Graphic style and objects of art as a perfect example of the

Interior of a stylish apartment in Brooklyn

In today's narrative, there are several ideas for decorating a living room in the style of black and white graphics.

A beautiful studio apartment, decorated in the style of contrasts, filled with works of art and antique furniture, belongs to the creative couple - Sarah Reynolds and Charlie Nesi.

Until recently it was one of the production premises of a factory for the production of pillows. Young people managed to create a cozy and stylish house here. The guys appreciate their stylish studio and apply their creative ideas to create even greater comfort for life.

A lot of time the couple spent on the Brooklyn flea market in search of unique furniture. The story of buying a luxury kit: a dining table and a coffee table is amazing.

Initially, young people on the market liked the coffee table very much, and they, having learned who made it, ordered from the same master a magnificent dining table. Now these beautiful furniture samples have rightly become the central style accent of the apartment.

This huge 48-star US flag was also acquired on the flea market. At one of the sellers, he served as a decoration for his shop window. The guys with great difficulty managed to convince the merchant to sell this patriotic exhibit. Now he decorates one of the walls of the creative studio and serves as an excellent background for the TV.

Living room stylish apartment in Brooklyn

An unusual lamp young people looked in the cafeteria near their apartment. They agreed that they would make it exactly the same. The design of a metal tube lamp is somewhat reminiscent of a construction crane and very suitable for the general studio environment.

Pictures on the wall of a stylish apartment in Brooklyn

The huge factory windows let in a lot of natural light into the apartment, which makes the space of the room more airy and light. Perfect combination in the sleeping area of ​​a modern bed and an antique bedside table. A black and white picture in the headboard, written by Sarah, perfectly complements the interior.

Bedroom stylish apartment in Brooklyn

A beautiful and solid dining table, young people use and as a work surface. "We love to work here," they say.

Dining room stylish apartment in Brooklyn

The brick wall divides the space of the living quarters and the kitchen. It's like a reminder that the building is still an industrial destination. A skull with horns above the entrance is a gift to Charles for his birthday. He likes him very much, since he himself comes from Texas, where cattle breeding and hunting are everyday work.

Kitchen stylish apartment in Brooklyn

Sarah loves her kitchen very much. Such a large space for the kitchen for her for the first time, so the clock spent at cooking is always a joy.

Kitchen and bathroom of a stylish apartment in Brooklyn

The toilet is still in the same condition as when the couple moved to this studio. The plans for the guys are to add blue colors to the walls and draw clouds.

A bathroom of a stylish apartment in Brooklyn

For a young couple this place in the apartment is a favorite, as here are the beautiful works of Sarah. This is a kind of personal exhibition. These works inspire further creative achievements.

Paintings on the wall in the dining room of a stylish apartment in Brooklyn

This installation, made by Sarah, was called "Frame for the frame." In the future, young people want to insert a mirror canvas there.

Paintings on the wall in the dining room of a stylish apartment in Brooklyn

Sara and Charles at the dinner table. The room, converted and decorated, was remarkably adapted for a comfortable life.

Owners of a stylish apartment in Brooklyn