Cozy chalet style in the interior of houses and apartments

When winter begins, our thoughts turn to themselves in the evenings, spent in warm and cozy rooms with a fireplace, comfortable soft furniture and luxurious decor elements. The chalet style in the interior is distinguished by an abundance of wood, stone, muted light and fabulous fabrics, which embodies an elegant and tranquil lifestyle typical of the fabulous country houses in the Alps.

Only their appearance warms our hearts and relaxes the mind. In this article, we have collected 35 photos of chalet-style interiors-just to get you a portion of inspiration and new ideas for winter decorating your home.

How to create an interior in a chalet style in your home?

The chalet style originated in the southern provinces of France and bears the romantic spirit of this region. Chalets were originally called small alpine houses, which served as a refuge for the shepherds. Hence all the specific characteristics of the style: natural materials, simplicity of design, some roughness in the finish. And they make the interior in the style of the chalet so cozy, practical and unique.

Style chalets in the interior of the living room

Today, more and more successful and active people choose this style for their homes and apartments, to get a sense of comfort and forget about the city bustle. If you are one of them, then let's see together what makes the interiors in the chalet style so special.

Wooden accents - an integral part of the chalet style

The main feature of the interiors of the chalet is wood - a visually warm material that fits well with masonry and fluffy carpets. In houses in the style of a chalet, the wood must be natural, unpainted and quite simply processed - ornate carvings and paintings are not welcome here. An integral attribute of the chalet is the wooden beams on the ceiling, although recently some modern designs do without them. In urban apartments, to create a cozy chalet style, one or several walls are faced with a tree.

bright-minimalism-style-chalet kitchen-living room-staircase-chalet accommodation-in-style-chalet attic-interior-bedroom-in-style-chalet decoration-interior-in-style-chalet luxury-kitchen-in-style chalet cozy-kitchen-chalet

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Fireplace and interior lighting in chalet style

A fireplace is the heart of any chalet house. He plays a key role not only in the interior of the living room, but also in the whole house. Therefore, its decoration needs special attention. So, it is recommended to decorate the fireplace with natural stone or wood. This allows you to maintain the authenticity of the style, even if you installed an electric fireplace when you have an apartment in the style of a chalet. A small bundle of firewood, beautifully laid in the niche of the wall or just near the fireplace, will emphasize the refined home atmosphere.

black-and-white-interior-chalet design-houses-in-style-chalets living-in-style chalet kamin-interier-in-stile-shale malenkaya-living-in-style chalet modern-house-in-style chalet light-interior-living-room-in-style chalet

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A well-designed lighting scheme also plays an important role in the design of the chalet-style interior. It is necessary not only to choose the right fixtures, but also to take into account the light-absorbing qualities of wood and other materials. That is why in many alpine chalet houses there are huge windows and even glass walls. Candles, table lamps, floor lamps and sconces help illuminate every corner and create an even warmer atmosphere.

bedroom-in-style chaletclaret-interior-chalet interior-home-shale-photo wooden-bathroom-chaletkrasivaya-bedroom-in-style chalet kuhnya-living-in-style chalet

Furniture and other features of the chalet style in the interiors

The style of a chalet is difficult to imagine without simple, massive and very comfortable furniture. Slim design and exterior appeal are not as important as comfort and practicality. Large leather sofas and armchairs, wooden beds, wardrobes and tables - in the chalet there should be only the necessary furniture, but it can differ in size and capacity.

private-house-in-style chalet design kitchen-in-style chalet design-bedroom-in-style-shawl kitchen-dining-in-style chalet malenkaya-bedroom-in-style chalet stylish-kitchen-chalet bathroom-room-in-style chalet

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When it comes to decorating chalet-style interiors, designers sigh with relief. Jewelry can be a lot and they do not need to be strictly seasoned. Skins and antlers of animals, numerous bedspreads and pillows, old books, paintings, vases and dishes - all these and other simple, rustic decor items will look great in the house of the chalet. The only thing is better to give preference to elements from natural materials. For example, wool and cotton are welcome among the fabrics. Wooden stumps, branches and bunches of dry herbs can be an ideal addition.

interior-private-home-in-style-chaletkrasuvyy-interier-home-in-style-shale Chalet-steady-V-interior-SPAlNmodern-style-chalet-in-interior-photo style-chales-in-the-home country-house-in-style chalet

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