiling, it was tinted with a finish made of natural marble purchased through a special promotion. In the same manner, an apron is made in the kitchen.

Another natural building material for exquisite stylistics is a voluminous floorboard in the salon and bedroom area of ​​a beautiful dark chocolate shade. In the bathroom, a stylistic note of style seeps in black glossy suspended lamps and a charming mosaic, as well as in a sumptuous round frame made of mirror elements and in wriggling outlines lilac tiles.

Stylish kitchen for a young girl Crane in the interior Design bar stools in the interior


Stylistics Art Nouveau supports a chest of drawers with a typical rectilinear ornamentation, produced by domestic manufacturers. Wonderfully fit in the interior white tables around the bed on the curved pillars of Ikea, velor curtains instead of the door in the locker room, a huge mirror surface in a traditional gilded frame from the manufacturer "Moscow Mirror Factory". And, of course, the picture with a woman's appearance that simulates those times.

Stylish bedroom for a young girl Large outdoor mirror in the hallway Large outdoor mirror in the hallway


Kitchen set from IKEA emphasizes the white built-in appliances from Zanussi. The kitchen counter, bar rack and window sills are made using artificial stone Starone. Bar stools are purchased by the client for the action in Kartell, author Philippe Starc.

The floor surface is represented by the Parketoff board. A suspended lamp above the bar counter is a copy of the famous "Heavenly Garden" from Marcel Wander. Three types of tiles (Cinca and Love from Portugal) and two types of tiles are used for facing the bathroom. Mirrors from the Garda Decor brand. in a bathroom from Lightstar. Photo on a tile in a booth with a shower - a marketing panel Bally by Bernard Vilimo. In the salon a mirror surface on the floor of the company "Moscow Mirror Factory".

Sink in the bathroom

Room Metering

Kitchen area - 11.6 square meters. m. Salon - 13 square meters. m. Bedroom - 11.2 square meters. m. Garderob - 3,5 square meters. m. Bathroom - 7 sq. m. m. Corridor - 9.2 square meters. The height of ceilings is 2.8 m.

Stylish chandeliers

Tips for readers of the portal

When designing a design in a certain direction, consider how much the parameters of your apartment will match it. Namely, how rational is it to implement the hall in the rococo style in a paneled multi-storey building? If you still want, make up for your planning and finance with the state-of-the-art design of hotel accessories of the preferred stylistic direction, both in the lining and in decorative items.

Try to see noticeable shortcomings of the project on the other hand. Located in the center of the ventilation box can be a wonderful decoration due to its exceptional design and lighting.

Pay attention to the dark shades. Painted in a black tone, the wall contrasts beautifully and highlights the rich furnishings or artwork on its background, and also fills the space with refinement and clarity.

Large outdoor mirror in the hallway Large outdoor mirror in the hallway