Fashionable bathroom design 2015

The ideal bathroom today is a place that combines luxury, comfort and relaxation. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to choose the right design element: furniture, tiles, plumbing, lamps etc. In this article, we suggest that you look at the trendy design of the bathroom in 2015 - 9 trends and 50 beautiful photos of bathrooms.

1. Advanced technology and Hi-Tech style

Built-in audio systems, water-saving and multifunctional mixers, toilet bowls with low water consumption, smart shower (technology controls droplet size and water speed, has a function of steam etc.), illumination for color therapy - all this can not only improve the convenience of using the bathroom, but also make it very stylish and fashionable. Combine them with simple furniture, hanging plumbing, geometric shapes, mirrors, glass and chrome elements to achieve the popular Hi-Tech style.

Design of a bathroom in the style of hi-tech Large bathroom in hi-tech style Useful gadgets for the bathroom: color therapy Functional shower with marble tiles Multifunctional shower in the bathroom Modern functional bathroom furniture Bathroom Design 2015: Super Shower

Use a high-tech style in the interiors of bathrooms is, perhaps, a lot of freedom for both home owners and designers. This direction literally erases all borders for the flight of creative thought - everything will be reflected in the final version of the design project and its subsequent implementation.

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2. Bathroom design in minimalism style

Sometimes "less" can tell us much more. The minimalism style has a stunning modern aesthetics and better than other styles helps to create a spa effect in the bathroom. Use clean lines of furniture and plumbing, a simple and fresh color scheme, as well as only those items that you really need. Well, since we are talking about the fashionable design of the bathroom in 2015, it is worth adding to this minimalist background 2-3 beautiful ornaments in the spirit of the spa: a vase of flowers, candles for aromatherapy, an Asian statuette or the like.

Bathroom design in minimalism style Bathroom furniture in minimalism style Design of a bathroom in the spirit of a spa Bathroom Design 2015: minimalism Bathroom in Oriental style with minimalism

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3. Inspiring design of bathroom tiles

Inspired by nature, the design of bathroom tiles is one of the main trends of 2015. Indeed: it just perfectly serves as a decorative background for simple plumbing and furniture. Here are some of the most fashionable ideas for tiles in the bathroom:

  • Drawing of flowers and trees, for example, cherry blossoms;
  • Tiles for bamboo or wood;
  • Tiles for natural stone, limestone or marble;
  • Design tiles with the effect of "metallic";
  • Mosaic with natural motifs;
  • Tile of natural shades, such as: sky blue, green, peach, coral, sand etc.

Apply tile to the bathroom today is considered the most versatile and affordable approach to decorating this room. There are several logical explanations for this: tiles are available at a price, there are many options on the market, and it will serve for many years.

Beautiful mosaic of tiles in the bathroom Bathroom Design in Classic Style 2015 Finishing a bathroom under a tree Bathroom tile with flower patterns Bathroom tile for bamboo Beautiful color tiles for bathroom Bathroom Design 2015: Bathroom Tiles

4. Warm and stylish floor design

Agree that heated floors can significantly improve your comfort while you are in the bathroom. But speaking of a warm design, we mean not only the warmth of touch, but also the visual aspect. Fashionable bathroom design 2015 dictates us to use natural textures and shades of wood for floor design. What will you choose: a parquet or a floor tile under a tree?

Tile for a floor under a tree The warm floor in the bathroom and the tiles under the tree Wooden bathroom tiles

In 2015, designers really began to pay much attention to the design of the floor in the bathroom. So, today more and more there are bathroom designs with an emphasis on the flooring. Bright walls, bright ceilings - this is all we have been going through in recent years. Now it's time for the sexes to act as a unique element!

Bright tile on the floor in the bathroom Fine tile for floor as a mosaic Marble floor tiles in the bathroom Bathroom Design 2015: Flooring

5. Luxurious shower cabins

A common trend for interior design is the desire of a person to give the room a more open and free look. In the bathroom, this trend is expressed in the form of the growing popularity of large and fully transparent showers, finished with beautiful tiles, with niches, seats or shelves, as well as chic functional mixers.

Needless to say, unlike the shower cubicles, these cabins allow the bathroom to look much more beautiful, holistic and spacious?

Shower cabin finish with tiles Beautiful finish shower cubicle tiles and stone Large shower in the small bathroom Design of a small bathroom 2015 Bathroom Shower Design 2015

6. Separate baths

Autonomous baths take up less space and look much more aesthetic than those that attach to the walls. Another reason for their great popularity in 2015 is the feeling of freedom and spa-relaxation that they are able to give to their owners. Just take a look at these photos:

Separate bath in the bathroom design Autonomous bathtub in the bathroom design 2015 Separate bath without legs Separate bath with illumination

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7. Designer bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting always played an important role. For example, bright light makes it look more spacious, and muffled - creates a calm and romantic atmosphere. For the design of bathrooms in 2015 is characterized by the use of very beautiful lamps, including luxurious chandeliers and sconces, as well as modern LED lighting, which can give the bathroom the most unusual atmosphere from luxury to futurism.

Futuristic bathroom lighting Chandelier in the bathroom Beautiful lighting and lighting in the bathroom design Beautiful Pendant Lights for Bathroom Bathroom design with LED backlight

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8. Expressive Textures and Materials

A rock. Steel. Glass. Tree. The cloth. Beautiful textures there are countless and all of them can be used in the bathroom. But to create a unique style and atmosphere in the interior, they are best used "in contrast": matte and glossy surfaces, warm and cold materials, smooth and textured objects - collect several opposite textures together to create a truly unique and seductive bathroom design rooms!

Stylish bathroom 2015 Unusual color scheme in bathroom 2015 Design of a bathroom with natural materials Stone pebbles on the walls in the bathroom Bathroom design 2015: 9 trends

9. The most fashionable color is gray

If you already list trends in the design of the bathroom in 2015, then, of course, we can not say about the most popular color of its design. So, if the general color of 2015 is marsala, then in the bathrooms the gray color scheme began to prevail. Surprisingly, gray is really something. First, it is neutral, which allows it to be used in any rooms and combined with any other tones. Secondly, it is out of time and is suitable for creating both a modern style of Hi-Tech, and for luxurious bathrooms. Finally and thirdly, it was rarely used until this year and allows you to give your bathroom an exclusive look.

Luxury Bathroom Design Luxurious bathroom in Chinese style Gray wall color in bathroom design Bathroom Design 2015: Lightings and Gray Bathroom design in gray and minimal style

This is what our list of 9 most important bathroom design trends of 2015 looks like. You can use it as a source for inspiration and ideas, whether it's to repair your bathroom, create a new design from scratch or just to refresh some individual details and change the decor. Good luck and all the best!