Home-van on wheels: the path to harmony

Project of the house of a van on wheels

House wagon on wheels: convenience and simplicity

House wagon on wheels is not such a stupid fantasy. Have you ever felt completely free? Only you and the forest around, the sun, fresh air, harmony, the smell of invigorating coffee and ... WiFi, where are we without it!

Perhaps this is exactly what designers from KantoorKaravaan dreamed of. They created a unique project called The Tipping Point Foundation. In fact - this is the working area, which consists of several wagons. Each van is a full-fledged office. Very mobile office, so it can often be found in the forest or the countryside of the Netherlands. It works on solar energy, as well as it has a toilet. Just bring your laptop or other materials and get to work.

House wagon on wheels: an unusual office

The most unusual office in your life

House wagon on wheels from KantoorKaravaan

In harmony with nature

The main feature of the project is that anyone can rent a personal van. This is more than affordable. If you do not have enough money, you can consider various payment options. Busy van can as one person, and a small family or company. The idea of ​​a small caravan city turned out to be so successful that the organizers plan to develop the project in Sweden, Greece, Spain and the USA for a longer time.

House wagon on wheels for rent

All that is necessary for productive work

House wagon on wheels suitable for office workers

Laptop and coffee - the dream of any modern office worker

Today many people get tired of the city. Nature is something that will help them to restore inner strength and spiritual harmony. There are many advantages in working in nature. The person relaxes, less stresses, which favorably affects the quality of his work. In comparison with the office in the usual sense of the word, the concept of office camping gives you a lot of space, the necessary silence and absolute freedom.