Original ideas for designing a studio apartment in a small

Zoning in studio apartment

The small interiors look originally designed as studios. The common space provides great opportunities for fantasy and experimentation.

The studio is located in New York in the Manhattan area and has an area of ​​45 square meters. To save space, multi-level zone allocation is used.

The bedroom is above the kitchen and bathroom. For convenient storage of things in each step drawers are made. A warm golden tree creates a cosiness and decorates the room with its natural pattern.

Two-level bed in the studio apartment

The glossy surface of the wall and the mirror between the windows with their reflection greatly increase the visual space. The sofa unfolds, creating an extra bed for friends who decided to stay for the night.

In the niche of the wall next to the monitor white chair and a table in the corner is a comfortable workplace.

Office in the living room of a small studio apartment

Stunning studio apartment in Los Angeles area of ​​37 square meters created in a former garage. The colorful eclectic style makes the living fun.

The bedroom from the living room is separated by a bedside table and a shelf hung from the pipes. Between them is a TV screen that you can turn to the side of the sofa and look out of bed.

Interior of a small studio apartment

The kitchen is separated by a long white table, which can be used as a dining room and for cooking. The absence of walls allows free penetration of natural light.

Kitchen and dining room of a small studio apartment

The interior design of the studio in Vancouver is mild and romantic. Space is divided into zones using furniture. A long white chest of drawers separates the bedroom.

A round table and an armchair are on the corner of the carpet, which defines the rest zone. Numerous mirrors with their reflection increase space.

Bedroom of a small studio apartment

A large window was made in the kitchen. The worktop on the wall is used as a stand and near it there are bar chairs made of plastic in the techno style. On the stove side, this is the working area for cooking.

The corner is decorated with an oriental carved stool with a set of bird figures.

Bar counter in the living room

In London, a stylish studio apartment during the day is used as an office and a living room. Soft gray and blue tones create a business environment. Carpet with yellow stripes makes small interior  more fun.

On the open shelves in the niche of the wall are souvenirs and samples of products. The table can be made larger by pushing one more piece under it.

Living room of a small studio apartment

At night, the bed hidden in the wall reclines and covers part of the sofa. Bed linen is stored in a drawer under the mattress. Turn the study into a bedroom in a few minutes. The mirror wall increases the volume of the room in half and hides behind itself a kitchen and a bathroom.

Bed in the living room of a small studio apartment

A bright studio, conveying the character and habits of her mistress, is located on the outskirts of New York to Queens. Black walls create a magnificent background for numerous portraits and paintings. The mirror doors of the wardrobe reflect a luxurious bed with colorful pillows.

A strip of wall under the ceiling serves as a hanger for the fashionable hats of the mistress, who are simultaneously used as decor. A beautiful chandelier in classical style shines with numerous pendants.

Mirrored closet in the bedroom

Next to the left of the bed is a living room divided into separate zones by fragments of wallpaper of different colors. The round table looks like a big malachite box.

In a niche with pink walls there is a TV set surrounded by piles of books. Beneath it are boxes of things. The deepening in the wall above the back of the couch is filled with gifts and souvenirs. We can say with confidence that the apartment is not just a woman, but a creative person.

Living room of a small studio apartment

This dream House does not have a permanent place, because it is arranged on wheels and moves from one place to another, paying only for the parking lot, and not a plot of land for the building.

The TV screen was fixed on the wall and now a nightstand or stand is not needed. Under the sofa seat to store things. In the bedroom, located above the kitchen and bathroom, you can get on the stairs.

Interior of a small two-level apartment

The entire space of the walls is covered with photographs and open shelves with various necessary objects. At the end of the studio is a French window and a glass door. The whole situation is thought through to the smallest detail. In a small trailer fit everything you need for a comfortable life.

Entrance hall of a small studio apartment

Interior of a small studio-style apartment from Australian designers. Cabinet doors with magnets, without handles, look like wall panels. At the head of the bed, the niche is decorated with a tree. It is used as a shelf and stand for fixtures.

Bright linens decorates a decorative pillow of marsh color.

Bedroom of a small studio apartment

The TV is installed in a niche, and is closed by screens in the tone of the walls. Under the bed are large drawers for things. Chairs are decorated with colorful cushions. Motley interior is cheerful and cozy.

Living room of a small studio apartment

A fashion studio in San Francisco has a pantry that was disguised by painting a one-tone door with walls. A large bed can also be used as a sofa, shifting the pillows to the other side.

Wall decor is made with vases and a big picture depicting the yellow wall of the old house with stairs outside. Next to the TV is a folding table and a working chair.

Interior of a small studio apartment

A mirror in the whole wall reflects the bed and light from the window along the entire length of the apartment. Above the kitchen ceiling is understated and near the island there is a bar stool. Indoor plants are planted in decorative pots and stand near the bed.

Armchairs can be expanded, creating additional places for sleep, if necessary. A wide base of the bed can serve as a sofa and a place for breakfast with a portable table.

Interior of a small studio apartment