Paintings in the interior - 75 photos of beautiful design

You for a long time planned to change something in your life and decided to start with the renovation of the apartment. Of course, I want to create an ideal atmosphere of comfort, comfort and originality. If the simplicity is not to your liking, but you want to play with colors and include pictures in your interior design - boldly get down to business.

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However, you doubt whether you can choose them correctly, successfully and appropriately-

Immediately on all these questions our article will answer!


Table of contents of the article:

  • Unusual ideas for interior paintings
  • Choosing a picture for the interior
  • Poster or modular picture
  • How to choose the location of pictures
  • 75 pictures in the interior

Unusual ideas for interior paintings

Paintings today are rather a public thing, and not a prerogative of a high society, people educated and in love with art.

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Because such an accessory, I'm not afraid to put it this way, is not perceived as something expensive and requires long reflection on its creation and plot.

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To put it bluntly, the nuance in interior design with pictures is only one - the right canvas!

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Choosing a picture for the interior

For a moment, imagine: a chic interior with high ceilings, spacious rooms and arches. The walls are painted in light colors, leather sofas with gold fringe, candelabra, sconces and other objects of urban chic of the 20th century. And on the wall hangs a picture in a wooden frame with a picture of a desert meadow and grazing cattle.


Dissonance, is not it ?! So that such mistakes do not spoil our mood, let us dwell in more detail on the purpose of paintings for the style of the interior.


1. Let's start with a simple one. Style hi-tech - a synonym for industrialization, ultrafashionable and cold colors - welcomes pictures depicting geometric shapes. It can be any other images, but only with straight lines that do not have bends. In unison style, canvases should be "cold" colors: gray, black, blue, etc.


2. Style minimalism adjacent to the style of high-tech in relation to the choice of paintings. However, it allows images with the presence of various bends and rounds.

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3. Provence - is characterized by the choice of bright and not very pictures that send us thoughts about a country house, a village, meadows- Simply put: thoughts about nature. Such paintings depict flowers, forests, fields, rivers and seas. And also, so native to the Russian people, a wooden house and a garden.


4. Classics are always classics. In this interior it is difficult to find your place of abstraction or geometry. The most optimal options are copies (even better than the originals, if you possess such means) Great canvases of Aivazovsky, Levitan, Surikov and many other Russian artists. Of course, not only Russians.


5. Almost the opposite style of art deco welcomes abstraction and surrealism in its space. So, it is the paintings or copies of Kandinsky, Dali and Picasso that will become an integral part of such premises.


We hope these examples will help you understand and decide on the right linen.


Poster or modular picture

Let's start in order! In this case, we are talking about a poster in the form of a picture, not a three-dimensional poster with advertising themes. They often contain motivating or affirming inscriptions and very rarely images that can rightly be called "talking" (images).

Modular-Picture-Night-City-New York Poster-of-the-2-parts

Today, posters are popular among young people, which means they decorate the rooms, living rooms and even the kitchens of modern interiors. Look great in the tea or coffee break zone. Serves as a perfect background for a pair of armchairs and a small table.

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Less common in the head of the soft corners, but if it's the apartment of a young man (or girl), everything can be.

Modern living room interior with canvas on the wall

Modular paintings are now at the height of popularity. They are like mosaics composed of 2,3,4,5-pieces, which create one composition. Such paintings can be in frames and under glass, or painted with oil paints, or printed on a printer.


The advantages of such paintings are that they are original and leave indelible impressions. Modular paintings in the interior - this is certainly a new milestone in the design of premises.


How to choose the location of pictures

This question is no less important than the picture itself. Whether the canvas is masterpiece, in a dark place or not appropriate, it will be lost. Therefore, before you buy a canvas, think about where you want to put it.

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For example, a small room can visually increase if you hang a modular picture on the wall, which will consist of 3-5 parallel parts. This option looks great in the corridors, in the living rooms above the sofa or in the sleeping rooms above the bed.

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If you are not supporters of pretentious designs, but still do not want to remain a gray mouse, you can use vivid pictures to give originality to the quiet space of an apartment or one room.


To decorate the living room with paintings, it is recommended to use a collage of canvases. It can be a completely different picture, associated with a color scheme or a modular version. Just fine accent will help make portraits with your favorite stars, actors or singers (most popular in black and white color).


For the bedroom it is recommended to use paintings with a calm image, while the living room can tolerate the aggression of a tiger, a lion or a cat preparing to jump. It is in the bedroom you can buy a canvas in the image of the curves of a beautiful female body, a mysterious mosaic or a peaceful nature.


The most important thing to remember is that the picture you choose will become a full master of everyday life and make up a duet or quartet in your apartment, it all depends on its owners.

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75 pictures in the interior


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