Choose a stylish mirror in the bathroom - 30 photos and tips

A beautiful, functional or simple, but stylishly matched mirror in the bathroom can improve its design at times. We suggest you before you buy to consider the various shapes, sizes and decorative finishes of the bathroom mirrors to choose the model that perfectly complements the space. It is much more difficult to do than it seems, but the photos of bathrooms listed in this article and practical advice on choosing mirrors will help you.

Choose a beautiful mirror in the bathroom

So, start searching for the best mirror with the definition of the necessary functions. Will it simply decorate the interior, or would you like to find additional shelves and lighting with it? Owners of small bathrooms often choose ...

Functional mirror with shelves in the bathroom

If there is not enough free space in the bathroom, which is especially true for city apartments, the mirror with the shelf does not save as well as the locker with mirrored doors, but it also makes it convenient to keep toothbrushes and other regularly used care products at hand. In addition, the extra shelf can be used to decorate the bathroom with a bouquet of flowers, an indoor plant, aromatic candles or other inspiring decor.

Round mirror with a shelf for the bathroom A simple bathroom mirror with a shelf Elegant large mirror with shelves in the bathroom Stylish mirror in the bathroom with shelf Design a mirror over a sink in the bathroom

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Female choice number 1 - a mirror with a backlight in the bathroom

One of the main trends in the design of the bathroom today is the use of the "mirror + cupboard under the washbasin" block as a dressing table. If you, too, can not resist this option, then buy a backlit mirror in the bathroom. It will not only allow you to see yourself better, but will also serve as a source of a romantic atmosphere for enjoying the rest in the bathroom (whereas the bright upper light does not help relaxing in the spirit of the spa).

Rectangular mirrors with backlight for bathroom Rectangular mirror with illumination in the bathroom Round mirror for bathroom with light Large mirror with bathroom shelf with light

Pay attention to the small "medical" mirrors with illumination, which can be installed in the bathroom in various ways and provide maximum comfort when applying make-up or performing other personal procedures.

Medical mirror with illumination in the bathroom

However, it is worth noting that the mirror with built-in backlighting is more of a good opportunity to save money when repairing the bathroom than the need. After all, any traditional mirror can be highlighted with the help of beautiful sconces, hanging and recessed fixtures.

Built-in light above the mirror in the bathroomLamps and mirrors over the sink in the bathroom

Choose a model of a mirror in the bathroom - 15 photos

When you have decided on the necessary set of functions, you can proceed to the next stage - this is the choice of the shape and decorative frame of the mirror in the bathroom.

In this issue, the main role is played by the interior design of the bathroom and its line. In a simple and tranquil environment, an exquisitely decorated mirror can be an element of luxury. But in a room where there are already a lot of small parts, the best thing to look at is a simple oval or rectangular mirror. The material and color of the frame should be selected for furniture fittings or other bathroom items.

There can be a lot of Soviets here, because each bathroom has its own characteristics. Therefore, before you buy a mirror in the bathroom, try to cut out several different shapes and sizes from paper, attach it in turn to the wall using scotch tape and see which looks the most spectacular.

The following photos of mirrors in the bathroom show how this piece of furniture can solve different design problems. Take a closer look: can any of these bathrooms share similarities with yours?

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Photo of beautiful mirrors in bathroom design

Beautiful mirrors in the metal frame can often be seen in the rooms in a classic style. Their shine helps to create a luxury bathroom interior effect.

Interesting mirror in the bathroom interior Stylish mirror in the bathroom photo Beautiful mirror in the bathroom photo Round mirror in the bathroom in a metal frame Classic mirror over the sink in the bathroom Creative mirrors in the bathroom photo Double Bathroom Mirror

In addition, a luxurious view can have extravagant carved mirrors for the bathroom and more rare models with plaster frame.Carved mirrors in the bathroom photo Decorative mirror in the bathroom photo design Unusual mirror without rim for the bathroomClassic bathroom mirrors with stucco moldings Original bathroom mirrors in white rimBut the modern style of the bathroom interior is best complemented by simple, but wide rims of mirrors under the color of the countertop, curbstone or other furnishing details.

Bright round mirrors in the bathroom photo Simple rectangular mirrors for the bathroom Modern mirror in the bathroom frame

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How to determine the right size of a bathroom mirror

The length of your bathroom mirror is usually dictated by the size of your countertop or cupboard under the sink. There is a good rule, often followed by designers: the length of the mirror should be at least 5, and preferably 10 cm less than the length of the cabinet or table below it. As for the height, there are no special rules and can not be. Depending on your needs, a bathroom mirror can reflect only the upper part of the body or in general full growth.

Narrow beautiful bathroom mirrorsLarge oval mirror in the bathroom