How to turn a bathroom into a spa

Relaxation. We all need it, but we do not always succeed with such dense work schedules and a lot of domestic worries. No time or money to regularly pamper yourself with hikes in the spa? It's okay, because you can have a spa in your own home!

No matter what budget you are willing to allocate, we offer a few simple ideas that will help turn your bathroom into a calm, refreshing and relaxing space in the spirit of a spa.

Design of a bathroom in the style of a spa

Basic wishes for bathroom renovation

If you are scheduled for repairs, and you are willing to spend some time and money to turn your bathroom into a spa oasis, then the following ideas will be just for you!

1. Color design

When choosing the color of furniture and walls, try to adhere to neutral and natural tones. They play one of the main roles in creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The best choice can be bodily, light blue, light green hues and natural tones of different types of wood.

Bathroom design in neutral colors Bathroom in natural shades

2. The floor in the bathroom

In the spa it is very important that the floor is not only beautiful, warm and non-slip, but also noiseless. Glossy tiles are the least suitable for this description of the material. If you have such a floor, then you can make it pleasant to the color and touch it with a rug, or you can put a wooden lattice on it. Well, the best choice for a spa-style bathroom is a heated floor.

Wooden lattice on the floor in the bathroom Bath mat in the spirit of the spa salon Stylish bathroom mat

3. Bathtub

One of the most pleasant parts of a hike in the spa is a relaxation in a deep bath. There are many beautiful and comfortable bathtubs to choose from, which can make your bathroom a real source of enjoyment. However, most often in the spa uses a bath in the Roman style - large, deep, without any built-in parts or shower, it is ideal for idleness after a long working day.

Bath of Roman form Roman Bath

4. Steam shower

Steam shower is one of the innovations needed for a modern bathroom. Naturally, who would like to have a sauna in his house? What you need to install a steam shower:

  • drain in the floor;
  • a vapor-proof partition;
  • remote fan;
  • sloping ceiling for draining condensate;
  • bench.

Shower with steam How to make a shower with steam

5. Полотенцеушитель

There is nothing more pleasant after bathing, as wrapped in a warm towel. Take care that you take a heated towel rail that will heat the maximum area of ​​your towels.

Towel dryer for bathroom

6. Music

Not least in the spa bath is the musical accompaniment. The usual technique in the bathroom is dangerous, because at any time it can get water. Therefore, it is best to install a special radio or even iSteam in the bathroom, which will not only play music, but also control the lighting, temperature, smells and duration of the steam shower.

Music in the bathroom with iSteam

Budget ideas for transforming the bathroom

There are many budget ways to give your bathroom a sense of spa. for sure you can use most of them!

1. Aromatherapy

Smells are a powerful tool for relaxation. They change the mood, contribute to a sense of well-being and even can eliminate minor health problems. Some of the most common smells in aromatherapy are chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, mint and rosemary.

Chamomile has a calming effect and is known to help relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause. Eucalyptus opens and cleanses the nasal passages, and also strengthens the alertness of the mind. Lavender has been a popular scent since antiquity, and is widely used today due to its relaxing effect. The strong smell of mint improves memory and destroys some bacteria or viruses. Rosemary improves blood circulation and lifts the mood. Try to add these smells to your bathroom with candles, aroma lamps, essential oils, body care products or diffusers.

Aromatherapy at home

2. Flameless candles

One of the most obvious and quick ways to give your bathroom the spirit of a spa is to add a few candles. Flameless candles are an exceptional option, as they never burn out. Place a part of them on the tub with the sink, and then add a few more around the edges of the tub. And there, and there the number of candles should certainly be more than three, and as for their size - then any experiments are possible here.

Flameless candles for bathroom Candles in the spa bathroom

3. LED backlight

Instead of always using the bright top light in the bathroom, why not install additional LED lighting, for example around the mirror or around the perimeter of the ceiling? The warm and muted glow of the LEDs not only auspiciously affects the nerves, but also adds a modern and slightly glamorous bathroom feeling that we all love.

LED backlight in the bathroom

4. Plush towels, bathrobe and slippers.

These little things are pleasant not only for the body, but for the eyes. Do not regret money and buy yourself such a useful kit!

Bathrobe and slippers for the bathroom

5. Cut flowers or houseplants

Flowers add to the placement of colors, energy and fragrances. Pamper yourself with flowers for the bathroom, and you will be surprised at how much its atmosphere will change.

Bathroom Decor Bathroom spa

6. Other details

A variety of small things can make a big difference to turning a bathroom into a spa. Piles of towels, wooden massage brushes, transparent jars with creams and cotton swabs, a jug of water, a simple wooden stool ... here you can easily show your imagination, the main principle is to avoid bright and exciting tones, preferring them natural natural colors.

Small bathroom bench Beautiful bathroom accessories