How to decorate a house for the new year 2016 - trends and

"How you will meet the New Year, so you will spend it." We may not believe the signs, but we always try to meet on January 1, especially - with special people and in a special atmosphere. In today's article on Dekorin you will learn how to decorate a house for the New Year so that it brings a lot of joy to you and your loved ones and corresponds to the spirit of the coming year.

Fashionable ideas for decorating a house for the New Year

2016 on the Eastern calendar is the year of the Fiery Monkey. In this context, designers and decorators recommend using New Year's decorations for the house, which are made of materials and in colors most close to natural. But to complement them is an element that symbolizes luxury and wealth.

For example, among the fashionable ideas of the New Year's decor today there is a tendency to decorate the interior in the colors of the winter forest - green, white and brown. As a rule, such a gamma is chosen as a background, on which bright and juicy accessories of red, gold and magenta tones look especially advantageous.

Table Christmas decor in the interiorHow to decorate a house for the New Year 2016

As for the details of the New Year's decor 2016, the best option for them is called the elements that symbolize the comfort and warmth of the home:

  1. Natural or electronic candles;
  2. New Year's articles made of wood and paper;
  3. Wreaths, garlands and other Christmas decorations from fragrant natural materials (pine needles, basil, cinnamon sticks etc.);
  4. Gingerbread or toy houses;
  5. Calendars and collages from old postcards;
  6. Figures of animals, children, Santa Claus, sleigh and many others. other

Christmas decorations for a house made of wood and paper

But of course, this is not the only way to celebrate the New Year in style. Do you want something unusual? Brighter and more modern? Then look further - TOP-5 popular ideas how to decorate the house for the New Year 2016.

Decoration of the interior for the New Year - TOP-5 styles with photo

For those who want to make friends with the Fire Monkey, the best way to decorate a house for the New Year is the one described above. And for those who do not want to go on about it, we have gathered here 5 leading trends in the New Year decoration of interiors 2016. Designed for different tastes and moods, they will undoubtedly help you make this holiday even more memorable.

5. Spring style interior for the New Year - why not?

Are you one of those people who can hardly endure the winter? Then why not make your wait for spring a little more interesting? New Year decor with flowers, leaves, forest animals and birds are becoming more popular every year. The only point - with this style of home decorating, you should use frosty white, silver and blue shades to preserve the fabulous atmosphere of the New Year.

The following photos will help you make sure that these things are compatible. After all, spring, like the New Year - a symbol of rebirth and the beginning of a new life.

Unusual Christmas decorations - photo

Beautiful New Year Decor 2016 Christmas decorations for home

Flowers for decorating a house for the New Year

4. The emphasis on Christmas decorations "metallic"

Gold, copper and other decor in warm shades of "metallic" is at the peak of popularity the last couple of years and, apparently, is not going to give up positions. Their shine and warmth are ideal for decorating a house on New Year's Eve, but they will look especially advantageous in combination with pastel shades of pink, mint and turquoise colors, unexpected for this holiday.

2016 New Year - interior decoration in pink color Christmas decorations for gold, copper and other metals Mint interior for the New Year 2016 Mint interior decoration for the New Year photo

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3. Mystical decoration of the house for the New Year

For someone, the New Year and Christmas is a kind fairy tale for children. And for many others - the works of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. Do you like to revise "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka"? Then you can enjoy this exciting and mystical way of decorating the house for the New Year.

yellow-black-new-year-decorblack-decor-on-new-year mystical-New Year's decorations mystical-ornaments-on-new-year

Deep dark shades are the basis of this style. The cheerful atmosphere of the holiday is supported with a lot of brilliant decor and expressive textures. The contrast between matte and glossy, coarse and soft - that's what's important here.

2. Bright New Year's decor inspired by ... birds

According to this trend, traditional animal symbols of winter - deer, bears and owls - are replaced by birds. But not simple! The bright color of the peacock is recognized by one of the main future trends of 2016, so why not use it as a theme for decorating a house for the New Year?

new-year-decoration-peacock-idea new-year-peacockdecor-interiera-na-new-year-peacockNew Year's decor-peacock-with-handsAlso read: New Year's decor for the house with your own hands

1. Creative modern interior for the New Year with retro elements

Lovers of modern design, stylish geometric patterns and daring colors, this style of New Year's decoration of the interior - especially for you! Choose a bright color scheme to your taste, use modern decor, complement everything with glitter and lovely details in retro style. They can really look gorgeous against the backdrop of a fashionable modern environment, and they will also bring a pleasant note of nostalgia.


stylish-new-year-decor traditional-New Year's decor