Living room and bedroom in one room: great idea from danish

Leather armchair in the living room

Cozy decoration in monochrome tones

The main problem of organizing a functional and aesthetically attractive interior of a small apartment is the need to equip a full-fledged place for rest and sleep in the guest cabin. Some homeowners find it very difficult to hide a strange bed from an outside view, and a folding sofa represents another joy.

These apartments are an interesting variant of a competent arrangement and a magnificent redevelopment of a limited in size room. Specialists decorated this apartment in an unusual and original style with a predominance of a monochrome scale and bright expressive accessories that create comfortable conditions for life.

To design the room, the masters chose an off-the-shelf solution. The bed without a backrest they installed near the panoramic window. In this case, the flowing curtains of delicate beige color stylize the charming canopy. Complement the headset comfortable armchair with a wooden frame and a velvet dark upholstery and a refined chandelier with a luxurious lampshade.

In addition, the bed is decorated with many small cushions with decorative covers. All together, these items create a cozy, hospitable and serene environment, which is more like an unmatched lounge area or boudoir in the style of a hippie, and not just a simple bedroom.

Sleeper at the window

The original arrangement of the bed is laconic and tasteful

The kitchen area in these apartments, as in all types, had a door to the corridor. Talented masters in the process of repair it was removed, resulting in a small groove in which the vintage sideboard of a saturated marsh green shade with rubbing and chips was placed remarkably.

He perfectly fit in the size in the formed niche, and also became the epicenter of attention in unusual house.

Sostarennyj servant na kuhne

The emerald sideboard gave the room a brightness and expressiveness

Small kitchen of non-standard form

The kitchen is made in industrial style and decorated with original console shelves

The second room was equipped as a children's bedroom for a child. It is decorated in a bright and creative manner with the use of a unique headset, colorful textiles and ornaments. The main feature of the decoration is a two-level bed, on the second tier of which is a cozy place to sleep, and on the first - a house for various games.

For her decor, a contrasting color palette was chosen. The harmonious combination of scarlet and black looks bright and casual. The writing desk was installed opposite the window aperture, thus, while doing homework and drawing it is lit by natural sunlight.

Complement small room interior colorful posters and exquisite posters hung on the walls. They dilute the calm and serene atmosphere, as well as fill the space with incredible charm, comfort and warmth.

Two-level bed in the living room

The simple and concise layout of the children's room is great for games and entertainment

Work desk at two-level bed

Wooden furniture and eclectic chairs harmoniously combined with Scandinavian design

As a wardrobe, there is a large shelving unit with open shelves. In this case, all small toys and objects are easily removed into two spacious plastic boxes, forming a beautiful and aesthetically attractive environment. Books and stationery are located on a large window sill.

On the floor there is only a toy lock and guitars, they simply could not find a place in the closet. A small sofa creates a wonderful and comfortable corner for rest and reading. It is decorated with original colorful stripes that perfectly fit into the overall style of the decoration of the nursery.

On all the walls beautiful drawings, posters of cult films and posters of stars are hung. These interior items form a simple and relaxed atmosphere in the apartment, as well as raise the mood of the child. Behind the desk are two multi-colored highchairs: one for the mother, the second for the baby.

In the next two photos you can see the building in which the apartment is located, as well as the arrangement of the courtyard.

High-rise building with a patio

Facade of the building

Swings in the courtyard

Patio furnishing

This project is a wonderful example of how you can draw up a small two-room apartment located in a standard house.