Unique functional furniture: 30 stunning models

Let's distance ourselves a little from typical furniture designs and expand the horizon of our imagination. Today in the world there are many unique design creations that endlessly please with their functionality and original execution. The examples we gathered here for you are not only stylish and attractive, but also surprisingly practical. Agree that a bed that transforms into a desk or a sofa with a built-in bookshelf can save a lot of space in a small room and at the same time save your money. Also in our collection there are several truly unique items that have an additional decorative function, for example, a table-aquarium, a puff-lamp or a picture chair.

Furniture transformer, among other things, is also very ergonomic. It is distinguished by the presence of good functionality, which gives you convenience in everyday life. Agree, comfort in everyday life is so important, especially at its current pace. See our photos and be inspired to change in your own home.

We wish you a pleasant viewing!

1. Bookshelf with seatBookshelf with seat

2. "Soaring" sofa with bookshelf

3. Bookshelf-shelf


4. A set of furniture "Obelisk"

Folding set of furniture Obelisk from Dedon

5. Multifunctional set of upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture transformer

6. Comfortable functional mat

Comfortable functional mat

7. Sofa bed with shelf

Sofa bed with shelf

8. Bed that transforms into a desk

Bed, transforming into a desk

9. Shelf-transformer


10. A writing table for the creative personality

Writing table for a creative person

11. Ironing board with mirror

Ironing board with mirror

12. Furniture Set «матрёшка»

Set of furniture

13. Table-bar

Coffee table-bar

14. Convenient bench-transformer

Convenient bench-transformer

15. Bathtub in the closet

Wooden bath in the closet

16. Coffee table with a lifting lid

Coffee table with a lifting lid

17. Retractable cabinet for kitchen

Retractable cabinet for kitchen

18. Stylish chair with a chair

Stylish chair with a chair

19. Bookshelf that your cat will love

Bookshelf that your cat will love

20. Set of furniture «Cleo»

Set of furniture

21. The door for playing ping-pong

Door for playing ping-pong

22. Dining table with billiards

Dining table with billiards

23. Elegant outdoor table

Luxury table for the street

24. Furniture in pictures

Upholstered furniture in paintings

25. Rocking chair with lamp

Rocking chair with lamp

26. Convenient "male" chest of drawers


27. Coffee table-aquarium

Coffee table-aquarium

28. Heat-sensitive furniture

Heat-sensitive furniture

29. Стул-полотенцеушитель


30. Poof-lamp and coffee table with a hinged lid in the interior

Pouf lamp and coffee table with hinged lid

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