Fashion trends for kitchen design in 2018

For many of us, the kitchen is the center of home comfort. Agree: this is more than just a place for cooking. It is in the kitchen that the whole family gathers for supper, and here all the most sincere conversations take place. Of course, linger more pleasantly in a beautiful, clean and modern interior. Therefore, today Dekorin presents to you hot fashion trends for kitchen design, which you can safely follow when repairing in 2018. And, as always, a new portion of inspiring photos has been prepared for you!

Modern design of the kitchen 2018: fashion trends and ideas

So, what are the modern ideas for the kitchen worth trying in 2018? Below you will get acquainted with 10 main trends, which concern the choice of kitchen furniture, decor, shades and materials. (For trends that do not lose their relevance, see our article Fashionable Kitchens 2016).

Trend 1. Intelligent or smart kitchen

The popularity of high technologies for the kitchen is growing day by day. Multifunctional multivarkers and self-defrosting refrigerators are present in every second house, more and more kitchen appliances are being made with built-in Wi-Fi. This function allows you to connect the device to a mobile phone, so you can remotely control your kitchen: turn on or off the coffee machines, ovens and other devices, receive notifications of food availability etc.

Kitchen design 2018 - high technology Fashion trends in kitchen design 2018 - smart technology

Trend 2. Black kitchen cabinets

Black facades of kitchen cabinets allow to give an elegant and even chic look to a kitchen of any size. In 2018, they are very fashionable to combine with natural wood trim, as well as shiny metal fittings, glass and crystal.

Kitchen design 2018 - photos of new items in black Black kitchen cabinets - modern ideas of 2018 Design of the kitchen in 2018 in black

Trend 3. Cozy kitchens in the style of a shaker and a provence

Modest, but very cozy cabinets in the style of the shaker are very popular in the design of the kitchen in 2018. They are distinguished by the simplicity of decoration, compactness, comfortable design and natural colors. Use them together with the rustic decor in the spirit of the styles of Provence and Country, so that the interior of the kitchen will delight you with the uniqueness of its style and warmth.

Modern design of kitchen 2017 with furniture shaker Shaker kitchen design photo 2018 - modern ideasStylish kitchen design 2018 photos - novelties of furniture

Trend 4. Kitchen design in warm gray tones

Gray-beige and gray-brown tones are the most fashionable shades for design and repair of the kitchen in 2018. Like black, they help to give the interior an elegant, cozy and refined atmosphere.

Design of the kitchen in 2017 in gray Modern kitchen design 2018 - photo with gray cabinets Also read: Fashion combination of gray and beige for 30 photos in the interiorFashionable design of the kitchen 2018 with furniture in gray Gray-beige kitchen interior - fashion trend 2018

Trend 5. Multifunctional islands in the kitchen interior 2018

Multifunctional kitchen islands are another modern idea for the kitchen, which is becoming especially popular in 2018. Today the "island" is not just an additional working surface. It can also have many convenient storage compartments for kitchen accessories, retractable and folding countertops, a bar rack, built-in oven, sink and other useful functions.

Design kitchen 2017 with a multifunctional island Fashion trends in kitchen design 2017 - kitchen with island in loft style Kitchen design 2018 photos - new furniture and a comfortable island Also read: 20 ideas on how to create an island in a small kitchenKitchen island combined with a dining table Kitchen design 2017 - photo with a fashionable island

Trend 6. Two-color kitchen cabinets - current novelty

The trend of decorating kitchens with cupboards of two different shades began to gather momentum last year and, obviously, is not going to stop there in 2018. Whether it's contrasting shades or complementary tones, two-color cabinets help to make the kitchen design brighter, more interesting and multifaceted.

Kitchen design - photo 2018 modern design ideas Two-color cabinets in the kitchen - fashionable design 2018 A small kitchen in white and green tones

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Trend 7. Plants, herbs and fresh vegetables in the kitchen

Today, the right food and a healthy lifestyle are in fashion. In order to have fresh vegetables or greenery in your house all year round, it is worth organizing a small garden in the kitchen. It can be arranged in pots and old containers, on wall shelves or in the windowsill. A few ideas for this - on the following photos!

Kitchen design 2018 - greenery in the interior Seedlings and grass on the windowsill in kitchen design Where to plant herbs in the kitchen - fashion ideas 2018

Trend 8. Combination of materials with different textures

The combination of different materials is perhaps the greatest trend in the design of the kitchen in 2018. Wood, stone, concrete, marble and tiles have very characteristic colors and textures, the contrast between which gives the interior a special aesthetics and charm.

Combination of materials and textures in kitchen design Modern ideas for the kitchen - the design of tiles and gray furniture The combination of wood, metal and marble in kitchen design 2018

Trend 9. Pantry in the kitchen design 2018

Another fashionable modern idea for the kitchen in 2018 are built-in storage cupboards with sliding or swinging doors, as well as shelves from floor to ceiling. Get 10 ideas for design a small pantry by clicking on this link.

Fashionable design of the kitchen 2018 with shelves in the form of a pantry Pantry in the design of the kitchen in 2018 Wardrobe in the kitchen design - trend 2018

Trend 10. Dark metals in the spirit of industrial style

The cold gloss of chrome and nickel, the warm luxury of gold, bronze and brass, which were so popular in the past years, in 2018 are inferior to matte black taps, furniture fittings and other details of dark and wrought iron. They perfectly help to transfer kitchen aesthetics of fashionable styles industrial and steampunk, and also feeling of manual work. Latest photos for today:

Kitchen design 2018 in classic style Kitchen design - photo 2017 modern ideas with a dark metal Fashion trends in kitchen design 2017 - dark metal in the style of industrial Design of the kitchen in 2018 - fashionable details

Fashion trends in the design of the kitchen as you see give the opportunity to unfold your fantasies in different directions. It will be appropriate here as a combination of styles, and adherence to one. We hope that the above mentioned ten design options for the kitchen design will help you decide on your fashion style.