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Apartment in classical style

Classics for several centuries embodies impeccable taste, luxury and elegance. After completing the interior of the apartment in a classic style, you will get the perfect combination of beauty and practicality that will be relevant not only in the next couple of years. The general view does not look too pompous, although it makes it clear about the consistency of the owners, their impeccable taste. The apartment owners themselves will give the owners comfort and a full home cosiness.

  • Clear geometric shapes;
  • Natural, expensive materials, especially furniture. Expressive accent - the subject of the interior for antiquity, real antiques;
  • Recognizable decor - moldings, engravings, sculptures strictly correspond to the area of ​​the room;
  • Soft color palette, mostly monophonic;
  • To sustain the uniform style of the whole apartment will help archways, columns.

Bathroom classicAdhering to these principles, you can recreate the classic interior in any area, and expensive materials are successfully replaced by imitation. The main points: do not allow space congestion - observe the distances between pieces of furniture; Do not use objects in the classical style, whose appearance is doomed to failure in small rooms. So, luxurious chandeliers require a certain ceiling height; antique statues do not settle down in small apartments.

Children's room in classic style

But correctly measuring the desire with the opportunities you can get a unique home environment with clear advantages over other areas:

  • Relevance;
  • Wealth, but without pretentiousness;
  • Variety of options;
  • Comfort and coziness.

Kitchen in classical style with baguettes on the ceiling

Materials and Incarnation

Choosing the materials for the design of an apartment in a classical style, one should remember - its main task is to emphasize the respectability, the solvency of the owners.

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Living room combined with kitchen and dining room

It is worth being prepared for the fact that you have to spend a sufficient amount of money for quality, high-quality materials:

  • Natural marble;
  • Valuable wood species;
  • Crystal;
  • Velvet, satin;
  • Gilding.

Bedroom - design in classical style

Alternative: spend more time than money, picking up a good simulation of all this splendor. You can redistribute the budget by directing to the surface finish the necessary minimum of funds, and a luxurious look to achieve with the help of accessories, furniture. Classics allows you to use simple, concise design of walls - enough painting, monochrome wallpaper of a smooth structure.

Bathroom with ceramic tiles

Undoubtedly, special chic can be achieved with the help of silk canvases, expensive veneer panels. Natural parquet as a floor covering will successfully replace the laminate.

Hall with columns of gypsum

This style direction is suitable for a ceiling with moldings made at the discretion of gypsum or polyurethane foam. All kinds of rosettes for a chandelier, cornices, moldings will give a unique look, support the zoning, hide the shortcomings if necessary.

Colors and filling

The noble classic style is emphasized by natural, discreet colors:

  • Shades of beige, sand palette;
  • White, its modifications: ivory, melted milk, mother of pearl, natural flax;
  • Natural wood;
  • Pastel colors: peach, pale blue, olive, light green, tender pink, salmon.

Kitchen with niches

All light colors significantly expand the volume of the room. Of course, there will not be a classic without a moderate amount of gilding. It is unacceptable to use bright, acid colors. Even the drawings on the surfaces are calm, soft, faded.

Interior of the hall in classical style

On a calm tone, furniture in a recognizable classical style will look even more luxurious. Many designers, developing interiors, do not do in their works without antique furniture or analog models of some factories that perform novodels based on old technologies.

Kitchen with sliding doors to the living room

But in the standard collections of furniture manufacturers, you can find the models that best meet the requirements of classical design:

  • Carving decorating the doors, furniture legs;
  • Wood - cherry, oak, walnut or good styling;
  • Fittings - gold-plated, copper, bronze;
  • The form is the softening of straight, sharp lines with smoothed corners;
  • Upholstery of upholstered furniture - satin, velvet, velor, tapestry;
  • Leather finishing of individual elements - a more modern version;
  • Embossing, embroidery on upholstery;
  • The varnished surfaces will give a special charm;
  • Atypical, extravagant items of furniture - office, goat.
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Double bed in the nursery

Small pieces of furniture: chairs, chairs, poufs are arranged in pairs to emphasize the symmetry and balance inherent in the classic interior.

Design project of living room

Upholstery of upholstered furniture with floral, floral, less often geometric, ornamentation - all kinds of prints, drawings on other elements of the room (curtains, carpets, walls) are excluded. Particular emphasis in the choice of furniture the ability to hide for example, behind the doors of cabinets, household appliances, without which the comfortable existence of modern man is impossible.

Bedroom in beige tones

Do not think of living in a room without a television screen, large speakers on the sides - manufacturers produce a lot of white equipment that will perform a camouflage function against the backdrop of light walls.

Bathroom with toilet and bidet

Decor and Lighting

Elite decor emphasizes the classic style, while creating a majestic atmosphere:

  • Wall or floor clock under the antiquity;
  • Original vases;
  • Gypsum busts, perhaps even statues, marble sculptures;
  • Mirrors, paintings, framed by massive frames;
  • Stands, candlesticks.

Example of highlighting zones in the living room

The easiest way to harmoniously fit the wall-mounted TV in the classic interior is to order a beautiful picture frame in the framing workshop.

Bathroom with glass shower cabin

The decoration of premises with frescoes, stucco molding should be used with restraint, without disturbing the aesthetics of space. The key element of the decor is the design of the window opening. Selecting curtains from noble fabrics (velvet, silk) with a lot of draperies and folds, emphasize them with lambrequins, brushes.

The interior of the white kitchen in the classics The central chandelier can become not just an accessory - the center of the composition. Ideal: multi-tier, most often crystal with numerous hanging details. Paired wall lamps should be selected for it, optimally their symmetrical arrangement, for example on the sides of the fireplace.

Bedroom with a panel on the wall

Specific solutions

The design project of the apartment in the classical style allows you to maintain a stylistic unity, without affecting the functionality of a particular room. The advantage for the living room will be the presence of sufficiently large cabinets and chests of drawers, which is important for storing things. Sideboards with stained glass windows will please the proprietress of the vast collections of tableware and valuables. Recreation areas of sofas, armchairs are not only majestic and refined, but are really comfortable, as it is supposed to be at home.

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Bedroom design option

Enjoy great comfort in classic bedrooms due to:

  • A spacious double bed with a mandatory headboard and a possible canopy;
  • Fluffy carpets, ottomans and bedspreads in the tone of curtains;
  • Fireplace - natural or electric;
  • Finishes of walls made with wallpaper of textiles.

Living room with mirror doors

No style will do the best for the design of the cabinet: massive, solid furniture; leather upholstery of upholstered furniture; book shelves to the ceiling - the "classic" genre in every sense of the word. To create a unique cuisine combining old style and modern household appliances is not an easy task.

Bedroom with TV

Will help to smooth the contrast: a minimum of plastic parts; kitchen apron, harmonizing with a floor covering; built-in models of kitchen appliances. Some manufacturers were able to achieve invisibility of individual elements in the period of non-use, for example secret hoods.

Interior of the cabinet in classical style

To create a classic interior in the bathroom is worth a closer look:

  • Sanitary ware of white color with rounded forms.
  • Models of baths, stylized in antiquity - on curved legs.
  • Refuse the chrome faucets in favor of bronze, gilded.
  • Mirror in the frame - the main accent of such a bathroom.

Ceramic tiles with volume

A sufficient amount of light is the guarantee of the most advantageous view of the bathroom in the classical style.

Color combinations in the bedroom

Instead of concluding

Classic style in the interior is sometimes called passing through time for its constancy of refinement and taste, but designers do not forget to introduce and into it fashion trends and moods of the time. It is doubly stylish to turn out, if you perform a classic design in light colors, you can even in "natural" white (the color of milk, flax) - always in a trend and visually increase the space of the apartment.

Closet in the bedroom

A variety of particularly stylish accessories that you can buy yourself gradually. According to modern designers, a mandatory attribute - the presence of paintings with portrait images. Use such a proposal - the opportunity to get a unique decoration item and simultaneously amuse your self-esteem. Among such a variety of presented interiors for sure there is an ideal option.