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Luxurious antique furniture in the room

Rococo is a style in art and architecture that dates back to the early 18th century. This flow is distinguished by a special grace, lightness, and the ideological basis is beauty, unfading youth, gallant elegance. The rococo style in the interior showed itself most vividly. The characteristic features of the most "elegant" style - the attraction to all sorts of "women's tricks" (jewelry, figurines, luxurious fabrics, smooth lines, muted tones), increased attention to the selection of the smallest details, as well as the desire to ensure that every stroke was perfected .

Bedroom with chic interior

Born in France, the rococo quickly gained popularity in other countries. This was promoted by French artists who worked abroad. French architects, who published their projects outside their native country, also helped to spread the style. The highest flowering rococo, which absorbed the elements of baroque, reached Austria and Germany. England, too, did not escape the influence of the fashionable style, which manifested itself most in applied arts, such as inlaid furniture, the production of silverware. It is worth noting that the development of the rococo style has affected many branches of the production of artistic products. The special attitude to it has developed at manufacturers of porcelain.

The piano in the hall by the window

Rococo did not give up their positions, staying at the peak of popularity, until the very end of the XVIII century. The gallant style, perfectly combined with the ease of morals and the lasting festive mood that prevailed during the reign of Louis XV, dominated not for long, but left a notable mark in the art of decorating the interior.

Hall with paintings and chic furniture

For which rooms the style is suitable

Fans of the rococo style meet today. As a rule, these are dreamy and refined natures, who prefer aristocratism and sophistication in everything. Of course, not many of them can fully embody the truly royal luxury of this art direction. More chances to achieve success are the refined persons owning spacious country houses. However, even such lucky ones stylists restrain, urging not to get carried away excessively, not to strive for the design of the entire structure in the style of the long-ago times. First, the result of painstaking, hard work may be something more reminiscent of a historical museum, rather than a cozy dream home. Secondly, the arrangement of premises in the spirit of the gallant age will require quite impressive financial investments. Finishing materials, exclusive furniture, lamps, other decor elements - all this is not cheap.

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Ceiling with patterns in the living room

But to achieve success is easy if you apply the concept of rococo in several rooms - living room, nursery, bedroom, bathroom, or include individual elements of style in the interior of any room. Experts recommend to exclude from the list of transformed rooms a study. There must be a creative, spirited mood, and not a relaxing sensual atmosphere that evokes pleasant thoughts about rest, bliss, bliss.

There is an opinion that the territory of dominance of rococo - country houses, and the limited apartment frames practically do not allow to contain everything that requires a style direction. But is it? Practice shows that the aristocratic, incredibly spectacular and, at the same time (if you show ingenuity) enough budget style rococo is available to residents of ordinary urban apartments. After all, the modern interpretation of this style is somewhat simplified, and when difficulties arise, one can always rely on the help of professionals.

Vintage chairs and a table opposite the fireplace

Color range of interiors and patterns

In the color palette dominates the muted, pastel gamma: shades of pearls, beige, pink, light green, pistachio, lilac, sky-blue tones in combination with gold and base color - white. Watercolor, blurry colors fill the room with tranquility, turn to a world of feelings, fantasy, subtle, subtle moods.

It is interesting! The main element of the ornamental decoration in the Rococo style resembles a curl of the shell. It is called "rocaille". The French word rocaille is translated as "rocky". Originally this term was used to designate shells, fossils, fragments of rocks, other details that imitate natural elements that were used to decorate the park pavilions-grottos and fountain bowls. Over time, all objects that resemble a sea shell, uneven pearl or stone, because of an unusual, wriggling, bizarre shape began to be called rocaille. The very name of the rococo style is associated with the term.

Ceiling with paintings in the hall

XVIII century, several updated the principles of decoration of premises. Widely used the following patterns:

  • garlands of interwoven stems, leaves, developing ribbons;
  • fancy ornaments with monkeys and children's figurines;
  • images of mythological characters - nymphs, fauns.

The combination of white furniture and gray walls

Wall decoration

Rococo interiors have always amazed with lightness, beauty, exquisite luxury. This impression was created with the help of carved panels, fabric wallpaper, voluminous draperies, tapestries of white, tender pink, blue shades. As a rule, there were no straight lines on the walls, a stucco artistic pattern was used-scattered with light carelessness, floral arrangements, ornate curls, interlacing, whimsical vignettes, shells. Decorative compositions occupied all the walls, including the planes above the semicircular door and window openings.

Modern design is impossible without the use of wallpaper - silk, dense glossy, as well as without decorating with woven inserts, Venetian plaster. Sometimes the walls are separated by a horizontal line into two parts. Often, this option is used when the upper part is covered with a cloth, and the lower part is pasted with qualitative wallpaper.

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Cabinet with white interior and gold decor

Mural paintings, fancifully framed paintings and mirrors are invariably used. Mirrors are usually placed one against the other or in the piers between the windows, which visually expands the room. But this alone does not limit the role of mirrors. Ghostly playing reflections creates a special semi-ambiguous atmosphere, where the illusory world is intertwined with reality.

Features of the design of the walls - rounded corners, as well as an inconspicuous line of joint between the wall and the ceiling. Smooth transition from the wall pattern to the ceiling design provides auxiliary decoration, the so-called padouga. This is a kind of overlap between the wall and the ceiling, the main purpose of which is smoothing the corners. Usually the rainbow is decorated with stucco, covered with gilding. Sometimes, to create a more strict atmosphere, a silver paint is applied to the openwork pattern on the padug.

Hall with stucco on the walls and ceiling

Ceiling Design

The interior style of rococo suggests a one-tone decoration of the ceiling or decoration with bright frescoes. As a decoration stucco is used in the tone of decoration, more often with gilding. The composition of the living room or dining room, where the maximum accent is placed on the ceiling, should be completed by the front chandelier - elegant, crystal, with sparkling pendants or imitation of a cascade of candles. On the ceilings of the nursery and the bedroom is appropriate a small number of stucco decorations, as well as not too bright chandelier.

Ceiling with patterns and stucco

Floor decoration

The floor in the rococo interior is certainly expensive and catchy. The ideal option for flooring is a reliable and durable art parquet. The grace of the drawings of this cover gives a feeling of comfort, prosperity, refined aristocracy. The interiors of the rococo look no less harmonious if the floor is made of marble or covered with ceramic tiles, recreating a marble pattern. It is important that the surface reflects elegant furniture and exquisite decor. The effect of luxury and comfort in one bottle is achieved with the help of a small painted carpet. This item is appropriate everywhere, but the children's room and the bedroom are the most suitable places for him.

Luxurious table and chairs by the fireplace

Features of the choice of textiles

The abundance of woven items is one of the interior features of this style trend. Therefore, when designing windows welcome intricate designs from several layers of fabric. The key to success - curtains made of natural silk, freely falling to the floor. The effect of palace luxury is helped to achieve the laying of fabric with waves, flowing creases, decoration with bows, fringes, ruffles, ribbons, embroidery, appliqués. For the Rococo style, furniture covers and tablecloths with elaborate, elaborate decoration are suitable.

Bed with curtains


Luxurious crystal chandelier of exclusive design - a real highlight of the interior of the living room. Aesthetics of the Rococo style requires that this lighting device, in addition to performing the main function, demonstrate the elitism of the house, the degree of respectability, the excellent taste of its owners. As for the bedroom, it is appropriate to be a small lamp with a lace shade or an interesting shape of the plafond.

Flowers on a table between a sofa and armchairs

Attention! The interior of the rococo requires the play of light and shadows, a mysterious semi-darkness, much needed to create a sensual and intimate atmosphere. Therefore, the room must necessarily be a place for sconces, floor lamps, old candelabra.

Enhance the lighting of the room, without losing the color of the gallant century, you can use a simple technique. It is enough to place the lamps next to the mirrors, or opposite to them. Do you want to plunge into the captivating era of beautiful feelings? Light the candle in a gilded or porcelain candlestick. Let the mirror in the magnificent oval frame reflect its wavering flame.

Decorative statue of a boy in the hall

Furniture of the era of Louis XV

All furnishings of the XVIII century were distinguished by graceful shapes and flowing lines. To produce them, expensive wood was used: maple, rosewood, mahogany, walnut, lemon. Upholstered furniture upholstered in silk, brocade, velvet. However, the craftsmen cared not only about the quality of furniture. Items for rest, bliss, delights, they turned into original works of art, which every self-respecting citizen wanted to acquire. In the era of rococo low chairs, deep sofas and armchairs were considered fashionable, which combined a common feature - curved legs and backs, decorated with a carved openwork pattern. The upholstery of these products featured intricate images of a vine, a flower garland, a diamond-shaped net, a romantic scene.

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Harp in the sofa lounge

Figured legs, decorated with inlays, skilful carvings, bronze pads and gilding, supported elegant couches, lacquer chests, benches, secretaries. In the boudoir of secular women of fashion took pride of place unknown earlier lockers for papers - cardboard. Once again, small tables with a round table top, based on black figures of Moor slaves, became actual. In the era of rococo, these products began to be called geridones. So called Provençal ballads, praising the fearlessness of slaves.

Picture over comodom

Required items in the design of the rooms were cupboards and chests of drawers. In the era of Louis XV these items lost their standard rectangular shape. From now on they clearly demonstrated the highest level of skill of their creators. Cabinets in the Rococo style differed lacquered surfaces, wavy lines, thin lace patterns along rounded edges, as well as neat handles inlaid with ivory and gems.

The bedroom in the style of rococo is unthinkable without a spacious bed with a huge, skilfully decorated headboard. In the XVIII century this magnificence was supplemented with a canopy and carved columns. If desired, such an interior is not difficult to recreate in our time. For a complete immersion in the world of palace luxury, one more sophisticated and incredibly feminine rococo interior is needed. We are talking about a mobile screen with rich paintings.

An old mirror near the sofas

Using decor objects

The base element, from which the design of the living room begins, is a low fireplace. From the design of this luxurious object depends largely on how the decor of the room will look. Most often used rococo fireplaces, made of beige or white marble. The nobility of the appearance of the product can be strengthened by placing on the mantelpiece candelabra with candles, vases, figurines, watches. Over the fireplace it is recommended to hang large mirrors in spectacular frames, and next to put a miniature table and chairs.

Wine on the table and chic chairs

Do not forget about the aquarium. It was the Rococo era that transformed the transparent container for fish into an element of decor. Remember and about the cute trinkets: caskets, porcelain figurines, figurines of ivory. They revitalize the interior, symbolize prosperity and carelessness, and these categories are welcomed by the rococo style. For upholstered furniture, too, there are decorations - small pillows, all kinds of capes, rollers.

Statuettes on chests

One of the style requirements - the mandatory presence in the premises of antiques and objects, stylized for the past centuries. For example, the living room can be decorated with bronze clocks, art panels, crystal vases, table porcelain sets. All this enriches the interior and forms the atmosphere of aristocratic antiquity.

Figurines in the interior of the room  An old chandelier with candle-shaped lamps  Table with books in front of the sofa  A huge mirror above the fireplace in the bedroom  Paintings and chic furniture in the interior Ancient clock on the wall with pictures  Table and chairs near the bed  Chic dresser, bedside table and bed in the bedroom  Green furniture in combination with green wallpaper  Hall with stucco on the walls and a chandelier White interior with antique sofas and a table  Table with chairs near the bed  Bedroom with antique furniture and pillows on the floor  Figurines and a vase on the fireplace in the interior  Table and chairs in front of the fireplace with statues Hall with chic interior and furniture  Original chandeliers above the table  White table and cabinet with carved patterns in the office  Bedroom with white bed, wardrobe and mirror  Sofa with canopy near the fireplace