10 ways to increase a small space

The interior of the spacious living room with bright accents

A small room, despite all its charm and unlimited comfort, causes certain difficulties for designers and homeowners, since an unsuccessful layout and an abundance of decorative elements and ornaments will visually give the room an unattractive and constrained appearance.

Today we will consider 10 simple ways to improve any small decoration.

1. Use of unique wall decoration and expressive decorations to create "cozy corners" in the house. Usually, experts for decorating apartments choose simple and concise items designer furniture and a neutral shade palette.

The rich color of the paint and graphic wallpaper, which may seem overwhelming in a large room, actually look in a smaller space just amazing!

You can paste one wall with wallpaper in the dining room, which will create exceptional conditions for a pleasant meal, or in the hallway, which will help you create a hospitable and cheerful atmosphere in the atmosphere.

Accent wall in the dining room

Dining room from the studio M.A.D. Megan Arquette Design

2. Use multifunctional furniture. Small pouffes or stools can be used by the owners as tables, legs or additional resting place.

Small round pouffes

The project in the style of fusion

3. Combine the decoration of the apartment at the expense of a single color palette. This solution gives interior design incredible charm and aesthetic appeal.

Ivory furniture in the bedroom

Design by Michelle Hinckley Engineering Bureau

4. Use mirrors to create depth. These magnificent accessories reflect the light from the windows and fill the atmosphere with lightness and airiness. Try to arrange the mirror panels in the hallway, on the mantelpiece or anywhere else in the apartment as a work of art.

Large mirror in the hallway

The modern hallway from the company Tara Seawright

In addition, you can optically expand the furniture at the expense of furniture with reflective panels.

Mirror furniture in the dining room

Classic dining room from CWB Architects

Do not want to buy a giant mirror? You can create the same effect with small frames.

Small mirrors in the dining room

Dining room from the workshop of greige / Fluegge Interior Design, Inc.

5. Form an open plan in the apartment. Install interior doors with glass inserts to visually connect different zones.

Interior door with glass inserts

Cabinet from the studio LiLu Interiors

6. Use for decoration of walls and the ceiling with a white paint. In addition, always maintain order and cleanliness in all rooms of the house. This solution also gives the opportunity to visually increase living space and give it an incredible comfort.

Kitchen interior in white color

Kitchen by Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design

7. Choose large-scale furniture. Keep in the room the balance between small and large items of headset and ornaments.

Oversized furniture in the living room

Living room from MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

8. Crystal or glass chandelier. This charming accessory takes up very little space, so it is great for transforming a limited area of ​​decoration. Supplement the lamp with laconic transparent chairs made of acrylic or plexiglas.

Glass chandelier above the dining table

Megan Blake Design Dining Room

9. Use miniature sconces instead of table lamps. These lighting devices not only perfectly transform the apartments, but also allow you to free space on the table for other items.

Wall bracket in the living room

Гостиная от Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

10. Decorate all the rooms green areas. They not only remarkably refresh the space, but also give the atmosphere of the living space a natural charm.

Ferns in the bedroom

Bedroom from Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

A small house gives you the opportunity to creatively approach the arrangement of an apartment.

Low bench in the hallway

Hallway design project

We presented to our respected readers an excellent selection of visual enlargement options for small rooms that not only transform the decoration of the apartments, but also fill the atmosphere with charm and comfort.

And you liked these decor ideas? Share your opinion in the comments below ...