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Pop art in the interior

The style of pop art originated in the US and Western Europe in the middle of the last century. Its history lasts almost 70 years. Initially, he developed rapidly only in painting, then gradually switched to photography, sculpture, clothing and interior design. The name is a shortened form from the phrase "popular art", which is literally translated as "popular art". Style draws inspiration from the products of mass consumption. The direction arose, as opposed to expressionism, which survived its last days. In place of the famous creators of the fading genre (Pollock, Kandidsky) came new talents, among which the bright star in the horizon of art stood Andy Warhol. Artist, designer and photographer - he created a separate, independent branch of the direction. It was called commercial pop art. Perhaps the most famous creation of the master was a picture-diptych with the face of a Hollywood star - Marilyn Monroe. Warhol imposed more than fifty images of the actress, made in different colors, using the technique of silk screen printing. The manner of performing the work was so popular with the broad masses that such stylized pictures and photographs are still adorned with the rooms. The main purpose of pop art is to surprise and sometimes shock the public. Initially, the direction leaked into the interior solutions of cafes and fashionable restaurants, and only then - to the living quarters. We will find out what are the distinctive features of the style, and how to find the line between pop art and bad taste.

The above features have some resemblance to the retro 80s. In fact, the peak of the development of style fell precisely for this period.

Floor lamp in the form of a spotlight in the living room  Plates on the wall  Bright mat on the white floor  Blue-green walls in the interior  A picture with illumination above the sofa

Materials and finishing

The apartment uses artificial materials for finishing the walls, ceiling and floor. Accents will be placed on filling the premises. For this reason, pop art is considered one of the most budgetary styles. With a minimum of costs, homeowners can get an original and trendy interior.

Brick wall in the interior in the style of pop art Niches in the wall  Images over comodom  Table and chairs by the decorative fireplace  White pillows on the red couch  Poster on the wall


Покрытие обязательно выбирают в белом цвете. Этот вариант считается оптимальным фоном для ярких красок в мебели и декоре. Walls оформляют несколькими способами:

  • Wallpaper wallpaper. Choose the most simple types: paper, non-woven or more modern vinyl. Naturally it is necessary to take into account the features of the room In the kitchen or in the bathroom use materials resistant to high humidity and temperature changes. Relief invoice is not welcome. The simpler, the more consistent the style. It is permissible to use glossy surfaces;
  • Drywall. Panels from this material are quickly mounted and easily hide a layer of insulation or defects in the surface of walls;
  • Decorative plaster. Its most practical version is used: a white, non-reflective coating;
  • PVC panels. The material is sensitive to mechanical damage, but it is easy to clean, and the damaged area can always be replaced. Pop art loves plastic, so in the interior picture the latter will fit organically;
  • Paint. A somewhat obsolete version that does not fit for walls with noticeable defects. It is characterized by low cost.
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Wall with wallpaper for a brick in the interior in the style of pop art

In the style of pop art does not look decorative tiles. An exception can only be made on the kitchen apron and in the bathroom.

Built-in ceiling lights  Suspended armchairs in the interior  Green sofa in the living room  Clock on the wall  Painting over a decorative fireplace


A floor covering of a laminate or a parquet board is used in rare cases. Often the preference is given to a plain-colored linoleum, which does not require special expenses, but will fit into the style of the room. A more expensive option is the floor. It is distinguished by its strength, lack of seams and glossy gloss. The effect of "varnished" coating is applied not only in the finish, but also on the surfaces of furniture. It is permissible to use additional material possibilities: drawing bright pictures or single characters in a particular area. For example, in a corner guests Tom can be suspiciously watching, and Jerry will hide on the wall from him. This is just one of the options for design, which "customized" for themselves and their preferences.

Bright floor in the interior in the style of pop art


Ceiling грунтуют и наносят сверху слой штукатурки. Самый простой и дешевый вариант. В более дорогих интерьерах используют гипсокартонное покрытие, но «ступеньки» из этого материала не приветствуются. В качестве исключения многоуровневый потолок можно применить только для дополнительного зонирования в совмещенных комнатах. Подвесные или натяжные варианты тоже гармонично вливаются в стилистическую картину, но никаких узоров и орнамента на них быть не должно. Лучше оставить потолочное покрытие белым, так как его главная задача — оттенять и уравновешивать «разношерстную» обстановку комнаты.

Pink ceiling in the interior in the style of pop art

Color Solutions

"Box" premises, as a rule, trim in light colors. This is a tribute to the first design experiments, which were conducted at the dawn of the formation of the style. Now the premises allow the use of white ceiling and walls with a black or red floor covering. The game of contrasts is one of the "pillars" of the direction. In furnishing and decoration, the following shades are actively used:

  • Screaming red;
  • Saturated fuchsia;
  • Acid green;
  • Juicy yellow;
  • Deep blue or blue.

Interior in the style of pop art in bright colors

Pop art refers to rebellious trends. If the directions had a "psychological age", then this style would be depicted in the form of a young man at puberty age on the wave of maximalism. For this reason, combinations of colors can be the most unexpected. In any other direction, they would be considered for bad taste, and in pop art such combinations are considered an organic expression of non-standard thinking.

Black ceiling in the living room  Orange chest of drawers in a gray interior  Corridor with red walls  Mirrored closet in the bedroom  Floor lamp at the table


In this style, preference is given to non-standard forms and inexpensive materials. From textiles choose synthetics, artificial leather, polyester. Sofas in the form of lips, painted with red lipstick, or soft corners "hollow" inside - an accentual element of the situation. If the chairs, then only made of plastic with bright pictures on the surfaces. Harmonious are the sofa-benches, assembled from round "pieces" upholstered with artificial leather. They are connected together by thin metal bars, which intertwine create a complex pattern. If you choose a chair, then give preference to the design "throne" with carved armrests on twisted legs, but colorful upholstery with geometric patterns. Instead of a coffee table, get the original element: a simulation of the front of the car with a bumper on which a glass top is mounted. The cabinets and chests of drawers with striped prints on the surfaces are used. Effectively look round puffs, covered with textiles of "cosmic" colors: silver, gold, bronze.

Light furniture in the interior in the style of pop art

Do not forget that only the necessary minimum is used from the furniture. In this case, pop art is similar to minimalism: only practicality and simplicity. Because of the large number of accents, the room may seem "cluttered", so observe the measure.

Lamp in the corner of the room  Graffiti on the walls  Floorосатый ковер в комнате  Zebra skin on white floor  Original lamp above the table

Details and decor

In the decor of the interior use simple things that take on a new life. Such items can be purchased from venerable designers or done just as well with their own hands. From the used cans or empty bottles make vases. The surface of the container does not need to be cleaned of labels, on the contrary, their presence will correspond to the style. Even without the talent of the artist or designer, you can create a unique poster. Take old newspapers, cut out headers or whole articles from them and paste these pieces on a sheet of cardboard in chaotic order. Then the canvas is decorated with a frame and hung on the wall. Cover the high mirror in the hallway with scraps of comics and wind it with a garland of bulb-balls. If you have old gramophone records, you can do it in several ways:

  • Preheat them in the oven. Put your gloves on your hands so as not to burn yourself, and bend the malleable edges in one direction, creating a wavy edging. The finished element can be used as a flower pot or stand for a souvenir. In addition, it is painted with acrylic or tempera;
  • Through the holes in the membranes pass the twine, tie it with a knot above the edge of each plate, so that they stay upright. Make several such "garlands" that will decorate part of the wall.
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Decor in the interior in the style of pop art

To sew soft cushions for sofas and beds you will need only a foam pad and synthetic fabrics of bright colors. In addition to traditional square shapes, sew round, triangular and curly (hearts or nadkusannye apples) decorative elements. Upholstery on hard chairs can be replaced by tied together coils of colored threads. In the same tone, the sofa armrests and coffee tables decorate. On any surface is applied a large number of stickers-sliders.

Pictures above the chest of drawers

In pop art trivial, everyday things can become a stylish element of design. Do not be afraid to experiment. Wall paintings will "survive" any incarnations. These can be favorite cartoon characters, themed photos of apartment owners or dialogues from comics in typical round frames, as they are depicted in graphic novels.

Receiver in the interior of the bedroom


Lighting создают на трех уровнях по стандартному образцу:

  • Ceiling;
  • Additional;
  • Directional (local).

Lighting в интерьере в стиле поп-арт

Забудьте о типичных люстрах. Ceiling украшают оригинальными плафонами:

  • Chandeliers with a bright matte finish, imitating antique candlesticks with light bulbs;
  • Round plafonds, collected in a single grape cluster;
  • Imitation of balloons filled with helium, which soared to the ceiling. In addition to them, they attach "strings" from below;
  • Flat round chandeliers, as if assembled from several "layers" of circles of different sizes, one of which exudes light;
  • Complex compositions of plafonds, which are connected together by bars in the manner of molecules.

Floorки у стены

These are just a few of the hundreds possible. To purchase an original plafond, it is better to turn to designer collections. Additional lighting is represented by wall sconces and table lamps, not inferior in originality to ceiling chandeliers. Point light sources are replaced by garlands of white light bulbs, there is no need to hide the wires, as they will add a special flavor to the interior.

Study on the balcony

Decoration of premises in the style of pop art

In the style of pop art, the rooms should look non-standard, primitive and flashy-bright. The theme of the "challenge" to society brought style with it from art. The philosophy of freedom must be played differently in each room. As a rule, the design of premises is not repeated, but only has similar features. To draw inspiration, open the pages of your favorite graphic novels or photos of fashion galleries with canvases in the style of pop art.

Room in the style of pop art


For the kitchen choose a bright set with the effect of varnished coating. One of the walls can be decorated with wallpaper with a graphic design or a picture of a stylish accent (red lips, eyes with blue shadows on eyelids, cans of Coca-Cola, bars or packages of famous sweets) on a white background with the same bright circles. Around the glossy bar counter or dining table put plastic chairs of unusual shapes. Particular attention is paid to the apron, also drawing a picture or a picture from comics. On the ceiling mount flat chandeliers, which combine with plafonds of geometric shapes, hanging on long, thin "legs." Groups of the latest instruments are placed directly above the accent zone - the dining table.

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Kitchen в стиле поп-арт Lamps above the kitchen table  Concrete wall in the kitchen  Red refrigerator in white interior  Tile apron under brick  Inscriptions on the facades of kitchen furniture

Living room

In the living room necessarily place a wide comfortable sofa. In the color palette, there are two options:

  • Upholstery sofa is selected bright colors, which "soothe" the single-colored cushions of pastel tones;
  • Textiles of furniture are beige, white, ivory. Pillows choose bright with original prints or a combination of geometric lines and pictures.

Living room в стиле поп-арт

Особый колорит гостиному залу придаст домашняя библиотека. Книги расставляют в стеллажах с открытыми полками у акцентированной стены. «Библиотечное» наполнение чередуют с декоративными элементами нестандартных форм и расцветок. Floor застилают ярким, мягким ковром или полосатой дорожкой. Предусматривают и место для чтения: отдельный уголок с парой кресел или угловым диванчиком возле журнального столика из стекла. Простенькая тумба с подставкой под телевизор устанавливается напротив дивана. Для небольшого шкафа стандартной конструкции оставляют место в неприметном углу. Этот объект не должен быть громоздким и занимать большую площадь.

Bright mat at the couch


В спальне активный поп-арт слегка сдерживают. Плакаты и постеры размещают на стене, в которую упирается изголовье кровати. Саму постель укрывают ярким одеялом с принтами. Они могут найти свое продолжение в текстиле штор или ковре. Walls традиционно оформляют в белом цвете. Здесь обилие декора будет лишним, поэтому достаточно пары навесных полочек, где размещают несколько статуэток или томиков графических романов. Чтобы слегка сбалансировать засилье «искусственности» допустимо использовать пару цветов в горшках, которые ставят прямо на пол у окна.

Bedroom в стиле поп-арт

An interesting addition to the interior will be the use of alternating round mirrors instead of one over the bedside table. Bedding does not have to choose a standard, rectangular shape. In pop art, round models with smooth lines look great. Their outline can repeat the pedestal (elevation above the floor), on which the bed is set.

Yellow curtains on the window


В ванной допустимо оформлять в ярких красках все стены. Сглаживаться интерьер будет за счет белой сантехники. Шторки тоже используются с принтами. Bathroom — единственная комната, где керамическая плитка смотрится уместно. Выбирают ее с яркими «пятнами», которые хаотично разбросаны по стенам. Нестандартным решением станет размещение в этой комнате картин. Для сохранения полотен их помещают в простые металлические рамы под стекло. Оригинально смотрится подобный декор возле зеркала над умывальником. Держатели для полотенец и ручки используются «под металл» с хромированными поверхностями. Раковины выбирают преимущественно накладные. Формы чаш могут быть самыми разными, но наиболее примитивно выглядят «тазики» вместо привычных умывальников. Ванну лучше выбрать глубокую с высокими бортиками, которые использовались еще в середине прошлого века. Если в помещении хватает места и можно установить шкаф для хранения бытовых мелочей и полотенец, то его стеклянные или пустые между рамами дверцы декорируют жалюзи — простой и практичный вариант.

Bathroom в стиле поп-арт


Pop art in the interior is an unusual style in all respects. He has no clear boundaries, you set them yourself. The description of the direction is very laconic: primitivism and images of mass culture. Pop art was born in the wake of a protest, so this practice is largely used: to go against the generally accepted standards. Despite the very solid "age" style is still popular and does not give up its position to new trends of design fashion. He only improves and slightly changes to keep up with the times, remaining true to his convictions.