Clever pull-out systems for the kitchen - drawers and

It's no secret that various pull-out systems for the kitchen - boxes, shelves for spices and food baskets - make cooking much easier. With them, there is no need to rummage through the dark and deep shelves of the kitchen cabinets, looking for the right saucepan or a packet of groats. Just push the box into the light - and get what's needed!

But modern possibilities of sliding systems for the kitchen go far beyond traditional boxes. In this article we have collected 23 photos of such functional elements, which at times simplify the process of cleaning and organizing the kitchen.

We look and save ourselves a note!

Extendable systems for kitchen - boxes for storage of utensils

Many modern drawers for the kitchen have very convenient dividers, which at times increase the convenience of storing utensils. Narrow vertical dividers are well suited for storing plates, covers, trays and other flat kitchen utensils, whereas deep drawers with customizable pins make it possible to organize pans and pans.

Drawers for storing dishes in the kitchen System of drawers for kitchen for dishes

Is there not enough space in the kitchen? Then why do not you add a few boxes to the very bottom of the kitchen cupboards - exactly above the floor? In them you can place the same trays, baking molds, bags and much more.

Narrow drawers for the kitchen above the floorKitchen cabinets with drawers below

Corner cupboards for kitchen with drawers

The space in the corner of the kitchen, as a rule, does not differ in convenience for storing things. But the corner drawers for the kitchen radically change the matter. Look at the following photos - this functionality can not but rejoice! In addition, by purchasing special accessories, such drawers for the kitchen can be made by hand.

Functional drawers for kitchen cornerCorner drawers for kitchen by own handsConvenient pull-out systems for the kitchen

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Vertical sliding shelves and systems for spices, products and detergents in the kitchen

Perhaps this is the most interesting item on our list. First, narrow drawers and shelves for the kitchen - not the most common device in our region, although it has long been popular in the west. Secondly, they differ in amazing capacity, despite the fact that the vertical sliding systems themselves occupy very little space in the kitchen.

Narrow drawers for the kitchen - different types

Spices, cereals, tea, coffee and many other products, as well as detergents and various kitchen tools - all these small and ever-lost items are conveniently stored only in such drawers and kitchen cabinets!

Drawers for knives and dishes in the kitchenBeautiful drawers for kitchenNarrow drawers and shelves for the kitchen

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Various drawers to enhance the convenience of the kitchen

What if I need to charge my phone or laptop in the kitchen? Then come to the aid of a narrow drawer with a built-in outlet! And if you do not want to constantly wash the toaster, the coffee maker or other appliances that usually stand on the kitchen countertops? Then pay attention to the sliding systems, which were invented specifically to solve this problem!

Drawers and shelves for kitchen appliances pull-out shelf-for-kitchen

Also, many of us are able to facilitate the life of the retractable system for the highest shelves in kitchen cabinets. How do you think?

Functional smart retractable kitchen systems

In turn, pull-out baskets for the kitchen are ideal for storing onions, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables that can be stored for a long time without a refrigerator.

Retractable baskets for storing vegetables in the kitchen

The drawer for the trash can in the kitchen is very helpful for cooking. Find out why and watch all the best ideas for a trash can in the kitchen here!

Drawer under the sink in the kitchen

The retractable bar will turn your kitchen into a cute tasting room. All that is needed is a large shelf, where a pendant sliding mechanism for storing wine glasses, wine shelves and a sliding board as a mini table are built in.

Retractable mini bar in kitchen design

Finally, an excellent option for kitten and dog! A drawer with bowls for food and water will not only allow you to move around the kitchen freely and keep the floor clean, but also help to discipline the pet with respect to nutrition.

Drawers for kitchen - photo examples

Do you think that drawers are convenient in the kitchen? What option would you urgently like to have in your kitchen?