15 homemade christmas cards

Get 15 original ideas for creating stylish New Year cards that you can send to your friends and family or just use in the decor of the interior. From complex 3D postcards to simple examples that can be produced together with their children, they are all performed from improvised means.

1. New Year card with graphic fir-trees

Amaze friends and family with such a cute, three-dimensional postcard. Fashionable chevron patterns, grille and polka dots of the model look great in traditional Christmas colors.

New Year's card with own hands

2. Greetings from Grandfather Frost

Print or draw an image of Santa Claus, decorate it with sequins or broken Christmas-tree toys, glue a fluffy beard out of cotton wool, and voila: a wonderful children's Christmas card is ready!

Christmas card with Santa Claus

3. Postcard with felt decoration

This charming handmade card has such an "antique" look, thanks to several layers of paper with traditional patterns. A garland of felt triangles works as an ideal finishing touch.

Christmas card with own hands

4. Brilliant postcard with a family photo

Decorate a magazine or a side table with your favorite family photo in a shiny and sparkling frame of glued fragments of broken Christmas toys. That you could finely beat these toys and not get hurt, we advise wrapping them in a layer of dense fabric.

New Year card with a photo

5. Postcard "Falling Snow"

Well, what's the New Year without snow? A beautiful homemade photo frame with a picture and grains of salt in the form of snow, will bring to your house the true charm of winter.

Christmas card with snow

6. A simple card from the thread for knitting

Even the smallest needlewomen can cope with such a homemade postcard! Just draw or print an image of Christmas balls for them and cut off some bright knitting threads!

Simple homemade postcard

7. Stylish postcard with modern patterns

Three-dimensional postcard by own hands

8. New Year's card 3D

Several layers of colorful paper and felt impart to this postcard a wonderful texture and three-dimensional appearance, thanks to which she will not leave anyone indifferent!

3D New Year's card with own hands

9. Vintage Christmas card

Forget about modern shopping cards! In the grandmother's chest of drawers, one can certainly find some charming postcard of the 70-80s, which with a small improvement will turn into a dear gift to the heart.

Christmas card

10. Funny felt articles

Bright colors and simple wishes look absolutely in a special way on a dark gray background.

Merry Christmas Cards

11. Homemade card with a bird

Pine cone adds texture and exquisite natural touch to this charming handmade greeting card.

Homemade postcard from cones

12. Colorful postcard in oriental style

Multicolored layers of ribbon and fabric give this New Year's greeting card a cheerful oriental flavor.

Colorful Christmas card from fabric

13. Postcard with a garland

Admire friends and family with this simple-to-create holiday card with a congratulation-surprise inside.

New Year card with a surprise

14. Christmas cards from natural materials

Natural materials look very elegant on dense white paper and also provide an original look of your New Year's postcard.

Greeting card from natural materials

15. Round postcard in the form of a Christmas wreath

A round card with a family photo will look great as a Christmas tree decoration!

Decoration for a Christmas tree with your own hands