Living room in brown tones: design and interior

Interior of the living room in brown tones

Noble shades of chocolate shades transform any room. The interior of the living room in brown tones gives the room a soothing atmosphere of real home comfort. A soft range of warm, calming colors with interesting design accents looks expensive and respectable, emphasizes the taste of homeowners and is suitable for many popular trends.

Brown color is associated with naturalness and proximity to nature, as most natural building materials, such as stone or wood, are found in the chocolate-earthy tone scale.

The shades of deep brown color invariably symbolize unity with the earth and bring to the person a promise of reliability, stability, security and getting rid of problems. This color scheme is suitable for those who lack confidence in themselves and in the future. The calming effect of tone helps to gather your thoughts and find the right way out of any situation. Therefore, the use of a positive and warm color when planning the interior of the apartment has a beneficial effect on melancholic individuals who are inclined to focus on life's difficulties.

Room tree in the corner  Lamps on the wall  Table and sofas opposite the fireplace  Interior with parallel composition  Photo in white frames on a brown wall

Basic shades of brown, used in the interior

The many colors of the brown color make it possible to choose soft and actual tones for the design of the room from dark to soft and delicate pastels. A number of the most popular shades of chocolate skillfully intertwines in the decoration of the room, and a harmonious combination with other colors makes the interior dull and memorable:

  1. Chocolate and coffee shades are great for spacious living rooms with plenty of natural light.
  2. Pastel colors of mocha, cocoa, cappuccino and elegant beige are irreplaceable for small rooms of city apartments.
  3. The color of cinnamon makes the room cozy, and accents of yellow or red palette allow to make the atmosphere of the interior more dynamic and energetic.
  4. All shades of natural wood, imitating its real natural pattern, harmoniously fit into the decoration, made in the classical style. In such an interior, there is a positive energy that tones the owner into harmony with nature and himself.
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Brown color in the interior of the living room

The smaller the area of ​​the living room, the lighter the basic tint used for the design should be. An excess of dark tone can visually reduce the room.

LED Ceiling Light  A bright picture on the fireplace  Table with a lamp by the couch  Vase with a dried flower in the corner of the living room  Chocolate color in the interior

Brown in different styles of design

Dark and pastel chocolate tones harmoniously fit in a variety of fashion trends. The plasticity of the universal color scheme allows the designer to easily introduce the palette into a restrained classical style, and in the palace baroque, and in laconic minimalism and hi-tech. In the conservative classics you can not do without coffee and dark chocolate tones, which can be realized in a furniture set.

The color is organically intertwined in country country, which is characterized by an abundance of wooden surfaces. Combining natural materials is better with cream halftones.

Brown Art Nouveau Living Room

Adding to the original modernist design allows smooth and soft lines, made in beige-brown colors. Cream and wood motifs are as much in demand here as in the rustic style.

In modern minimalism, brown serves as a stronghold of the comfort of the house, diluting the cold metal fittings, mirrored glossy surfaces and chrome decor. Floors from a parquet board or the materials imitating a natural tree, emphasize restraint of style and serve as a magnificent background for functional furniture.

Pot with a flower in the corner of the room  Floor lamp at the couch  Decorative fireplace in the corner of the living room  Built-in ceiling lights  Blue sofa in brown interior

Popular combinations with other colors

The coffee palette will not look gloomy and sad, if you choose the right colors from other colors that can emphasize and enhance the dignity of soft colors:

  1. The color of ivory or milk combined with chocolate overflows makes the hall stylish and solemn.
  2. To preserve a halo of comfort, combine a warm shade of cinnamon with milk.
  3. The whitened shades of brown are balanced by other pastel tones. Delicate peach and languid pale pink complement the living room mocha or cocoa with warmth and emphasize the softness of the coffee range.
  4. Combination with beige and white is actual for the implementation of the accent wall.
  5. Green is also a friendly neighbor for a warm chocolate. But it is worth choosing a calm grassy or marshy shades that will not break out of the general concept of the hall.
  6.  Black and coffee notes give the living room an aura of luxury. Dilute the darker gamut can be with the help of decor in golden shades and bright lighting.
  7. The combination of brown with blue or turquoise is considered a bold, but very harmonious design move. This contrasting gamma refreshes the interior, making it less gloomy and strict.
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Interior of the living room in brown-beige color Glass table by the couch  Fabric on the ceiling and walls  Light mat on the dark floor  Golden accents in the brown living room  Large windows in the interior

All about furniture in the design of the brown living room

Wood - the main material, which should pay attention to the development of the living room in brown colors. Wooden sets are particularly relevant for the classical style, whose strict luxury often depends on the high cost of furniture sets.

Light furniture in the brown living room

To recreate the authentic atmosphere of old England with its dark interior, pick a light brown set consisting of an ergonomic rack, chest and functional wall. For such a headset, the perfect shades will be the tones of moraine wood, natural bark or cocoa.

Lamps over the sofa

Modern hall is difficult to imagine without a comfortable sofa. For the living room is suitable model with leather or textile upholstery brown, which is aesthetic and practical at the same time. Deep brown color of upholstered furniture harmoniously combines with light dairy or beige wallpaper and heavy thick curtains of a similar tone headset.

Golden curtains in a brown interior

A low coffee table with a glass top, fixed on a frame made of natural wood, will perfectly fit into the minimalist interior of a city apartment. Restrained current is an excellent option for a one-room "Khrushchev". Varied decoration of such apartments can be ergonomic light-coffee soft furniture with hidden niches. Such a set will look particularly impressive on the darkish background of the floor of wood.

Armchair by the window  Pictures on the wall on the sides of the window  Windows under the ceiling  Lockers on the sides of the sofa  Bright panel in the brown interior

Textiles and accessories: how to choose the right one

Textile décor and original accessories are magical instruments that make it possible to transform any room. When looking for decorations for a living room in brown tones, it is important to rely not only on the color range of interior items, but also on the style of the room itself:

  1. A wonderful addition to the living room are family photos on the walls. Pictures once again emphasize the importance of family values ​​and make the interior more homely. For a minimalistic or high-tech flow, it's worth picking up the strict metal frames for the photo. And for the classical style, elegant wooden frames, the color of which echoes the shade of the furniture set, will suit. You can also place photos in the hallway and corridors.
  2. A bright plaid, decorative pillows or a cloak serve as a non-trivial accent in restrained decoration. Such accessories help to shift attention from the dark color of the room to a more fresh and cheerful. For example, in a strict interior in chocolate tones, you can add a blue electrician or emerald green.
  3. Instead of small textile details, contrasting compositions can be introduced into the interior of the living room, for example, a large fluffy carpet or a natural hide of the opposite color. Especially attractive, this combination looks in the style of loft or Scandinavian flow.
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Textiles in the brown living room Beams in the interior  Clock on the wall above the table  Light floor in the interior  White sofas in the brown living room  Mirror over the fireplace

Effect of lighting on brown

The decor of the dark interior can look gloomy, gray, boring and depressing, so working with lighting is an important stage during the repair and decoration of the room. Saturated shades of brown are very demanding on the intensity of light, so decorate the living room in the coffee range is only with an abundance of natural light or an increased number of built-in lamps.

Lighting in the brown living room

Since the brown color is warm and deep, to illuminate the living room it is necessary to choose lamps of the same warm yellow or even reddish shades. Especially popular are the so-called Edison light bulbs. These stylized retro-style incandescent lamps perfectly fit into strict styles, for example, high-tech, minimalism or urban design of studio apartments. The special charm of these lamps is a high aesthetic even without using an effective chandelier or sconce: they can be screwed into a simple plafond without decor.

Paintings in the interior  Living room with a parallel composition  Model picture over the sofa  Workplace in the living room  Round mirror on the wall

Bright accents on the brown background: how to arrange correctly

Juicy flashes of bright accessories help to refresh the interior in dark or restrained tones, adding freshness and a positive attitude to the decoration. A classic description of this design can be considered a turquoise-brown tandem of flowers, which can be used in the living room, a spacious bathroom, in the kitchen and a loggia. In the decorated in such a manner of "highlight" of the composition can be a light tulle and bright curtains of the color of the sea wave, cushions and pouffes of a similar tone and pictures depicting spring landscapes.

Bright accents in the brown living room

Expand the space can be with the help of mirrors that harmonize with the abundance of surfaces from natural wood. Even a small living room in a small two-room apartment will seem more if it is supplemented with an interesting mirror plane reflecting the light walls of the mocha.

The beige-brown living room looks spectacularly golden glare: a bright decor, imitating, precious metal, makes the furniture more original and boring, emphasizing its status.

White shelves on a dark wall  Original table in the interior  Niches with shelves on the sides of the fireplace  Pictures within the framework of the sofa  Dining table by the window


Interior in brown tones - the choice of strong and confident people. Restrained, but not dreary decoration, gives all homes a "highlight" of luxury and respectability. Natural materials and inner strength of a natural deep shade recreate a unique atmosphere, under the cover of which every household member will feel comfortable.