Difficult move to a small room: what kind of furniture

Vintage furniture in the living room

In the life of many people, there are, and may be, situations where it is necessary to move from a huge apartment to a tiny space. Immediately the question arises: what should I take with me?

Today we have collected useful advice for you to help you understand this problem.

Decide what you prefer

Vintage furniture in the interior

Everyone in the house has favorite things and objects. Before embarking on the road, first of all, think about how "your pets" will look there.

Measurement of the room

Apartment layout

The importance of this process is simply incredible. Having spent a little time to measure every corner in your new apartment, you can easily plan where to put this or that product.

Start with the basic length of the room, the width and height of the ceiling. And then put on the drawing notes on the position of electrical outlets, air conditioners and heaters.

The next step is to measure the width and depth of the furniture that you want to transport with you.

Measure the width of the chair

Make your own room plan

Apartment layout с расстановкой мебели

When you have all the measurements you need, you can learn how to arrange things in a new area. To do this, you can apply a special computer program "Thomasville Furniture's room planner", which will greatly facilitate your efforts.

After the development of the plan, you will see how everything will stand with you, including even decorative elements.

Do not forget about the versatility of your furniture

Office table with glass top

For example, in the bedroom-office you can put such an interesting table, which can become a stand for a laptop and office supplies, as well as for various design details. If necessary, it can also be used as a dining table.

Things that you did not take with you, it is worthwhile to sell

The petted armchair on legs

On the proceeds you can buy additional material for the house, which will depend on your needs.

Important help

A company of friends near a truck

If you have a group of friends ready to help you out at any time, then ask them to help you at the crossing. By the way, they will be able to raise your spirits remarkably well.

Striking result

Interior of a cozy living room

Careful preparation will help you to perfectly settle in a new place, maybe even better than the previous one.