How to decorate a kitchen: original decor ideas with a photo

This is both a working room and the heart of the house. Here we cook, eat, rest for a cup of tea and plan household chores - it's just amazing how much time everyone in their lives spends in the kitchen. Naturally, we want her interior design to constantly inspire and make us happy. In this article Dekorin offers you 14 ways how to decorate the kitchen - the original ideas of decor, storage and lighting, of which many can be done with their own hands:

1. Decor of walls in the kitchen

Even if you do not have a large and empty wall in the kitchen, the decor of the walls will always come in handy to decorate or highlight the dining area. In the photo below you see an example of decorating walls with numerous frames with pictures and drawings. Also, the walls of the kitchen can be decorated with shelves and hooks with dishes, maps, photo wallpapers and various handicrafts - learn more about this in our article 30 wall decoration ideas in the kitchen.

Kitchen decor by own hands - original ideas and 28 photos

2. How to decorate the kitchen with green plants and herbs

Green plants and fragrant herbs - one of the main trends in the design of the kitchen in 2017. They can beautifully decorate and the table, and walls, and even windows, as you can see with the following photos:

How to decorate the kitchen - green grass in the interior How to decorate the kitchen with your own hands with photos - green plants like decorOriginal kitchen decor - photos of ideas with green herbs

3. Carpet with a bold pattern

A simple way to bring to the kitchen interior a new batch of daring patterns and colors! Moreover, today in vogue bright carpets with ethnic motives and in a rustic style. In order not to complicate your life, choose a practical material and dark colors for the kitchen.

Kitchen decor - original ideas - photo with carpet

4. Cozy rustic decor for the kitchen

Wicker baskets, bright fabrics with frills, dried flowers, country-style ceramics, as well as vegetables and fruits will bring the unique rustic charm and comfort to the design of your kitchen. A few examples of this decor in the photo:

How to decorate the kitchen with small details in a rustic style Interesting ideas for the kitchen - wicker and rustic decor

5. How to decorate the curtains in the kitchen

As a rule, short curtains are chosen for the kitchen, which can be hung and decorated with their own hands in dozens of different ways. On our site you can learn how to do it yourself Roman curtains and what kitchen curtains are in fashion today.

Kitchen decor with own hands - photo ideas curtainsHow to decorate a window in the kitchen with curtains

6. Original ideas for window decoration

In addition to the beautiful curtains and decor displayed on the windowsill, you can decorate the window in the kitchen with comfortable shelves with indoor plants, statuettes and other accessories.

How to decorate a window in the kitchen - the ideas of shelves with your own handsBest ideas for kitchen decorating with your hands 2017

7. Magnificent decor of the kitchen: flowers and ceramics

Flowers and ceramics - the perfect combination of decor in the kitchen, which will give the interior an atmosphere of celebration and hospitality. Choose flowers in pots or artificial ones so that you do not have to change them often, like freshly cut ones.

Ideas for the kitchen - photo decor with flowers and ceramics Photo of the kitchen decor with own hands - original ideas of ornaments How to decorate the kitchen in bright colors

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8. Bright accents in the interior of the kitchen

The original idea how to decorate the kitchen: select for it the decor and accessories in one bright color, which will stand out against a background of calm or neutral furniture. Examples of such kitchen decor - in the photo below.

Kitchen decor with own hands - bright accessories and fabrics Kitchen decor with own hands with bright utensils, dishes and curtains

9. Original kitchen organizers

The best decoration of the kitchen is the perfect order. Some organizers for spices, cereals, other products, utensils and kitchen utensils are also able to serve you as decor. They are placed on open shelves, shelves, countertops or hung on walls.

How to decorate shelves in the kitchen - photo decor ideas How to decorate the kitchen with your hands with jars and organizers

10. How to decorate a dining table in the kitchen

To decorate the table in the kitchen, it is better to choose large objects, for example, vases, pots, fruit pots and salad bowls, which, if necessary, will be easily rearranged. Another option is to arrange the decor on a beautiful stand or tray.

How to decorate a dining table in the kitchen The better to decorate the table in the kitchen - photos of the best ideas

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11. Install the decor over the top cabinets of the kitchen

If the upper cabinets in your kitchen do not reach the ceiling, then you simply have to decorate this space with paintings, vases, indoor plants or other decor. It not only looks original, but also helps to visually increase the height of the interior.

How to decorate a wall above the cupboards in the kitchen Yellow kitchen decor in interior design - photo

12. Decorative dishes and plates

Festive porcelain, patterned plates, crystal glasses and other dishes can be hung on the walls of the kitchen or displayed on open shelves.

Kitchen decor - original ideas with dishes (photo) How to decorate a wall in the kitchen above the table - photos of the best ideas

13. Bright and unusual kitchen chairs

The bright color of bar or dining chairs can create a stunning effect in the design of the kitchen. Is it time for you to change or paint your old kitchen stools? Look for ideas for the redesign in our article Restoration of old furniture by own hands.

Ideas for decorating the kitchen - 28 photos How to decorate the kitchen with bright accents and chairs

14. Modern lighting ideas for the kitchen

Not quite the decor, but still the original way to decorate the kitchen is to install unusual home-made or industrial lamps, as well as to highlight it with an LED ribbon or candles in antique lanterns. Light can dramatically change the design of your kitchen!

How to beautifully decorate the kitchen with lighting and lights Kitchen decor with own hands - the best ideas of 2017 with a photo