Electric fireplace in the living room interior +70 photo

Table and armchair opposite the fireplace

A living fire, tamed by the power of the human intellect, became our faithful assistant in primitive times. Later, in the period of antiquity, the rough foci of caves gave way to copper and bronze braziers that warmed the aristocracy of Athens and the patricians of Rome. Finally, in the Middle Ages a fireplace appeared - a means of heating the room, along with the furnace, which became the main source of heat for several centuries.

The revolution in the fireplace business has occurred with the widespread use of electrical heating appliances. Already in the 70s, the production of electric fireplaces began - devices that produce heating due to air heating elements, which are tubes made of a material with low electrical conductivity. As a result, after connecting the current, the material was heated, and gave off heat to the air. The first electric fireplaces suffered frequent failure of heating elements and poor quality of imitation of living fire, which made it impossible to widely use them in the interior. With the introduction of closed ceramic heating elements, without any problems functioning decades, the issue of the reliability of an electric fireplace was solved. And the spread of 3D technologies has solved the question of the naturalness of imitation of a living flame.

Stone in the interior of the living room A picture above the fireplace  Shelves on the wall by the fireplace  White armchairs and a table opposite the electric fireplace  TV above the fireplace  Fireplace with stucco molding in the living room

Species by location


Разделяют конструкции и по месту расположения. Вариантов размещения камина в комнатах дома всего четыре. Комната может быть украшена классическим пристенным, аккуратным встроенным, практичным угловым или эффектным островным каминами. Разберем особенности каждого из них. Wall-mounted камин – это наиболее классический вариант. Именно такие камины строились в богатых домах нашей страны до повсеместного распространения парового отопления. При правильном изготовлении он отличается неплохой эффективностью обогрева, и стильно выглядит. Минусы у такой конструкции тоже присутствуют. Прежде всего, необходимо учесть – пристенный камин требует пространства. Конечно, если речь идет о просторном коттедже, в котором устроен каминный зал, проблем с местом не будет. А вот стандартная квартира или небольшой частный дом – не лучшее место для подобной конструкции. Выход из положения – в устройстве варианта, наполовину утопленного в стену. Портал в такой конструкции выступает лишь на ширину ладони и не требует пространства.

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Wall-mounted электрокамин в гостиной Mirror over the fireplace  Decoration of a fireplace from a tree  Vase on the floor by the fireplace  Figurines on the fireplace  Interior of the room in the style of minimalism

Corner and island

The corner fireplace occupies not less than the square, but its arrangement allows to arrange it in rather modest premises. In addition, the corner of the room is not often used to house furniture. Another plus of this design is the relative ease of manufacturing.

Interior with corner electric fireplace Fireplace in living room combined with dining room  Floor lamp and armchair by the fireplace  Firewood in a niche by the fireplace  Guitar in the interior of the room  Facing the fireplace from the tiles under the stone

The island fireplace is the most impractical option. It requires a large room, it can not be installed in many rooms - for example, a bedroom with a similar design is difficult to imagine, and a kitchen with an installed island hearth must be truly huge, otherwise it will be inconvenient and insecure to move around it. The main advantage of this option is the original design of the fireplace, which is able to revitalize even a very dull interior.

Island fireplace in the interior of the room Living room with a wall of glass  Red fireplace in white interior  Sofa with pillows in front of the fireplace  A bright picture in a strict interior  The original fireplace room

Built-in and outboard

Built-in, and even more so the hanging fireplace - a real baby compared to other types of these heaters. After all, the modern wall version appeared only when the progress made it possible not only to create a safe and reliable electric heater, but also to simulate the effect of a living flame with a sufficient degree of certainty.

Built-in electric fireplace in the interior Original chandelier in the living room  The combination of gray walls and white furniture  Shelves with lighting in the wall near the fireplace  Niche with firewood by the fireplace  Living room in loft style

And the device, hung on the wall, came into use, and quite recently. Pros for this option is plentiful. The fireplace can be placed as you like, it does not require a lot of space, which means that it is the only realizable solution for a city apartment. Small pendant fireplaces can be placed even in a compact kitchen. If properly installed, the electric fire is absolutely fire-safe, and is usually cheaper than its wood-burning or even gas counterparts.

Suspended electric fireplace in the interior Glass table with metal legs near the white sofa  Bright sofa in a light interior Golden-lilac interior of the apartment Stone wall in the kitchen Beams in the interior of the living room

Design of a living room with electric fireplace

Even in a relatively small living room you can build a modern fireplace. An electric fireplace in the interior of a small living room will make it even more comfortable, giving it luxury and chic even to the simplest room. The main design options are two. The first option, which is more suitable for modern interiors and small rooms - laconic minimalism. The fireplace is built into the same wall on which the TV is located, usually - just under it. Thus, the attention of the person in the room is scattered between several details that stand out clearly on the white walls. In a small room, where every meter of space is important, this arrangement will be preferable.

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Interior of living room with electric fireplace

In the second case we go in the classical way - the fireplace is the center of the room, the concentration of attention of everyone entering it. In this variant it is necessary to add a focus to the portal or to highlight the entire wall on which it is located. It can be an imitation of a brickwork, a combination of colors (for example, beige-wenga, white - Ceylon ebony very successfully), or wall decoration with natural stone. This arrangement of the fireplace is suitable in case of an interior with ethno notes, as well as in classical style - with its heavy furniture, lush carpets and natural colors of the environment. A pretentious wooden portal, repeating the texture of a sofa next to it, will perfectly fit into the Empire interior.

Built-in lamps in the living room ceiling Niche with vases over the TV in the living room Combining wallpaper in the interior of the living room Design of the living room with silk wallpaper Living room with an interior in a classic style Modular picture above the sofa in the living room

Styles of decoration of portals


The design of the portal in general - the most important element of the fireplace. If the dimensions of the furnace, the features of the chimney design and other technical characteristics do not affect the design of the room, then the portal forms the style of both the hearth and the entire interior. Regardless of what material and method of manufacture were chosen for the portal, four main styles of design are distinguished:

  • Classic;
  • Country;
  • HighTeck;
  • Bionic.

Interior with electric fireplace in a classic style

The classic portal is always U-shaped. The firebox in this case is left open, only occasionally separated from the room by the door - and usually not completely transparent, but equipped with forged elements. For such a portal, strict and massive forms are characteristic, a traditional above-the-shelf regiment is mandatory. The materials of the portal are exclusively natural. Preference is given to marble, natural stone, aged precious wood. Pieces of cast iron, such as the classical grille, are appropriate and even necessary. Even if the portal decorates a modern modular electric fireplace, it would be appropriate to place there cast-iron fireplace tools - a shovel, poker, tongs. Of course, they are made of metal, preferably - by forging.

Fireplace in the classic interior Clock and candle on the fireplace Sideboards next to the fireplace Light table and dark armchairs in the interior Fireplace with marble portal in the interior Mirror in a gold frame on a white wall above the fireplace

Country or HighTech?

Country style, also called rustic (folklore), differs in the D-shaped form of the portal. The portal is suitable for wall or corner fireplaces, and is suitable for premises decorated in the style of Provence or ethno-country. Materials of the portal are chosen less expensive. Shell rock, sand stone, or imitation. The peculiarity of the portal in country-style is the obligatory presence of a special niche for drying of firewood. Firewood itself can become an original element of the design of the room.

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Interior in country style with electric fireplace

HiTek is a minimalistic style, popular in the seventies and nineties of the last century. Rapid forms, an abundance of unpainted metal, chrome and silver elements - that's the difference of such portals. It is also possible to use a stone, but - hewn and polished to a plastic luster.

Living room in high-tech style with electric fireplace  Searchlights in the interior of the living room  Original lamps on the wall above the fireplace  Shelves on the wall in the living room  Unusual chair by the fireplace  White and gray interior of the living room

Bionics and tiles

Bionics is a new trend in designer delights. Characteristics of style - adherence to natural principles. Like nature, the portal in the style of bionics avoids right angles, frozen forms and constancy. Feeling of movement, fluidity, irregular, but smooth outlines - these are the features of the bio-portal. You should choose a tree and imitation wood plastic. Colors are selected soft and natural.

Interior in the style of bionics with electric fireplace

The fifth, common in our country style, conditionally called tile. It is the adaptation of the traditional methods of finishing the Russian stove with the help of brown or white - blue unbaked tiles under the western fashion on fireplaces.

Living room with fireplace in tiled style Pile of firewood near the fireplace  Painting over the armchair by the fireplace  Interior of the room with patterns on the ceiling  Room with interior under the Russian cottage  Fireplace with a beautiful tile lining

Designing portals yourself

If the fireplace masonry is destined solely and only by professional stove workers, decorating the mantelpiece portal is possible for everyone. The cost-effective method is to create an imitation of masonry. For this, a finishing brick is obtained, one side of which resembles a stone, and a special building compound that withstands high temperatures.

Decoration of electric fireplace from stone and wood

We lay the foundation of the portal on the foundation of the fireplace - this is the requirement of fire safety. First, laying the bottom of the vaults is done. Further, the arch is laid out, and the following procedure is widespread: the construction is laid out in a continuous manner, but the brick is not fixed with a solution in place of the passage. Thanks to this, you can quickly and evenly lay out even a complex design.

Electric fireplace with a portal of stone in the interior

After the solution has dried, the portal is released from the loose supporting brick. If the portal of the wood fireplace is laid out in this way, a trial drying fire is needed, keeping the fire in moderate heat for 4-6 hours. If an electric fireplace is used, we create conditions for the drying of the solution - the optimum room temperature at moderate humidity.

A dog by the fireplace

The electric fireplace in the interior is a way to make the furniture of the room stylish and create an additional cosiness. After all, the house, according to the proverb, begins with a hearth.